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  1. Welcome To Hell

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    how does one hipfire his weapon in this mod?
  2. Welcome To Hell

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    Can't wait for RTM module and ArmA 3!
  3. Welcome To Hell

    Arma 2 Sample Skeleton Custom Animations

    Sending a rig to motionbuilder is pretty simple, just use send to function while both applications are open. It preserves bone hierarchy and controls as long as bones are actual bone objects created in max instead of editable_meshes with bone on flag. Hope to see a sample max rig for max with ArmA 3!
  4. Welcome To Hell

    Arma 2 Sample Skeleton Custom Animations

    Unfortunately it is not as simple as that. Coordinates are off by a factor of about 100 in terms of scale. I have done that, changed editable mesh to bone objects and set pivot/grouping manually, imported test vertex animation in 02 via 3ds. Amazingly it worked except for named selections being messed up which prevented it to being saved as .rtm correctly and therefore not usable ingame. If anyone had better luck with this method let me know! The optimal way to do it is as pufu said. Create a skeleton from scratch in max (so that it follows model.cfg hierarchy and O2 scale) rig it with IK/controls, send it to motion builder. Configure it / create your animation in motionbuilder than export that to 02, than save it as .rtm. Which is not really worth the hassle with the A3 timeframe unless you have a ton of spare time on your hands.
  5. Welcome To Hell

    Arma 2 Sample Skeleton Custom Animations

    I am now rigging the 1.0 lod of the male.p3d in max. It is painfully time consuming renaming all of the objects converting them to bones, eyeballing the pivots, linking the hierarchy of model.cfg. Another way of going about it would be to creating from scratch max bone's that follow the hierarchy and scale. Because setting pivots manually might offset the animation after it is exported.
  6. Welcome To Hell

    Arma 2 Sample Skeleton Custom Animations

    Thanks that was too obvious. Will give rigging this a shot!
  7. Welcome To Hell

    Arma 2 Sample Skeleton Custom Animations

    Will try to do that. Is there any reference on bone structure grouping hierarchy? I assume it is berried in some header file.
  8. Welcome To Hell

    Improving the Light Engine| What and How

    Light simulation should be at STALKER clear sky lever to the very least.
  9. How to make Independents friendly with everybody? Whenever No matter what i set DAC_Res_Side , still either blufor or opfor fires on me. (Independent set friendly to everyone in Mission parameters)
  10. I think my point is being missed. There are servers that use CBA .030 series through the latest .076 and it is impossible to connect to any of them unless having the exact version of CBA. I have 7 versions of CBA installed to play on different servers, compatibility is very poor. What I am asking here is flexibility and backwards compatibility instead of this rigid and casual player unfriendly setup. If a server is running old CBA versions we should be able to connect and play with newer versions! This is kind of essential
  11. Is there any place where I can download ALL of the CBA versions? Because Dev Heaven does not offer all versions for download CBA is very multilayer unfriendly, six updater keeps updating my CBA but servers that I play on do not. Now it is impossible for me to play on the servers I love because of the sig check not accepting updated versions. And Server owners update once in a couple of months if not less often. Each version of CBA is not backwards compatible when it comes to multiplayer/server management (AKA where it really matters)! Very annoying!
  12. Welcome To Hell

    Unofficial developer physics demonstration

    They need those kind of doors in every building, also destructible with M203's or rounds blowing off the lock.
  13. Welcome To Hell


    We need Render to texture shader for 3d Scopes!
  14. Welcome To Hell

    Are tanks going to have the new infrared camo system?

    Minecraft tanks!