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  1. you guys might try and see if flyinside will cooperate with arma 3 and your vr sets https://flyinside-fsx.com/
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    Fixed Wing and hardware

    hey man, while jets have been in arma for awhile this is the dawn of aviation in arma as far as IFR and actual flight coordination, before it was just shift till your fast enough to get airborn and VFR till you die (usually trying to land at 500MPH with no flap. if you havent already give arma 3 a try its great fun and you can find servers that will heavily use airsupport though recce is mostly a trailertrash UAV operators game at this point. i have used AA fighter as circling and spotting from air when no OP4 airsupport is up. it is abit of a curve since they do not have realistic max speeds or any V speeds mapped out for the aircraft here is my right up of its lacking components that urk me as a pilot
  3. hey guys, new to the forum been looking around but you guys are busy around here. im currently working on my IFR and SEC ratings for FAA. was wondering if any of these below ideas will be implemented in the future to better round the fixedwing flying in arma starting on the ground i must say i love the new HUD runway identifier and BGS computer but i feel the actual runways and airports were left out with this DLC. i would love to see VASI and/or PAPI lights at the big tanoa airports and future maps [info on vasi papi lights ] https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/1493/whats-the-functional-difference-between-papi-and-vasi also better taxiway identification signs/paint in the further future as the flying community grows. with nato phonetic designations and ramp designations going on to the traffic pattern and (i realize this is only going to be possible with community and server cooperation) a map overlay when in a aircraft that shows FAA chart style traffic altitude (example; right traffic 2500AGL) and Delta Airspace circle markers around towered airports marking where you would start broadcasting your position and intentions over the radio(VOR) to the tower or other aircraft in the area (example: "tanoa tower, F/A-181 (callsign) with you 10 to the South east requesting runway 25Left?|| F/A-181 10 to the south east advise when you are 4 miles out make right traffic 2500AGL # 2 behind UAV mid field") i realize getting people to jump into actually flying with radio requests is best left to millsim and stuff but a overlay with the foundation of airspace and traffic paths would be great. coming into the cockpit the MAIN thing that kills me is the unit of measurements. id like to see the option to use flying as imperial with AGL,MSL,and speed Velocity in feet and Mile id like to see the measuring unit system change when in cockpit to better calculate Vspeeds and altitudes [info on aviation measurements ] https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/2566/what-is-the-measurement-system-used-in-the-aviation-industry i would like to see the Caesar civilian plane get some love too the synthetic Instrument panel is great but very rough im sure to avoid any legality's but if it could show Feet mile and engine RPM that would be enough. also the speed tape color system would vastly help with the flight coordination during landing and take off. in real life that Plane rotates at 60 IAS "indicated air speed" and its max speed is only 125. i have much more but will save that for the impending conversations if these are agreeable improvements. i realize arma is not a flight sim but at the same time they have just released a DLC that touched on the expanse of bringing a renewed angle to the battle field what do you say?
  4. i would like to see this also but as a VORTAC rose style marker that shows the heading to your current waypoint and the course heading # to the next marker. could be done using the same style of system as the uav terminal but it needs to show the course heading and flight path on the minimap for IFR flight planning and formation flight. willing to help with any info needed