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  1. How about just server side settings to start with, especially for conflict: - Equip Non-Faction Uniforms (ON / OFF) - Equip Non-Faction Radios (ON / OFF) - Non Faction Local VOIP (ON / OFF)
  2. welcome to hell

    Reforger Discussion

    #1 Graphical improvement: Lighting and distant shadows, this needs to be a server-side setting because it makes a huge difference in ability to spot things #1 Graphical feature missing: Distant grass and foilage, maybe they can make it sprite based with like 5-7 LOD's or something, but it absolutely needs to be something that renders at very large distances (Same as objects) to prevent infantry or vehicles parked in the bushes from sticking out like a sore-thumb
  3. First of all want to say that this aspect of ArmA series has been much improved from previous tittles but is missing the gritty feeling of other Tactical shooters of the genre, SQUAD, Project Reality, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, etc Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T167121 Some Ideas to improve the "feel" of gunplay / infantry Weapon RECOIL - Overall recoil feels pretty ok, allthough could be a bit more while standing unsupported - Add VERY SNAPPY (barely noticable) amount of camera recoil impulse based on ratio of weapon weight to ammo caliber and weapon attachments (ex Squad, Hell Let Loose, Project Reality) - Impulse has to be very snappy and short and be over before you can think about it (Anyone who fired a gun IRL with cheek rested on the stock will know what I mean) Weapon Resting / Deployment - This is a must for all weapons not just the ones with bipods - Resting for all weapons - Resting of Left / Right sides of the gun on objects such as walls, ex: Weapon Sway - Weapon sway is basically not a thing in Reforger - Increase weapon sway while standing un-supported - Would accompany proper weapon resting / deployment - Make it so you actually have to think about instead of just standing up in the open spraying full auto like in COD / Battlefield / PUBG - Make stamina actually matter when it comes to weapon sway Weapon Suppression / Explosives Supression - This is a must IMO - Add bullet supression from other games (SQUAD, Hell Let Loose, Project Reality, Post Scriptum, etc) based on the weapon cailber - Good change to PVP, eg Conflict - Should also work on supressing AI - Makes firefights longer and more enjoyable, encourages team work, instead of current Arcade flow Weapon Muzzle Effects - Make muzzle flashes for small arms cast a bit more light on surrounding objects while in a dark shadow, inside of a building during the day based on the Muzzle Device, obviously muzle breaks > flash hiders > supressors - Flash hiders are good at hiding flash it is true, however they still give off light IRL to nearby objects shooting in an indoor range. Youtube videos do not do it justice - Muzzle flashes for weapons such as the .50 CAL and KPVT should give off a lot more light to surrounding objects especially the KPVT during the day - Add physics force emitters and effects to muzzle devices that would kick up dust / dirt / trash / foilage, etc based on the muzzle device and the materials of the objects surrounding the muzzle - Make the smoke puffs from weapons stay around for A little bit longer Weapon Ammo Counter - Get rid of live updating ammo counter on the bottom right - Add check mag functionallity with something like "Alt+R" or some other key, where the character checks the mag - The magazine bullet counter icon would update only after checking the mag Weapon Sounds - I think overall these are a great - Shot sounds could maybe have A LITTLE more "POP" to them, and a little more "POP" in the reverb - Shot sounds could be A LITTLE louder, - Currently gunfire just does not give you that "Oh Crap"/"Grittyness"/"Danger" feeling that games like SQUAD and Project Reality do - There is already a sound mod "War Tapes", which makes things louder, it is indescribable how much it changes the feeling / percieved danger of a firefight Launchers - Add backblast damage to launchers - Add a snappy Lighting flash to launchers to light up the surrounding objects from backblast when fired - Add sizable physics force emitters and effects to launchers that would kick up dust / dirt / foilage from backblast when fired - More smoke from launchers, make smoke puffs from launchers stay around much longer - This way you actually have to think when and where you fire from Grenades - Grandes are pretty much useless, you can stand 2-3 meters away looking right at it and it will not even leave a scratch - Increase shrapnel range for thrown and underbarelled Grenades to their realistic values - Add short and bright flash to grenade explosions lighting up everything nearby - Add physics emitters throwing up dust and dirt in addition to the current generic effect - Add a single VERY SHORT AND SNAPPY camera shake impulse and very short ear ringing or sound fading out effect based on proximity to explosion eg Grenade, RPG backblast, etc Bullet impact VFX - Needs work most of the effects seem the same with different color. I would look at SQUAD as en example, their VFX is pretty good - Metal impacts / sparks emit light to surround objects Stamina / Climbing Walls - This is a great addition to ArmA however right now feels way too arcady - Climbing animation should be 2-3X longer or even more if the player is carrying a lot of weight - Should not be allowed to climb if not enough stamina - Cost of stamina to climb should increase with weight of carried items - Add feature from Post Scriptum to drink water from Canteen to rapidly replenish stamina Character Movement - Separate Sprinting from Jogging/Running - Put character in the weapon down Jogging animation on the last "Scroll Wheel Up" setting regardless if the primary weapon is on safety or not - Separate Animation for Sprinting maybe with the weapon held in 1 hand muzzle up like in "Ground Branch" or just on the side like in "Hell let Loose" or "Red Orchestra 2" - Separate Animation vs just sped-up JOG/Run would make it obvious that sprinting is "Very Fast movement mode with Limited duration" vs I will just hold down Shift and end up jogging anyway - Biggest problem is characters are able to JOG Sideways at high speed while firing accuratley down the sights, resulting in circle-jerk Counter-Strike fights - Couple of solutions: - Substantially increase weapon sway while side-strafing at high speed - Do not allow players to look down the sights while strafing at high speed - Automatically slow down players to a reasonable, much lower side-strafe speed when player looks down the iron sights while side-strafing Footsteps - Could be a LITTLE bit louder - Increase the range of footsteps sound, so they can be heard from further away - Seems like footstep sounds for some materials are missing? - Add wet variation to footstep sounds, when the ground mateiral is wet, it would mix in or play different footstep sound Hills / Mountain Terrain - Movement in mountain / hill terrain makes no difference to flat or open fields - Characters are able to run up way too steep of a slope - Characters Sprint FULL SPEED up incredibly steep grades, this is cheesy - Movement up hill makes no difference to stamina? - High ground should be an advantage and difficult to attack requiring you to think about the approach instead of just YOLO sprinting full speed up a cliff Foilage / Bushes / Tree branches - Most bushes / Tree branches missing sound when player runs through them, add sounds for moving through all foilage - Sound of movement through foilage / crop fields / bushes / tree branches needs to be LOUDER, heard from MUCH FURTHER away, - Add sounds of branches / wood cracking and snapping, and rebounding when walking through bushes and thickets - Thick Bushes need to be an obstacle, slowing character movement down SIGNIFICANTLY, should not be able to sprint full speed through thick bushes, way too arcady - Add animations of bushes / branches moving around when disturbed by characters - Make it so you actually have to think about it sneaking up on players / AI instead of rushing full sprint - Add sounds and animations of bushes / foilage / thickets / branches disturbed by vehicles "SpinTires Mudrunner" is a great example - Trees / bushes should not just fall down when hit by vehicles, but should deflect away from the vehicle with sounds "SpinTires Mudrunner" as an example Wind Effects - Tree branches / Bush deflection / Wind sound is too small for moderate winds, needs to be increased - 7 m/s is around 13.6 knots and foilage is barely moving until turned up to 15m/s or ~30 knots
  4. - Problem with right click is that is used for zoom, and i think makes sense for it to remain so, "V" (Firemode key) is independent of that functionallity - Problem with holding down mouse 1 is that In reforger you can re-pin greandes with R, what if your target changes (AKA Friendly running into that room or something), than the player is forced to chuck it somewhere anyway. Fuses on greandes are 4-5 seconds, why force the player to hold grenade in in hand for another 5+ seconds? In high intensity situations this is can be death sentence, player should have the ability to immediatley cook the greanade if that is the intent. - There is no reason to dumb-down functionallity while there are more than enough buttons available on keyboard/controller to make contextual actions possible and give player the controls over basic grenade functionallity such as deciding on when to cook it off - The reason the throw strength needs to be adjustable, and we need a trajectory indicator is because we do not always want to YEET the grenade as far as it goes while the target is too far for an under-hand throw. For example there is an enemy on the other side of an obstacle across the street, YEETING a greande full strength to clear an obstacle will force a massive overshoot. We want to aim high and adjust scrollwheel to give it just enough power to make a parabolic arc and have it land flat on the other side. It is simply giving player controlls over something our brain does naturally when we throw things Try the Arma 3 ACE3 mod IMHO best system in any video game that has grenades, Reforger / ArmA 4 has an opportunity to top that in a vanilla game
  5. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166919 - BTR is missing viewport functionallity from previous games dating back to OFP (Hoping just an in-work technical issue) - BTR commander periscope is non-functional - Pressing "Right Click" would focus players view on the viewport and zoom it in to fullscreen (same as all previous ArmA tittles) - Using "ScrollWheel" while "Focused" on a viewport/optic would cycle forward and back through avaiable view ports / gunner / commander optics similar to Enlisted or Red Orchestra 2 - Bonus: smooth animated transitions between viewports / optics (see Enlisted / RO2) - Thank you for reading!
  6. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166918 - Feature is present in all previous titles since OFP - Opening the front hatch on the BTR-80 is great however limits visibility a lot - Press "Stance Adjust key" AKA "Left Ctrl + Scrollwheel" to turn In or out for Driver, Commander, and the x2 rear passenger hatches - Huge QOL and Situational Awareness improvement for First Person Driving - Huge Situational Awareness improvement for Commander and rear passengers - Would be applicable to future vehicles aswell such as LAV-25, BRDM-2 - BONUS: ability for commander to use binoculars while turned-out on the last "Left Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up" step - Thank you for reading!
  7. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166917 - Please add basic interactables and basic idle passenger pose - Not asking for get in / out animations (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Not asking for ability to fire from vehicles (Although would be great if enough resources in the future / Arma 4) - Most mods have this for Arma 3 (RHS / CUP), SOG Prarie Fire DLC - It was and still is Soviet / Eastern European common operating procedures - If playing first person only, a lot more visibility and fun to BTR passengers - It is in the main menu and steam banner - If not for Reforger please consider for ArmA 4 - Thank you for reading!
  8. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166916 Currently if the vehicle is parked between two buildings cannot get in or out as it shows them as obstructed, which is realistic behaviour, however the additional top entry points are not accesible in-game Please add interactables to the top of the BTR-80 hatches to get in / get out from the top of the vehicle after climbing on it same as the Hummve Gunner Position - Driver - Commander - Passenger - Passenger Not asking for any animations to hatches or character, just basic functionallity, although proper animations would be a welcomed addition later down the line - Thank you for reading!
  9. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166809 - Please bring back the previous Arma series behaviour of vehicle occupants staying inside vehicles when killed and the vehicle is not completely destroyed - If a ragdoll is inside of the vehicle slot add an option to "REMOVE OCCUPANT" without getting into that seat Thank you for reading!
  10. I agree with you it is not realistic for anything larger than a UAZ / light un-armored Hummve That is a great point would love to see a system similar to Spin Tires / Mud Runner / Snow Runner games. - If a vehicle has winch player can get out and attach it to nearby objects. - Vehicles would have pre-deterimined points where a tow cable / winch can be attached to, would facilitate teamwork and make forfun recovery/unstuck gameplay and towing of disabled vehicles On that point I forget how immersive offroad driving is in those games where bushes, branches and trees are not infinitley stiff and do-not just fall or stop the vehicle dead in its tracks, but instead sway and fold over when driven coliding with vehicles with realistic sound effects, would love to see something like that in ArmA 4
  11. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166736 The new physics based driving is awesome, kudos to the team for such a great job, however it brings some quirks with it There are already a couple of mods that adress this, however non of them are run on official servers I think most of us have experianced this scenario playing Conflict, speeding across a road/field in a Jeep or a UAZ, hitting a small rock/pothole and subsequently being in a crash with the vehicle ending up upside-down leaving 4-5 players stranded in the middle of nowhere, kilometers away from the nearest vehicle depot, left with no options but to respawn or having to run for 15 minutes. And how many times has the team lost its MHQ respawn truck with it being flipped over in the middle of nowhere, driver respawning, leaving the team at a disadvantage because of this. Here is an example: Proposal is something like this, to make it a bit realistic and add a teamwork aspect to recovering flipped vehicles, that way we can radio for help if there are not enough players. - Server side setting for how many players/AI required in the viscinity to flip a vehicle based on players per vehicle metric ton (1000kg) rounded to the nearest ton (For example 1 player/AI per ton [1000kg]) - Max cap of players/AI required (lets say 5) for heavy vehicles such as Trucks and BTR, etc for example: Jeep: 1100kg / 1000kg = 1.1 ton => round = 1 * (1 players/ton) = 1 player < 5 players max setting, 1 player required Hummvee: 2400kg / 1000kg = 2.4 ton => round = 2 * (1 players/ton) = 2 players < 5 players max setting, 2 players required UAZ: 1700kg / 1000kg = 1.7 ton => round = 2 * (1 players/ton) = 2 players < 5 players max setting, 2 players required 5 Ton: 9990kg / 1000kg = 10 ton => round = 10 * (1 players/ton) = 10 players > 5 players max setting, 5 players required BTR: 11500kg /1000kg = 11.5 ton => round = 12 * (1 players/ton) = 12 players > 5 players max setting, 5 players required Interactable UI Element that would be greyed out if not enough players for example: UNFLIP [3/5] Ofcourse with server side or mission difficulty setting this can be tunned (# players/ton, max players) to adjust to taste - Thank you for reading!
  12. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166734 After about 50 hours playing Conflict and Game Master with some convoy missions there is no way to keep an engine running when exiting the drivers seat except to switch to passenger seat before leaving the vehicle. - When exiting the drivers seat the engine should not automatically turn off - When driver is killed the engine should not automatically turn off - Under-fire the extra few seconds of engine start combined with Entry animation really matters and often makes the difference between getting away or getting headshotted while trying to start the engine. - This is problematic because it does not give player the flexibility to keep engine running if that is players intent. - It is easy enough to Tap "R" before Tapping "X" to leave the vehicle with engine off if that is players intent. - This small detail makes vehicle gameplay more immersive. - Please at least make it an option configurable in the Settings menu for Reforger / Arma 4. -Thank you for reading!
  13. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166712 Grenades are much improved in Reforger over ArmA3 which is great news, much thanks for that! However it could be improved a bit to get it to a level of ACE3 grenade system. Suggestion is pretty simple: -Add grende trajectory indicator -With greande in hand or in the throwing stance "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed, press the "Cycle firemode key (V)" to cycle between regular throw and underand throw modes -With "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed trajectory indicator is displayed, scrolling the mousewheel will increase or decrase the throw strength and change trajectory indicator -With "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed, pressing "Perform Action Key (F)" will cook the grenade Here is an excellent video from Dslyexci on the ACE grenades: Hope something like this makes it to Reforger or Arma4 -Thank you for reading!
  14. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166670 This has always been a gripe of mine since the original OFP, Arma 1, Arma 2 and Arma 3, although there are a lot of mods such as RHS that fix this, this also can be seen in the SOG DLC's M113's. If a player is a gunner in an open turret vehicle, usually always is a "One burst Johnny", especially in pvp modes where life expectancy of gunners in open-top vehicles is a few seconds at most. Once rounds start cracking overhead there are no options to take cover, or even to brake line of sight other than scurrying to switch to an open seat or bail from the vehicle. Suggestion is while in the gunners seat pressing the "Crouch button" or "Stance Adjust + Mousewheel down", player would let go of the weapon and tuck inside the vehicle. Stance adjust would be ideal as players could just peek over the top of the hull to figure out where the fire is coming from before jumping back on the gun, with the lowest value of stance adjust having the character completely covered inside the vehicle. Really hope this makes it into vanilla Arma games in the future. -Thank you for reading