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  1. b00tsy

    Throttle System Option

    But thats just it. When I do a small quick tab the jet will go indeed slow, but also slowly starts to increase speed, it does not stay at a steady low speed. Even if that issue goes away I still can't dogfight like I used to. Like I used to, but what I can not do anymore (on my old potato rig, but still valid):
  2. b00tsy

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Actually, I made a jet mission (Total Wipeout) on Altis (before jets DLC) where I was able to have jets taxi and then take off and also multiple AI jets landing on the runway all done with normal waypoints and timers. It took some fiddling to not have them crash and stuff, but it worked in the end. Only thing I was not able to do is taxi an AI jet after landing (so I just deleted them after they did their ambience landing). It would have been nice if there was a taxi and land waypoint for jets.
  3. b00tsy

    Throttle System Option

    You probably don't dogfight much where you need instant variable speed and thrust. And I tried the Wipeout again a few days ago and I still can't taxi at a steady 20 km/ph. I taxi now like the AI used to taxi with stop and go speed. They should give an option to choose the old throttle. The new throttle may work if you just cruise in the air, but combat sucks with it. I also didn't buy the Jet dlc just because of the throttle change.
  4. b00tsy

    Throttle System Option

    The devs need to see that they messed up with the jets dlc (for K/M players). It reduced the gameplay and controls instead of improving them. The throttle is my biggest annoyance of that whole change. I can not even realistically taxi a jet on the runway at low speed due to that throttle. And dog fighting with the new throttle is a huge pain the behind now while it used to be lots of fun. I wish I could revert it to the old controls, because I don't fly jets at all anymore since that update. It is for me a broken part of the game. 'Don't fix what aint broken'!
  5. Not sure if thats still the case, but in ArmA 2 a fuel truck could refuel a jet about 3/4 times before it was empty. Thats why we have scripted service points in missions :)
  6. b00tsy


    I try to build it. I am not an advanced scripter at all, but persistence and time compensates for that :P Mission design is my favorite part of creating missions :)
  7. b00tsy


    Yw and cheers for giving it a go. 44 war sheeps now! :)
  8. b00tsy


    You and 29 other war sheeps :)
  9. b00tsy


    Update: I have added a 2nd side ops mission that will give you a reward if you complete it and I updated and tweaked the AI. Not sure how long I will keep working on the mission as almost nobody plays it, but if anyone has some feature requests and feedback then I will put it in the mission before I move on :)
  10. I don't agree, I some area's they have worked to much on it already. There is the golden rule 'don't fix what isn't broken' and they are doing that now. Fixed wings is absolute horrid now compared to how it was. I can't even taxi a jet at 20km/ph, because with the slightest touch on the throttle the jet goes full speed. Well there is more messed up with the jets, but I don't want to rant.
  11. So I opened this topic and got a warning from my G-Data anti-virus: Virus gevonden bij het inladen van internet-content. Adres: http://i.cubeupload.com/712lAO.png Status: De toegang is geweigerd.
  12. b00tsy


    Thanks for the feedback! The last time I played Domi in ArmA 2 was at least 3 years ago. I remember spawning in the original Domi without weapons too so I did the same in my version. I'll see if I can add a save feature for the loadout :) The friendly AI should respawn with a basic weapons loadout I think. I will have a look at the respawning of the friendly AI, at my end they did respawn so far. Cheers :) Edit: I have updated the mission already and added saved loadouts for players on respawn.
  13. b00tsy


    Yw kremator, I will a add it on armaholic too in a bit and update the opening post here with the new link :) Edit: I have no idea what pbo to upload from the arma 3 folders, because I can only see the raw mission files and a saved game pbo from the mission.
  14. So it works at your end? I tried it with an arma 3 sandbag and it didn't do a thing. After that I changed the animation to an arma 3 animation and still nothing.
  15. This mission is inspired upon the original (ArmA 2) Domination game mode. * Island Tanoa * No mods (vanilla) * Coop 10+1 (also playable alone in MP mode) This mission is inspired upon the great game mode 'Domination' that was made by 'Xeno' on ArmA 2. This mission is created from scratch so no copy/paste from the original Domination code, but I it is inspired on the original Domi. You can expect the same gameplay/setup, but then towned down to coop proportions. This is mainly an infantary mission now instead of a full combined ops mission. In this version there are no AI retaliation waves after capturing a town and the bluefor base will not be attacked. However, there is a chance that one of the random AI patrols outside of towns will go towards a town to protect it. Roles: *Commander (High command+support ability) *Team Leader *Explosives Expert *Medic *Rifleman *Grenadier *Auto Rifleman *AT Rifleman *Pilot (Chopper+CAS) *Sniper *Spotter Features: * Commander role is able to place waypoints for all teams (CTRL+SPACE) and is able to call in different kinds of support (support channel) for a limited amount of times. * Domination style camera intro * Video outro * Halo jump. You can Halo jump from the flag pole at the base and a Halo jump flag pole will be placed at every town you capture (along with a custom ammo box) * set the mission to evening or morning at the base (atm clickable signs @base, will become an addaction for commander) * Scripted service point for the choppers and rewarded CAS jet. * Respawn players @Base (60secs) * Respawn Vehicles (rewarded vehicles will not respawn!) * Place sandbags (place a sandbag wall at the place you look at) (WIP) * Garbage collecting * Side-Ops with rewards (2 side ops missions) * Dynamic markers for all players * Saved loadouts * More underway... Objective: The objective is to capture all towns just like you are used to in Domination. To capture a town you need to eliminate all OpFor within the AO area and you need to destroy the communications tower. After these conditions have been met a 'Halo Jump' flag pole will appear in the captured town and a new town location that you have to capture will be present on the map. Besides from capturing towns side mission(s) will be available that will give your team a reward if you complete it. Currently a CAS jet and a Ghosthawk will be available at the base after completing side-ops. This mission can be played as a milisim and use choppers instead of Halo, but the flag poles are there just in case you want to play it more casual. In total there are 5 towns to capture. Not sure if it's enough, but it should give a coop team a few hours of fun. Notes: I am still working on the mission and adding things to the mission. Feedback is apreciated :) Have fun! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138392037