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  1. hascoman

    Public Asset Database

    I see, makes sense :) At least everything is up to date now, so great work!
  2. hascoman

    Public Asset Database

    Are animations and doors removed?
  3. hascoman

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Too bad, hopefully they will be added later then!
  4. hascoman

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Where can I find the ordnance carts in the editor as seen in the Jets DLC trailer? (See links for reference, for some reason I can't insert image from URL). Is this a mod perhaps? And if so, isn't it misleading to showcase it in an official DLC trailer? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47GIheAJYYSd2taWE1XVTBwTUh2WFhpVEFUV1Q1NTRvNWFv/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47GIheAJYYSWTNmbVNSTll6aV9LbXBHVmw2QkV5SFRZV0Fz/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47GIheAJYYSNXlaUDlNVWVmY0RISzczeGdzcXh2aTBSOEdB/view?usp=sharing
  5. hascoman

    ruPal Weapon Holding

    Yeah I thought so. But thanks for the confirmation.
  6. hascoman

    ruPal Weapon Holding

    What, how, where!? I can't find any setting in RHS relating to that.
  7. Is there a way to make AI takeoff from the USS Freedom like in the showcase? I'm sure there is, since it's in the showcase... I just can't find the right commands. I've looked through the new commands added with 1.70, but there seems to be nothing of the sort added. If you place AI on the carrier with a waypoint it just stands there or it rides off the carrier.
  8. hascoman

    Jets DLC features and commands

    That's the USS Nimitz mod you're talking about.
  9. That is some amazing work! I'm looking forward to this :)
  10. Would it be possible to manipulate certain entities directly in the new 3D editor instead of with the init field, i.e. turning on the lights of a vehicle, sling loading a vehicle to a helicopter or adjusting the stance and behaviour of a unit etc?
  11. hascoman

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    So I finally completed this mission with extreme caution a lot of patience and a hell of a lot first aid kits, and probably a lot of luck as well. I couldn't be more relieved.
  12. hascoman

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    It's day for me, I kinda manage to get to the first truck unnoticed, even though I took out the MRAP at the first base before moving in to prevent it form following me to the second base (this was the reason I kept being blown up). After the first base I manage to take out the APC on the hill with an explosive charge I took with me. Unfortunately I can't repair it. I'm now working my way through the second base, but I am alone since my team couldn't keep up. Even though slipping away from the first base unnoticed they where hold up in a firefight moments later and only two survived that. Thanks for pointing that out to me, so the AI is smarter than I thought hehe ;-) I love Arma but it gets kinda frustrating when it takes you so much tries to get it right, especially when you get the feeling that you're the only one struggling if you know what I'm saying. Luckily there's a great community to the rescue!
  13. hascoman

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    This mission seems impossible for me too. Friendly AI is utterly stupid and slow, firing while I tell them to hold fire etc. Besides that, I don't encounter any lootable launchers and after the first base I always end up alone because everyone in my team is suddenly dead. I never even made it to the second base since I get blown to pieces by APC's and MRAP's which seem to be everywhere. I think this is a dreadful mission and it kinda ruins the campaign for me.
  14. hascoman

    M136/AT-4 pack

    Haha thanks mate!
  15. hascoman

    M136/AT-4 pack

    Cool addon, I also like your MAAWS and Stinger. Glad they're back! Is there a reason though why you haven't mentioned classnames with this one? I would like to assign them via the unit's init.