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Found 11 results

  1. So im literally just building an editor and or saved mission to house as many functions that the editor can handle. The point especially being simple for simple sake. Attempting to tackle an issue that is often requested but with little answers I figured I would give it a shot. Im at an impasse simply because there is a definition all throughout the BI WIki that cannot be searched and is not defined. Muzzle. WTH is muzzle when attached to a grenade? I have no idea what was going through the programmers mind when he declared muzzle therefor without being a mind reader neither can I. I cant find any real detailed info for it im just making guesses. I can put this in a trigger and if my named unit has a regular white smoke this actually functions in ARMA 3. [dumbGuy,"SmokeShellMuzzle"] call BIS_fnc_fire; hint "it activated"; There is an example right on the [fire] wiki page at the bottom that uses "SmokeShellGreenMuzzle", well go figure if I equip the test ai with a green smoke, it will not work. So then this got further confusing as I can go into arma 2 classnames and they were nice enough to list the muzzles on that page giving me I assume some basic insight to what the programmers mean when they say muzzle. Seems like its some launching position for the projectile or type of system for launching. I have attempted to run BIS_fnc_fire, fire, forceweaponfire. and nothing works. Basically anything suggested on previous threads, examples in the wiki, and examples in the forums appear to all be non functional anymore *(with coloured smokes). It appears that you need to "fake this" and upon a condition you need to create and pop a smoke near the AI? If anyone has any details on this subject matter especially the muzzle, that would be great if not oh well. Thanks.
  2. Feedback Tracker Ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T166712 Grenades are much improved in Reforger over ArmA3 which is great news, much thanks for that! However it could be improved a bit to get it to a level of ACE3 grenade system. Suggestion is pretty simple: -Add grende trajectory indicator -With greande in hand or in the throwing stance "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed, press the "Cycle firemode key (V)" to cycle between regular throw and underand throw modes -With "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed trajectory indicator is displayed, scrolling the mousewheel will increase or decrase the throw strength and change trajectory indicator -With "FIre Button Key (Mouse1)" pressed, pressing "Perform Action Key (F)" will cook the grenade Here is an excellent video from Dslyexci on the ACE grenades: Hope something like this makes it to Reforger or Arma4 -Thank you for reading!
  3. MourningStarV

    Grenade Glitch

    It’s funny, since just a few days ago I read a comment saying, “Grenades get thrown automatically when you aim.” I mean I thought it was silly as I’ve never had this happen to me. But what do you know, the EXACT same thing just happened. It seems this bug is very inconsistent. Sometimes the Grenades work as intended, but other times it throws itself exactly when you aim, giving no time for the outlander to determine the path of the grenade. Please fix this bug as soon as possible as this affects whether you win a firefight or not. Also, load out presets aren’t working for PlayStation apparently. If you don’t mind, please look into that as well. Much love and continue the great work!
  4. Matthew Aiken

    Grenade feedback

    So having played the new season for the first day a few flaws have been identified #1 explosion radius: guy was camping in the back of a truck on batterie, I rolled a perfect grenade in there, didn’t do any damage, theory? Grenade landed in the front outlander hit at the back, logic dictates this shouldn’t have mattered in this context and he should have least took some damage. #2 difficulty in throwing grenades into doorways, there’s an overarching throw display but this makes you aim high consequently bouncing it off the wall and not into the room. We could benefit from two means of throwing the grenade, overarm and underarm for shorter range but easier doorway clearing. #3 a somewhat disappointing visual and audio effect on explosion. This one is somewhat what quality of life than mechanically based both the smoke effect in my view is lacklustre and the explosion being the same as a contact bomb doesn’t quite sit right with me, personally a slightly different identifying explosion would be better. anyway that’s my current two bits on grenades this season 🤷‍♂️
  5. Simple test: In vanilla Arma, place an ammo bearer at salt lake on Altis (not too much objects, here). In Editor, change its loadout for a bunch of smoke grenades. Preview and throw grenades. Before throwing, I got something like 90 FPS Throwing 2 grenades, not too far, FPS drop to 70, Continue throwing up to 6 grenades, FPS drop to 40 Walking inside the smoke, FPS fall down to 10 !! Config: CPU i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz video : NVidia GTX 970 Arma on SSD, 8 GB RAM All video settings to ultra or max and: AO: HBAO + medium FSAA: 8x ATOC: all trees + grass PPAA: CMAA
  6. Taking inspiration Tear Gas Scripts, I decided to make a script a while back to blur vision and deal damage over time. I've used it in my wasteland Server for over 2 years and many other servers are using it too. ONLY WORKS ON PLAYERS! AI ARE NOT EFFECTED BY THE GAS! However, AI can still throw the toxic gas grenades Directions: Code: init.sqf Toxic Gas Grenades (Thrown): Github: HERE Download: HERE
  7. Hi all, I made grenade indicators two years ago and came around to move/update code, etc and I just don't like the way I did it but I can't seem to think of any other way. Each client has FiredNear EH which checks if grenade and then adds it to appropriate array. if (isNil "groupIndex") then { groupIndex = 1; } else { groupIndex = groupIndex + 1; }; bluforGrenades = []; opforGrenades = []; groupGrenades = []; call compile format ["group%1Grenades = [];", groupIndex]; The reason for call compile + groupIndex is Independent isn't one side. It is a solo team with groups system so friendly grenades would show for separate group. Grenades doesn't appear to have side, I have tried owner and a few other things as well but had no luck. Surely there must be a better way of doing this? I just can't think what. Any help would be great! Below is a video, you may want to mute your volume as I had Smooth radio running in background lol. Not my daily bus route music but I find it relaxing when coding in ArmA, lol. We all need to be relaxed when coding in ArmA, or even sometimes playing it. As we all know lol... "ArmA'd" The last AI was determined to get away from being fragged with the grenade, but I was more determined! As you can see in the video, lol.
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEV-A3 --- Dlegion's Enhanced Vanilla - Arma 3 --- adding the ARMA3 missing features ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- by DLEGION (email: ddelfino@hotmail.com) DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!TlYzBKYK!47utKrd9Fv7x59fn5ZHnBW3oGiFpPsxkshDoeiGyMcY (if someone want to put this on armaholic thats welcome) --EDIT---here is a video of the features: Vanilla (default) ARMA3 gameplay and gameworld interaction is way too limited, really unacceptable for today standard, especially for a game like ARMA3! each DLC (like jets) that comes out, i ask myself why,why and why they dont want to fix simple things like attach explosives to objects/vehicles, open inventory underwater (at least charges!!), manipulate game objects like move barrels, push a car ecc.....but obviously they dont intend to fix all this. here is why i searched for scripts that enhance vanilla gameplay, and merged them togheter fixing all the problems to have a single stable script base to enahance gameplay (so no mod needed, just join a server with this scripts and play!). it took me almost 1 year to discover all this awesome scripts and edit them to make they work togheter, i dont want any glory, just give back something to the community that helped me, and make life easier for other people in my situation, so in few minutes and not a year they will set-up theyr enhanced gameplay! its a collection of many scripts, made from different authors,all great people, that gived me permission to use theyr awesome work (and in many cases helped me editing). i made it so its Multiplayer, Join-In-Progress and respawn compatible, there is no noticeable FPS or any kind of performance drop (adding 1 infantry squad to the game has waaay more impact on performance). it adds many very basic features so much needed for any game of this kind. to name some of the most relevant: - logistic to EVERY game object, including man, allow move every object (can disable unwanted objects by a variable or class) - attach explosives to EVERY object (including man, unnamed map objects like trees, vehicles ecc...) and detonate only specific one. - drag & drop wounded, alive or corpses! - melee kill. - make AI (of your side) join your squad and command of it. - factory to build every object for a cost (can limit object types) and credit sytem. - dual (secondary) primary weapon, to carry two primary. - selectable grenades throw force, can pick-up and throw-back grenades. - selectable random civilian spawn with traffic in a range around player. - magazines repack. - random survivable helicopters and aircraft crashes - towing system to recover damaged vehicles or simply bring one more around. - many more little tweaks. as i saied it has no noticeable performance impact, every feature is selectable or can be removed (knowing how edit scripts), are just scripts,so everyone who will join your mission will found this ready and working without need of mods ! this lack of gameplay interactions was killing my game experience, i was about to drop ARMA for other games, but thanks to the help of some guys i was able to make this, and finally play happily! for helping a poor script-noob like me,and sahring theyr work, my best and sincere thanks to (in random order): Dolf,Sarogahtyp,Pierremgi,Kauppapekka, Nikander, BlacKnightBK, Lucullus, Xeno, Ilias48RUS,French R3F team and especially KillJoe, Serena, Fred41,Grumpy Old Man, Tankbuster, Larrow, Midnighters, Davidoss,Zorilya,Stealthstick...and everyone else that helped! i will not name them, but i wish to let you know that there is people that called me "troll", laughted at me and closed my post about fixing the game just for pointing out that ARMA, after 16 years of development, still lacks very basic features, and that developers should take care of this problem. afterall, thanks to the "good guys" that helped me (a lot), seems that was possible in simple way and few time to fix the basic features, with no noticeable performance impact at all. i still dream about devs giving one single day of theyr work to fix once for all the basic ARMA features...but seems that is just a dream. THANKS AND HAVE FUN ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITED CONTENT LIST --- edited where needed by Dlegion just to merge properly all togheter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BETTER GRENADE THROW -- by Serena DRAG & DROP & melee -- by llias48RUS dual_primary_weapon -- by Nes Monartis Explosives_To_Vehicles -- by zooloo75 magazine repack -- by Outlawled (updated to 3.1.2 by GiPPO) survivable crashes -- by r0ed 3D explosives & re-throw -- by zorylias enhanced movements -- by bad benson R3F logistic system -- by R3F team (i cant share this because i dont have permission, i'm sorry about that, i suggest you to download the original from: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26159 or if you wish to apply logistic to everything, contact me, i will explain how modify the script ! ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDITIONAL CONTENT FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE, i use this addons that are compatible with vanilla ARMA3 (you can join a server with them even if you dont have the addons) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- enhanced movements -- by bad benson ( to climb obstacles ecc...) unlocked uniforms -- by haleks ( can wear any game uniform) A.R.E.S. -- by antonStruyk ( better zeus functionalities) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well...i did my best to make it easy and keep modularity: SIMPLE: copy the "MPMissions" folder into your arma3 main folder for use with dedicated server, and/or in your : C:/user/YOURuSERnAME/documents/arma3 folder and/or C:/user/YOURuSERnAME/documents/arma3 - other profiles now you can play my mission with all script included and working directly from editor, or making a server (on dedicated works best) ADVANCED: same as simple, but if you know how script, you can customize the scripts you want by using the included stand-alone versions (already edited by me). you will find all single scripts in a folder with theyr name. obviously you can take the scripts to use with YOUR own mission!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============ E D I T =================== MISSIONS INCLUDED: DWAR Domination mission DWAR 1.0 is a domination mission (Xeno style, to get the idea), set on Altis island (so vanilla compatible), that features 4 teams: RED and BLU have theyr own bases at the extreme corners of the island, have some vehicles that will respawn (if destroyed) with different times, unlimited arsenal (on some vehicles too), H.A.L.O. jumps, and theyr objectives is capture all randomly selected towns one by one (by default in GREEN hands). Island itself, and its towns, are dominated by GREEN faction by default, that uses A.I. bots to populate and defend critical locations. player can also play as GREEN, helping A.I. to defend islands from BLU and/or RED invasion. if you want you can play as civilian too, the island is populated by random civilian on foot and civilian traffic on roads, so you can easily get disguised as a A.I. bot. civilians have no specific mission, but they can disturb other factions plans :) technically you can play as spectator too, lol. other than primary targets (the randomly selected towns) there is always a randomly selected secondary mission (save hostages, destroy objective, stole vehicle ecc) and there is in the middle of the island a central airport with a factory, where you can build any kind of vehicle or structure for free, so its very important conquer it and hold it! to add some variation, 4 squads of RED and BLU start from the respective bases and move to the middle of the island, fighting enemys on theyr way, and trying to capture airport and near zones, and as they ger killed, they respawn at bases with same objective! (so you have to face random situations where there are enemys in random places of the island). CTS capture the suitcase mission very simple CTF style mission, RED and BLU team both have to take a suitcase, and bring it to extraction point. the interesting feature here is that this mission never ends, you just get credits to spend on your factory when your side win. and every round is different because it choose a random point from more than (hand placed) 50 spots, then randomly place all other objects like HQ,extraction points ecc...in a radius of +200 -200, this create so many possibilieties that every round is unique (your HQ or extraction can spawn on water too, for example, making for scuba fighting rounds). ========== E D I T =========== please, feel free to suggest other awesome gameplay scripts you wish to see implemented in this pack, i will do my best to merge them (if author gives permission)!
  9. Hello everyone! Lets suppose that I am making a mission in Eden Editor. How do I make a person have something like a HE grenade by going into his loadout? How do I customize how much smoke grenades he as, etc. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, I wanted to release a short script I've been working on. This code allows the player to activate the throw-able and then throw it on separate key presses. So now you can activate any grenade and carry it, then toss it later! Great for if you want to carry a smoke grenade for cover, hang on to a chemlight or even blow yourself up by hanging on to a live grenade. Known issues Currently the below looks for the "Throw" action key (default of G) and will fire at every press. To make it possible to switch what your throwing, it was hard coded not to fire if you are pressing "Ctrl". This means if your throw grenade key is "G" and switch grenade is "Ctrl + G", you wont have an issue. If your switch grenade is "Shift + G", "2xG" or any combination involving the "throw" key and something other than "Ctrl" you will not be able to change what grenade you are throwing. How player's use it Push the throw button once to activate the grenade. Push the throw button again to throw it. How to implement Add "fn_throw.sqf" to your functions library. Add the following code to your initPlayerLocal.sqf [] spawn { waituntil {!isnull (finddisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown",{ if (((_this select 1) in (actionkeys "Throw")) && (_this select 3 isequalto false)) then { call my_fnc_throw; true; }; }]; }; Replace "my_fnc_throw" with the proper name you gave it in your functions library. If you already have a dedicated keydown handler file, you could migrate/modify the above into it instead. Here is a sample PBO for your enjoyment! Here is fn_throw.sqf. Thank you!
  11. Hopefully I'm not suggesting this too late in the development cycle but I'd like to see some improvements to the ancient action menu. I was very pleasantly surprised when Apex control preset came out which removed weapon switching from the action menu and reduced the clutter. I suggest taking it further and cleaning it up some more. I don't know about you guys but I hate menus, I hate interacting with them mid combat and getting arma'ed by them and so on. 1. Give us an option to remove certain actions from the action menu I personally think we should be allowed to remove actions such as: "Get Out" and "Eject" when there are keybinds for those (default V and 2xV respectively). I cannot count how many times me and other players been ejected from a vehicle when trying to use a certain action which disappeared for a split second when another player used an action and Eject option was the first one in the menu which got selected in that split second. Yeah it is so broken when it keeps resetting whenever someone else uses it. Additionally we have keybinds for: Engine On/Off; Lights On/Off; Turn Out/In; Gear Up/Down; Flaps Up/Down and some others I can't think off at the moment. Would like it if there was an option either in game options or controls to remove specific actions from the action menu so as to allow to customize it for those that prefer using action menu for some reason and keep everyone happy 2. Introduce a quick access/hot key system for inventory items So we can stop placing explosives on the helicopter or transport truck as we are trying to board it while the action menu keeps resetting because our fellow comrades are also trying to board it at the same time. What I am proposing is essentially an MMO style hot key system which would imo benefit Arma greatly. By default Apex Preset uses "1" for primary weapon, "2" for secondary and "3" for launcher. So player could assign his own keys for each quick access slot which would show the corresponding key bind like in the mockup image bellow. Then the player would drag and drop the items from uniform/vest/backpack into the quick access slots. Additionally it could be used not only for explosives but grenades as well. For example you press number 5 and your character switches to an RGO grenade. While I would prefer character actually holding the grenade in his hand like in FPS games since the 90s I'm not sure Bohemia can afford the animator labor? I could live with Shactac/ACE style floating grenades in front of you. Regardless I think Red Orchestra2/Rising Storm did grenades very elegantly in my opinion. You aim with your ingame hand and cook grenade at the same time, how intuitive :O Here's a Satchel You can throw the Satchel too 3. Improve opening doors/windows Could we have the door icon attach to doors, windows in the actual 3D world space so we know which door is about to open/close? Seems relatively simple If icons were to attach to doors/windows you could then remove those options from the action menu and look for an icon prompt instead. I also noticed that when giving move commands to AI there's an arrow that seems to attach to objects. So it seems that there's already a capability in the engine to attach HUD elements in 3D space. Anyway these are my suggestions. Looking forward to more suggestions and a discussion. Hopefully it's not too late to get the action menu improved