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  1. mechanical

    AI must have better autonomy.

    "here comes the next warning / criticizing is not allowed" I see a lot of excuses rather than candid observance and acceptance of customer questions...Thank for the DLCs they were actually quite good and worth every cent; put the same effort into some ai next should be my general request, of which does not need to be heeded and likely would not be anyway. Maybe money is the answer, hey I would pay 50$ for a DLC that improves path finding by 50% so the ai can travel through altis without incident. GTA SA could do it on ps2..OR just make another desert map so they have nothing to hit. Only because without AI at the core single player repeatable play is non existent. Regards,
  2. Good luck, if you achieve what your looking for please post. I think there are many people that like that kind of script because it would add a cool concept to the game. Honestly Im not sure how open source it is, And obviously the code style is different but I would wonder what the specific parameters are for gran theft auto for the stars accumulation. They seem to have had the detection of good vs bad guy down pretty well. I tried this as well once but to achieve what I wanted became a seemingly endless nested if statements. Mostly I never cared for how the AI can tell a blufor is in a car in civ cloths(or any cloths for that matter) from 1000km away and start firing at you. I attempted a checkpoint mission once but you could never get to the checkpoint because they would pick you out form 600m away. No i didn't add anything im just moral support :)
  3. mechanical

    Door action height

    Anyone else notice that you really cannot open and close doors while laying down, where exactly is the point of access for the (addaction?) I feel like its waaaay too small in its vanilla form and id like to know if its script accessible or not. highly infuriating to get rekt quite literally because smashing your face on the door that is open in a building while laying down yet you cant close it, so you have to couch at minimum AND stand in front of it which is right in the kill zone of a main entrance door way its like the pointer is not really picking it up. Has anyone else noticed this? And Would you consider replying with the following. 1. Its not an issue for you at all or you've never noticed it 2. you've noticed it but feel its not an issue that worth looking into 3. You have noticed this as well and think it should be fixed. 4. You post a random trolling message like get gud etc. 5. Or last but not least post your an arma fanatic and there is no room for improvement on a godlike perfection such as the arma 3 game and that COD is a better choice for me.. just wondering what you all think about this. Thanks, Mechanical
  4. mechanical

    Input lag

    If you follow the reddit post that the poster of the video had supported the following comment here. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/6l99iq/the_real_issue_with_arma_3_enginewide_input_lag/#bottom-comments Vsync mouse excel were both off. He also lists multiple PC's tested with their specs. I dont think the answer is just that simple..
  5. mechanical

    Input lag

    I feel like this "vsysnc" should be a more visible or presented topic, i don't have the tools or true know how to perform these tests for input lag but I happened to watch the same video above and one thing kindof had me thinking; Ive never felt like i had true control over any firefight in ARMA 3 Arma 2 dayZ and now argo. Something is definitely different about this developer than others when it come to the feeling of control. Especially once a multiplayer game mode is launched. The FPS drops on all but best servers and the fights whether i win or lose just feel like luck or like a muttle through? Win or lose in csgo or insurgency i feel like i didnt cut it, arma I just feel like well ok he wasn't facing me I got him or why did he take so may rounds without having armor.
  6. You know what i think is possible; and would be cool. If either a modder or bohe made the following. 1. gave the atv lean physics so in mid air you can actually control it (like you can in life) 2. make an off road racing atv dlc out of it 3. add a couple sport atvs or one sport atv to accomplish it would be like karts but off road atv i think the physics are more than ready for it i bet someone could do it. I cant make mods and gave up trying ill just stick to installing a/c's and what not but im just throwing an idea out there if anyone even wants it. So general discussion...
  7. Does bohe actively monitor these servers (meaning official end game etc)? Once you get to idk 9pm est on the eastern NA servers you cant see anything but team-kills blatant seemingly irremovable team-killers. Its pretty rough, you have to just leave. None of the noobs know how to vote kick. Honestly I cant believe there is not a maximum team-kill limit we are talking like total nonsense, makes the game look horrendous to those that are just getting into it. Im not talking about your noobs that are not used to having every bit of data handed to them and making mistakes i mean just general extreme trolling. I feel like a minimum team kill limit on an end game server just makes sense like even 5 per 2 hours or per game or something. The noobies ask every time how to vote kick because they dont know how. Im already into the game for years now so its no harm to me. But you'll never get new people in if the end game official server is at least not even remotely playable, they will think that noone takes the game even remotely seriously. Im not a huge fan of CSGO but team-killing is just not much of an issue because it will be automatically taken care of even at the lower levels at 3 TK's I think. This is a statement and OR a suggestion I have no goals or specific requests; if read by BI is all I hope for, because its really going to harm BI and players looking to try something different, not me and i want the best interest of the game arma 3 on the podium. Thanks, Mechanical
  8. mechanical

    praetorian 1c AAA turret question

    Why on earth did they not just give both the carrier and the new statics availability for all sides if not literally at least group-able? Why would they make it different than any other static available? Can take any other launcher or static and unit and just group it to a non probable opfor and voila its opfor no wasted time coding in when not necessary. This was a foreseeable request instantaneously, from a game creator that knows that people will always want to mod and utilize every bite of usable content they can to their own design and imaginative design. a cement ceiling so to say If you just need a one time setup you can actually place the turret as empty and then somehow(for whatever reason) place an opfor unit inside it (for example) and it will take the side of opfor, any unfriendly infantry will shoot at the turret until they are out of ammo unfourtuanlty so no ai foot solders if you plan to do that.
  9. Im glad someone decided to show exactly how to fill in some of those blanks. That example would be a great example on the biki. Thanks Kylania
  10. mechanical

    [WIP] Female base model project

    I was just wondering where the females where in arma 3, this can certainly add some depth to missions.
  11. @Danikovov As for your issue verify in the controller driver that the controllers keys and sticks were mapped correctly i had 2 buttons mapped as a single button, and i had one digital also mapped to an anolog. Its highly unlikely that that in particular is bohe could be but yours sounds alot like my issue. Note however that arma 3 in my opinion has a very hard mapping structure as in everything is common yet can conflict. like there is limited controls that are commonly shared between helis planes and cars and weapons and view and common. ive already mapped once before what was best for vehicle driving then set up the other stick for chopper flight, in arma you cnanot do this so i had to just select the most workable solution for all the drive-able types
  12. mechanical


    If your going for realisim then im out of your scope. If you just want something that makes flying possible and actually fun, im currently using a ps3 controller with an emulator i simply put it down and go to keyboard for infantry, I can control all aircraft, and vehicles with ease. Just mapping it takes a while and i am constantly dealing with a bug where the controller remaps whatever it wants and is not visible getting more frustrating by the minute did not happen before the update. Its was not a bug but my error I mapped a digital button as a digital and with a little ghost analog button in it causing my issue got it sorted out and yea a controller is still better than a keyboard and the "name brands" controllers for big box gaming do have reasonably great analog sensitivity.
  13. Once I was able to find a steam workshop mod i knew i had once i subscribed (or technically resubscribed) It just started a chain reaction and re installed all the mods I had. It was a steam issue not bohe. All my mods that I got NOT using steam like my rhs mods had no issue and never left to begin with, making me reconsider the steam workshop items because lets face it steam/valve is one of the most financially profitable company's when it comes to gaming industry related and has some of the worst and reoccurring coding errors and just bad decisions in general, im starting to clean up my workshop items and just manually download form armaholic etc. so they may not be lost and you can get them back. just remember anything involving valve is going to be very problematic.
  14. I know this is old but im using it so it must be still relevant. After alot of testing I found out that you CANNOT use a marker as the position used at the end of the syntax on the nearestobjects function ! Even if you have the marker as a named variable. I am currently using an eden editor trigger to determine when to run the script similar to what @aeroson had posted. so I figured what the heck ill just name the trigger a variable name and see if that works and it did. I dont know if that is a bug or not because another scirpt using similar functions but in spawn mode is basically calling a marker as not only its position but its radius. A general question I still have is looking at the syntax of the nearestobject i did not need to include the get pos for the variable I was placing a radius around, I also got errors for it. It looks to me that the first param in the nearestobject is setup to "get a pos" of whatever variable you name or just strait up location. I could be wrong and its pretty likely I am. But If I could make this work on a marker that I already have on the map that would just be swell, so if anyone has the minds for that...it be all cool to post it and whatnot. Thanks.
  15. mechanical

    How to remove animals

    Interesting, good timing to bring it up then i guess i was thinking this thread and topic was long since forgotten about all but 3.5 years ago. I guess ill wait for the release then. Thank you for the update @claws01.