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  1. Misconduct

    RPG Hummingbird FFV

    Yeah don't get me wrong I like milsim sometimes too, and youre right that this would be a bad idea (IRL) but its not really unrealistic, you COULD sit on the side of a heli and do this but the heli would just blow up or the backblast would kill ppl, which should also be an option. I just want all the available options, not just the ones that would be "safe".
  2. Misconduct

    RPG Hummingbird FFV

    yeah, this is just for fun. I know a ton of people who would like to play with this, even if its just a mod for friends. I watched a Twitch Arma modder/developer try to work it out but with no luck.
  3. Misconduct

    RPG Hummingbird FFV

    Troll abuse is an issue for the servers. Should KOTH not exist because invincible kids at spawn ram other vehicles, or should those kids just be banned?
  4. Misconduct

    RPG Hummingbird FFV

    You do realize that almost no game modes in Arma have any realistic application in real life right? If realism was an issue for video games, then we need to get rid of King of the Hill, Wasteland, Altis life, respawns of any kind, purchasing military equipment, reviving people who immediately go back into battle and many more. Perhaps citing what would happen in real life is NOT the way video games should be created... ...especially when Arma is better described as a game creation machine - than a simulator. I wish people would stop trying to prevent ideas from happening, maybe if this game mode works you could simply not play it. Suggesting that others cant play it because you don't get it; is like saying I cant have a steak because a baby cant chew it.
  5. Misconduct

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    thanks man, someone pointed me to this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Cars_Config_Guidelines#Firing_from_vehicles its beyond me though.
  6. Misconduct

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    Realism is relative, if you mean BI should continue making the game mechanics realistic, I agree. If you mean they should not look into ways to highlight those mechanics because they don't fit into realistic war scenarios I would say its too late to erase KOTH, Wasteland, Altis Life, BattleRoyale, any type of respawning, any vehicle purchases, any reviving, and almost anything that anyone has ever enjoyed about using military equipment in unrealistic ways - which is most of Arma.
  7. Please help. There is a great game mode waiting to happen that simply need the ability to fire an RPG from the bench of a Hummingbird. Can anyone help? PLEASE
  8. Misconduct

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    did you ever find a solution to this?
  9. Misconduct

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    I could probably use some guidance
  10. Misconduct

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    ...hmmm, I feel like I am reading the manual for an alien spaceship. I can look in to the config viewer but for what? The Hummingbird? The player on the bench? Even if I find it, how do i change it? and to what? this is so overwhelming to an amatuer. care to point me in the right direction? I just want to shoot an rpg from the bench of a Hummingbird, I am honestly surprised this doesnt exist already.
  11. Misconduct

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    Thanks man, that is inspiring. I will try.
  12. Misconduct

    Firing from vehicles using launchers?

    Do you mean dual wielding primary weapon from a vehicle? Are you in the wrong forum or is that just a pointlessly hopeless comment? It breaks my heart that most peoples responses are negative. Especially when this isn't that bad an idea. I hope others can see how firing rpg's from hummingbird benches would be insanely fun, dual wielding primary seems considerably less interesting to me. I think the beauty in Arma is best shown in medium to long range ordnance as well as aircraft movement, I want to combine them.
  13. Misconduct

    Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    That is the point of this thread, even if the fix that I want isn't a priority for you and BI, the question remains; why should storytelling like Laws of War deserve any priority over fixes to game mechanics? ...it should be: "Buy Laws of War for Arma3, its a great story told through a complete game." ...not: "Buy Laws of War, we will eventually finish the base game in which it is based with the revenue from this DLC"
  14. Misconduct

    Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    right, so wheres the fix? We cant climb a fence but we have a story that conveniently never crosses one. I understand the need for DLC content, but I would have bought a DLC that allowed jumping or not being eaten by rocks and it would have been better for the whole community to have more basic movements/logistics than a story.
  15. Misconduct

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    I will buy Arma 4 in hopes of seeing the possibilities open up. I feel that the strongest aspect of this game is the ability to create new and interesting gameplay i.e. the editor; my hope is that BI will make game/mod/object/vehicle/weapon creation a much more streamlined & easy process for beginner level creators - which is to say, even those who don't know how to script/mod/use sqf/3d modeling/config can still have interesting game ideas. Make it user friendly, open up EVERY conceivable option and let the creators decide what is good gameplay. e.g. don't stop ANY possibility because someone doesn't want OTHERS to play in certain ways... * ...by contrast, the weakest aspect of Arma is the tendency for the community to claim how this game "should" or "is meant" to be played. In other words, it would be great if everyone would recognize that Arma is NOT a simulator, it is far better described as a f%*#ing AWESOME video game (7000+hrs). Calling this a simulator sets an expectation that can never be met, where as calling it a great game is undeniable. Simulation enthusiasts can still have their cake, just please stop diminishing a game-generator down to only one game. Here's hoping for more welcoming Arma4 *explained: I find it unbelievable that I simply wanted to fire rpg's from Hummingbirds and received "it will never happen" or "that's not realistic" type responses... in the MOD request forums. This, (IMO) is an insult to Bohemia, the Eden editor, an insult to creativity, ignores the winner of make Arma not War contest, and creates the very boundaries that limit this franchise.