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  1. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    The point of this thread is to encourage BI to continue development of the basic gameplay & movements BEFORE developing stories for an incomplete game. I think selling us enhanced movement would have been a better DLC than LoW, I get that BI needs money but - a complete game is a better sales pitch than a story that avoids the obvious glitches and missing gameplay.
  2. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    If that is true then this post makes sense, give us more basic movements before a story that avoids using them.
  3. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    I think my post recognized the for-profit nature of BI's business model, I'm just saying that giving players the ability to move naturally would make a more profitable DLC than LoW, and even though I don't think I should have to pay for basic movement - I still would. If BI wants to sell Arma 4 they should probably let the world know that Arma 3 is complete - which it isn't.
  4. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    I'm just saying that if I were to choose a DLC I would be willing to pay for the ability to move normally over a story about war, I dont think we should have to pay for it, but I totally would at this point.
  5. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    Thats the part I don't understand. Why would BI bother to release LoW before completing the game itself? I think Arma 3 is already just shy of being the best game ever made, with a few tweaks (which I assume would take less effort than creating LoW) and some clever marketing - BI would sell more copies of Arma and DLCs by improving game mechanics over storytelling. If I were unaware of Arma and was considering purchasing it, I would look at Laws of War and think "hmm... that looks interesting, they must have put a lot of work into this" and then watch Arma gameplay and think "can't hop a fence, and can glitch through floors, I guess this game isn't out of BETA yet" I realize that I will have to wait for the next one, in the meantime I think BI should hire me - or anybody - for the apparently open position of Marketing Strategist.
  6. I would like to encourage BI to focus on the development of vanilla gameplay. We have recently been sold DLC content that is a specific use of existing game mechanics, when there are larger issues to work out. I understand that BI needs to make money to produce, I just think that improving game functionality will increase the player base and sales more than Laws of War. If BI want to sell us the ability to jump, I would buy that - before I ever buy Laws of War. In short, we are currently playing a game where climbing a fence is an impossible task - but being eaten by a rock isn't.
  7. My hope is to encourage Bohemia to create a DLC which allows players to attach any weapon/object to any vehicle/object in any configuration, along with other improvements like shooting varied mounted weapons from vehicle interiors e.g. - Attach any vehicle weapons like tank guns to different tanks/vehicles - RPGs from helicopter or primary weapons from copilot through windshield. - Attach anything functional to anything and it remains functional Then sell it to us. From an amateur perspective ( coding/scripting level 0 ), Arma can be quite daunting to attempt any kind of changes that would allow universal attachments, but we amateurs may still have fun ideas for game ideas/mode/mods that would encourage new players and old to play with the enormous untapped potential of Arma 3. Selling us Laws of War and other highly specific DLC content seems counter-intuitive to the real star of the show here, which is that Arma is a game creation machine.
  8. Ok so I gather that BI wont let us play around with modding vanilla vehicles... so if I wanted to have a 125mm cannon on a hummingbird it simply wont happen? Is there ANY way I can get weapons onto vehicles that otherwise don't have them? Adding weapon pylons etc? using the init field I can use the weapons but not see them. Dream vehicles for fun: Hummingbird with cannon Mohawk with 4x gatling guns Ghosthawk with DAR's Fire RPG from Hummingbird bench/ fire primary weapon from co-pilot seat/ 'hip-fire' secondary weapon from pilot seat 'turn-out' I think BI should give us the ability to change any vehicle weapon to any other vehicle weapon, but if they wont can anyone help with this?
  9. I have learned how to change weapon turrets and ammo on vehicles VIA inits, but can anyone tell me how to get the actual turret to be visible on the vehicle? As ridiculous as it sounds - I am trying to use twin 125mm cannons (and other weapons) from a Pawnee instead of the miniguns or DAR pods, and I would love to see them attached. Any help appreciated!
  10. Arma3 Videos

    King of the Hill Pawnee video! https://youtu.be/jN4lT3mH-B8
  11. Helicopter camera

    Hey Bohemia, its getting quiet again. May we please have an update on this. Is it going to be fixed?
  12. Arma3 Videos

    Hey my fellow Armasturbators! Here is the 5th installment of my KOTH Combat Landings series Hope you enjoy!
  13. Helicopter camera

    yes, but I can't help but feel like something is off, like the camera is too far forward and if you 2x - it seems too far out, I could just be adjusting from the damage 1.70 has done to my game. But excellent job by greenfist! B.I. hire greenfist. jk Im sure its not that easy to make this work with the current build, or doing it without undoing improvements to jets. but it seems like this as an option would be ideal.
  14. Helicopter camera

    Tried this out today, works very well!
  15. Helicopter camera

    This is in fact the broken helicopter negative feedback thread (see below for thread starters post), not that you don't have an opinion but it does beg the question of how you found yourself here. It seems more like you are finding hot topics on which to play devils advocate, while we are trying to convince the devs to fix something they admit is broken. Also, if you are on the volunteer squad to prevent exactly this type of thing from happening, you failed. Hey Dev-Guys, I hope this is the right section to post this. I am having serious trouble flying choppers with the new camera settings. Right now the camera is following the choppers movements. If I pull the nose up the camera will go under the chopper and if I tilt the nose down it goes over it. This is causing an issue for people that fly with mouse and keyboard because the chopper will always try to right itself. This means I have to constantly tap W (Nose down) to pick up/keep the speed. With the new settings the camera will bob downwards every time I hit W. That camera bobbing effect is causing me to get dizzy after a few minutes. This was not an issue before since the camera remained somewhat stable. I would really appreciate it if you could give us the option to use the flight model from before the update. I really love flying in this game but I dont love to throw up over my keyboard. Thank you and sorry if my English is not so good.