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    CAP Target Lead Indicator (TLI)

    Excellent, thank you very much!
  2. Hey guys, I have a question... I was experimenting with fighter jets (Black Wasp, Shirka, etc.) playing the different available scenarios, mods, and some editor experimentation. In videos I've seen it was mentioned that upon locking onto a moving target (with the radar turned on) a Target Lead Indicator should appear to show where the pilot needs to aim to hit the target. But every time I tried doing so I can't seem to see the TLI. I've tried approaching at different angles and speeds, tried different planes, but so far I've yet to understand how it is supposed to work. I do see the large circle with the dot in its center, and I thought that was supposed to lead the target, but when whenever I see it, it always seems to be trailing slightly behind the target... Any tips, ideas, or even a link to a more comprehensive guide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!