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  1. BL4DE

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Dammit BIS Really wish they at least jerry-rigged some ramp and a climbable ladder+catwalk in the rear of the carrier, so that amphibious vehicles, divers and boat crews could board the carrier from sea. And was really hoping for lower deck hangar to park and respawn amphibious vehicles. I would have been happy with plain empty gray texture lower deck. Don't care if it was modeled unrealistically, at least it would have allowed for more gameplay. Well I suppose mission makers will figure out some magic sling load crane or teleport script onto the upper deck from the sea. I don't think this thing can safely fit 50-90 players constantly respawning with jets coming and going and spontaneously combusting once in a while. Hence why I want lower deck so badly as staging, storage area Also kind of embarrassing when ancient Battlefield 1942 engine had planes taking off from a moving or even sinking carrier and even had ropes to climb onto the carrier as infantry. Heh RV4 engine developed so many years later can't handle any that.... Seems more like a novelty thing for those few missions :/ Should have included the carrier in the non free part of the DLC and put more effort into it. I'm sure people would have thrown money for the carrier alone if it had half the features of USS Nimitz even if they don't care about flying themselves Nevertheless, thanks Bohemia. Really hope you update the thing to include more features at some point
  2. I like these ideas. So you guys suggest separating weapon selection/ammo menu into a different menu. I agree that this Half Life style menu could work nicely. It would separate the damm boarding vehicles from load magazine/place satchel type of actions. Also agree on the detonator thing. Should have that remote thingy which would let you detonate specific explosives. And holding the damm grenades in your hand.... Some would say that ACE solves most of these problems but ACE interact/self interact menu is not an elegant solution imo. Now the question is how do we get Bohemia to implement any of this? Do we make a feedback tracker ticket (which you can't upvote?) or cry and moan and whine in the forums until it gets noticed?
  3. Hopefully I'm not suggesting this too late in the development cycle but I'd like to see some improvements to the ancient action menu. I was very pleasantly surprised when Apex control preset came out which removed weapon switching from the action menu and reduced the clutter. I suggest taking it further and cleaning it up some more. I don't know about you guys but I hate menus, I hate interacting with them mid combat and getting arma'ed by them and so on. 1. Give us an option to remove certain actions from the action menu I personally think we should be allowed to remove actions such as: "Get Out" and "Eject" when there are keybinds for those (default V and 2xV respectively). I cannot count how many times me and other players been ejected from a vehicle when trying to use a certain action which disappeared for a split second when another player used an action and Eject option was the first one in the menu which got selected in that split second. Yeah it is so broken when it keeps resetting whenever someone else uses it. Additionally we have keybinds for: Engine On/Off; Lights On/Off; Turn Out/In; Gear Up/Down; Flaps Up/Down and some others I can't think off at the moment. Would like it if there was an option either in game options or controls to remove specific actions from the action menu so as to allow to customize it for those that prefer using action menu for some reason and keep everyone happy 2. Introduce a quick access/hot key system for inventory items So we can stop placing explosives on the helicopter or transport truck as we are trying to board it while the action menu keeps resetting because our fellow comrades are also trying to board it at the same time. What I am proposing is essentially an MMO style hot key system which would imo benefit Arma greatly. By default Apex Preset uses "1" for primary weapon, "2" for secondary and "3" for launcher. So player could assign his own keys for each quick access slot which would show the corresponding key bind like in the mockup image bellow. Then the player would drag and drop the items from uniform/vest/backpack into the quick access slots. Additionally it could be used not only for explosives but grenades as well. For example you press number 5 and your character switches to an RGO grenade. While I would prefer character actually holding the grenade in his hand like in FPS games since the 90s I'm not sure Bohemia can afford the animator labor? I could live with Shactac/ACE style floating grenades in front of you. Regardless I think Red Orchestra2/Rising Storm did grenades very elegantly in my opinion. You aim with your ingame hand and cook grenade at the same time, how intuitive :O Here's a Satchel You can throw the Satchel too 3. Improve opening doors/windows Could we have the door icon attach to doors, windows in the actual 3D world space so we know which door is about to open/close? Seems relatively simple If icons were to attach to doors/windows you could then remove those options from the action menu and look for an icon prompt instead. I also noticed that when giving move commands to AI there's an arrow that seems to attach to objects. So it seems that there's already a capability in the engine to attach HUD elements in 3D space. Anyway these are my suggestions. Looking forward to more suggestions and a discussion. Hopefully it's not too late to get the action menu improved
  4. OFP - 7th - Lifeless It's hard to pick the favorite soundtrack. There's quite a few I love in OFP, A2 and A3 but this has been most memorable and epic credits I've ever seen in a game. Might not be suitable for use in actual gameplay but I love it
  5. BL4DE

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    I downgraded to win7 and it seems that 3fps bug happens very rarely now. Unfortunately I still get memory could not be written CTD every few hours or even more frequently, sometimes in menu, sometimes when closing. Vanilla or modded all the same. It seems to crash on some missions more often than others for some reason. It's crazy to think that this has become normal among the arma communities I play with. "Oh admin/CO/pilot/squad leader/medic crashed, goddamm broken game" "Let me restart my game before new mission to delay the crash" "Sorry FPS bug, let me go prone here/attempt to land the helicopter and experiment with changing resolutions before game crashes" I'm so fed up with it. There's many things I would like to see fixed and improved like a year old aiming deadzone bug or having the archaic action menu cleaned up with quick access slot keys for inventory items: to make explosive charges actual weapons you have to pull out and not place them on the helicopter when trying to board while action menu keeps resetting when someone else boards it, or removing eject option from action menu, or grenades as actual weapons you have to switch to, to stop people from fragging friendlies with a quick key all the time or million other things that frustrate the hell out of playerbase. But this constant crashing takes the cake ATM. Hopefully 64-bit delays crashing by a few more hours. I'm being cynical here cause at this rate I doubt it will ever get fixed. Too bad there's no competition for arma to pressure the developers. While I love this game and Im hyped for Malden free DLC or customizable aircraft arsenal from jets DLC and various other future improvements I really hope they prioritize these technical issues first and put more people on them. Sorry for the rant. I just love this game that much.
  6. BL4DE

    Malden DLC discussion

    Bohemia please add this lighting to Malden's sunsets. I would cry tears of nostalgia if sunsets on Malden 2035 looked like this.
  7. BL4DE

    G35 sound settings for Arma 3

    To be honest surround headsets are not the best idea for gaming. In my experience, good stereo headphones without a mic are the best for music, games, movies. 2 big drivers are better than 5 or 7 tiny ones. If you have open back headphones those sound even better but don't provide sound isolation. I use V Moda M100 with Sony clip on microphone and really happy with them. They also have great soundstage, I can always tell where exactly sound is coming from even tho these are stereo closed back headphones.
  8. BL4DE

    You've played to much Arma when:

    When you look for good cover on your way to the grocery store in case you got engaged When you tell your girlfriend: 2, board that, car.
  9. Can't deny that Arma 2 was broken overall when it came out for nearly a year. Also hated how the campaign changed to warfare mode by the end. And had some terribly buggy missions. Some of them were pure random luck. Find a war criminal in 250 square KM map(realistic but tedious too). Finding Guba was more fun :D I too enjoyed Arma 3 campaign. It had some inspirations from Cold War Crisis and Resistance. But really East Wind is the only campaign in Arma3. Apex protocol, bootcamp etc are just showcases, very little gameplay content. Just wish we had more official singleplayer content
  10. Yes, yes modding and mission editor are wonderful tools that extend game's life. But campaings used to be one of BIS priorities up until Arma3. You don't realize that a lot of people enjoyed Cold War Crisis, Resistance, Harvest Red, Eagle Wing, Operation Arrowhead, Crimson Lance and others. Looking at previous games it's quite obvious that there was a much bigger focus on official singleplayer content. Nowadays BIS enjoys capitalising on community made work. And community campaigns tend to be unpolished, buggy with no voice acting or amateurish one at best and poor scripting with performance impact. Gotta love the mindset "create your own campaign". That's like saying "write a book yourself so you have something to read".
  11. It almost seems like Bohemia is using a rolling release development model https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_delivery But I'm not sure since they are working on multiple code branches so maybe it doesn't qualify as rolling release. IMO the problem is that there isn't enough programmers throwing code at a project of such proportion and Q.A. department is doing a poor job if there even is one. The result is very very long development time with endless and delayed patching and exhausted customers. Playing Arma 3 is like using Arch Linux as your main OS. You cross your fingers before an update and brace for mod breakage that will need constant fixing. I guess there's a reason AAA companies generally develop bigger projects than compared to Indie ones (considering their budgets and amount of overworked code punchers). Not sure if Bohemia still qualifies as a typical Indie company. Arma might be the most ambitious, over-engineered game with insane complexity. And ofcourse it drags behind all the legacy cruft maybe all the way from 2001 which requires crappy hacks to get around the engine limitations and double the effort to maintain. So I'm not sure what is there to be done for a project of such proportion. Maybe a different, technically streamlined engine for the next Arma game would make life easier for the developers maybe not. Maybe BIS just doesn't have the budget to develop at an accelerated speed.
  12. BL4DE

    Arma 3 - How The Arma God's punish us

    The gods are cruel and require sacrifices to stay at bay. They like to clip you through a wall when you are sniping from a tall tower making you fall to your death. How many poor souls were devoured by evil building walls and spit out into the void? They like to cause a spontanious combustion while you are driving offroad and hit a several gasoline oiled bushes or trees gently then dsync curse sacrifices you to the flames. They like to kill you when you gently scrape the ocean floor with a boat. They make your enemies invincible by placing them in the elephant grass cause it's known fact that elephant grass is bulletproof. They bless your enemies with 6th spider sense, a vision of an eagle and a sense of a snake and insect while they curse you with fog, bushes and recently with lighting update nights. They like to poison you with lag drug and make you crash from the cruel world. They like to make you stand up and sabotage the stealth mission which you have been executing for half an hour. I'm not sure if its Arma Gods, more like the Arma devil
  13. I took 2 frames during a long multiplayer session. 1 during average performance and 1 during lagfest with constant freezing and unresponsiveness. Used: arma3client_profiling_162_137872_v12.exe Game ran in DX10 mode. Frame with ok performance: https://paste.ubuntu.com/22534449/ Frame during a lagfest: https://paste.ubuntu.com/22534323/ RPT log: From file hosting site: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05608505629693847584 From pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22535422/ Also I should point out that game hangs the entire system. Whenever arma3.exe is started soon after there's a "System" process up top using as much or more memory as arma3.exe does. Probably Page File I would guess. After shutting down the game system slowly returns back to normal. HDD tasks start to operate normally and don't take forever.
  14. Is FRAME captures during multiplayer session valid? Or should it be captured in the editor?
  15. BL4DE

    Third person mode & realism

    Might aswell add an "action mode" to the difficulty setting so that we could have servers with bunnyhopping, 360 no scope, takes half a magazine to kill someone so that players have more choices to play the game?