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  1. Matthew Aiken

    Clan/Group Shelters & Suggestions

    Of these I only really like the idea of remotely activating decoys and maybe sharing limited items like ammo and heals but not loot as it’s pretty much redundant for most veteran players these days devs have hands down said they won’t be adding loot sharing anyway but we hold out hope for ammo and heal exchange maybe. Perhaps a button to share a stack of ammo? Purchasing crates with crowns would incentivise pay to win (do we really want that?) given they give weapon plans and a chance at crowns I doubt this could be implemented nor would it serve a valid place in an update. Anyways hope I’ve not been too negative on your efforts to come up with some cool ideas 🙂 there are a couple of decent shouts there I just know a couple of them probably won’t be implemented. Still keep them coming! I know I keep trying! Haha
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Portable signal detector

    There are currently issues with the psd that the devs are aware of. Currently their only useful for learning if someone is still in the match late game beyond this the signals that are pinged are just random. Best to avoid using them or take the information they give with a pinch of salt. It’s good training anyway to learn to survive without knowing where everyone is, it’s more fun anyway ^_^
  3. Matthew Aiken

    iodine and personal detector

    Portables are broken anyway 🤷‍♂️ I for one like the limit to consumables, “outlander hunting” is a thing of the past. Or at least for the most part anyway I can “survive” more easily now
  4. Matthew Aiken

    Signal detectors

    Unfortunately not no but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for any further updates 😁 like I say just save the portables for now and play classic vigor. Hunt by sound 🔔 and sight 👀 nobody’s gonna find you right now if you play smart so enjoy the broken mess that is the portable detectors! 😁
  5. Matthew Aiken

    Signal detectors

    Portables are bugged, the devs acknowledged this in their most recent dev stream and are working on it I believe. In the meantime I recommend not using or bringing portables other than for end of encounters to see if anyone at all is left in the lobby. It will still show you if there are no signals detected to save you camping for that drop etc but other than that just save them until the next patch comes and Fixes it.
  6. Matthew Aiken

    Legacy Season bug

    Oh are we talking about airdrops? I noticed a bug once in which I crashed on bridges after picking up the crate, could be a random bug.
  7. Matthew Aiken

    Legacy Season bug

    Did you already complete the season in question? If so you’ll not get anything though I am still trying to fully figure this out myself for those who didn’t fully finish it first time around.
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Matchmaking is frustrating. Still.

    Plus it should be added consumables have now been limited so “hunting outlanders” is less likely to be a thing. Keep playing smart and you’ll be fine ^_^ sorry can’t really add much without rehashing what’s already been said, worth noting though that even i, a veteran to this game get by with only around a 54% survival rate which is still decent I win more than I lose but then again I get greedy and try to grab weapons or airdrops 😅 🔫 📦. Basically I’m saying it can happen to anyone, it’s just the way the game plays but those few beautiful game series you do get make it all worth it! You go into a game with an akm some fandoms boost the crate, maybe you get lucky and find the red box of valuables and escape immediately. Maybe you spawn close to buried stash and decide you wanna leave right away. Magic happens 🙂
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Devs have too much time on their hands

    Well said, I’ve reported all mr coosters previous posts as I’m not happy with his attitude towards the rules of this forum and as it’s already been pointed out is very disrespectful and inappropriate. Exactly true! Voice your concerns but in a constructive way not in a people bashing way. I myself have had complaints in the past but I’ve also sung praises for positive changes the community has asked for and got!
  10. Matthew Aiken

    Night Mode

    I’d like to bump this idea too! Adds some room for flashlight 🔦 and flare type items as well as no Google’s, for a future battlepass. Street lighting, camp fires and lightning strikes could all play a part in night mode maps 🙂 lit up airplane ✈️ car alarms setting off flashing lights and motion triggered door lights on urban maps. The list goes on I think this is an amazing idea!
  11. Matthew Aiken

    Loot hot zones!

    Just a quick suggestion but I think vigor could benefit from an apex legends style loot hot zone marked by a similar green airdrop style map circle or some other identifier where a specially higher loot prevalence could exist, perhaps like the red valuable box this is instead a valuable consumables and resource container, perhaps a blue box situation but a different colour and requires instead of a 4 digit combo a 5 digit one or you can shoot it but sound an alarm In the process. Alternatively it could simply be more loot in a small given area for any lootable containers not including points of interest liked barred or tuned safe etc. Or maybe it could? 🤔Could be cool in my view but if anyone could pitch in their own thoughts and it’s potential viability I’d appreciate it ^_^ hey someone could even buy a new encounter booster to spawn in and upgrade the loot hot zone!
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Cloud server issue

    Not sure if it’s just this map or not but I get to the end of the pre lobby countdown then punted to the shelter screen immediately each time. Somethings gone a bit wrong here xD seems to be a server issue as it happens while in the shelter too most sad
  13. Matthew Aiken

    Full auto bolt actions

    It appears there’s a way to rapid fire weapons xD can the devs please make a note of this hilarious exploit as much as I love how ridiculous it is it needs patching lol update: works on EVERY bolt action weapon..... update 2: svd rapid fire 😱 Map after some extensive testing it works for every single weapon in the game. Not sure if I should explain it fully here but hopefully this gets fixed soon. Equip any weapon then equip any secondary, fire the primary weapon by hitting fire and y button at the same time then stash the secondary, go into encounter with glitched gun
  14. Matthew Aiken

    Vigor partners?

    Hi there! So a bit of a odd post here but I wanted to ask around and see if anyone is an official vigor partner and what they did to become one. I’m a close friend to a twitch streamer who’s played the game since beta and he lives and breaths the stuff! He’s always wanted to be a vigor partner but I’ve no idea what one has to do to become one. He’s probably one of the top players on the leaderboards but doesn’t have that huge a following. Again sorry for rooting on the horn here just wanting to help him out with some info. Any devs or current vigor partners able to shed some light on this? 🙂
  15. Matthew Aiken

    My Wish List/ Suggestions

    I support most of these ideally fully! I would argue weapon balancing is fine as is at present and that actually many pistols are still very much effective! Love the map ideas and some of the game mode ideas I can see many of the weapon suggestions coming into play at some stage. I can’t see a shop for weapon plans being viable but one could hope frankly. Not many people still contributing here as of late so it’s nice o see some effort put in to feedback with the outlandish BI crew. 😁👍