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  1. Matthew Aiken


    I would second this tbh too many times I play a game and my team happens to boost 100% and out of spite the enemy team all leave, why? Cause you score no points then and as such waste crowns that you can’t get back If you disconnect unlike encounters. Not that should be abused but it’s helpful if your trolled by a lobby leaving.
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Several crafts possible

    I always love feedback like this where someone has put the work into concept designs made from scratch. Sadly I fear it’s a feature I don’t see as likely to come to the game though this would be nice and I do for one want this! Unfortunately to explain this away the game is built around the mechanics of using “crafting parts” to instantly craft weapons and items also without cost on material. The second is the more unfavourable “spend crowns” to complete approach. With these built in systems in place I fear this may either be more complex to implement or simply not seem as a worthwhile and cost returning feature for the devs time (thinking from their perspective) this has ultimately been raised before and likely will again but I don’t foresee it happening sadly at least not on console. Perhaps if this game ever was made available to pc modders could probably make it work but again not seeing that happening either. Still kudos for the attempt! 👏
  3. Matthew Aiken

    New in-game consumable

    Interesting concept however given the disaster that is the smoke that used to lag the game out from breaking open the locked container I feel smoke grenades on this engine would cause memory issues this is a concept I’m not 100% knowledgeable in sadly but am aware of as being quite resource draining. Lighting and shadows being cast from the smoke along with visual effects from wading through said smoke would all take a toll on the running of the game on some systems, especially older gen. Most games this is fine as they run higher spec I fear vigor uses an older engine than most, I could be wrong but a hunch I have is that smoke grenades people could bring in might be a bigger ask than we think.
  4. Matthew Aiken

    Regarding Battle Pass

    At current I don’t believe it will be possible to retrieve missed levels on a battle pass now as legacy seasons aren’t supported anymore. That said most of the cosmetics and weapon plans per season join the store rotations and airdrop loot pools to be acquired later so don’t feel too bad if you missed out! With the exception of the season pass titles and perhaps the level 50 completion cosmetic (and any airdrops and weapons you didn’t earn before it ended) you can earn most of it later:
  5. Matthew Aiken

    Ready Up Feedback/Suggestion

    It’s hard to say really who are the afk people and who are just waiting for others to boost. I do agree matchmaking times are better than they used to be from the queuing up to getting into an actual game. It can be faster yes perhaps a system where if the majority of the lobby readied up it skips to the 10 second timer and if everyone readies up it’s instant? That was there’s still a few seconds for last moment boosting?
  6. I think somebody else once suggested a shorter kill cam feature instead like “hey you died, here’s the last 10 seconds to show how you died from the perspective of the killer” this would still be fine in my books
  7. I have no issues with portable detectors since they reduced the carry capacity to two per loadout and the one only offer snapshots of one single nearby signal be it a person or a transmitter. Jammers are there to hide to you as well so that’s 100% fair gameplay in my view. That said! I 100% agree there should either be no kill cam at all or only show a rewind of the last few seconds to show you who killed you and how you died etc. this kills two birds with one stone as if anyone is cheating thie modified death cam from the killers POV would highlight this! Thoughts? 🙂
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Cosmetics Loadouts

    I like this concept pic! The idea has been brought up before but it’s invaluable to see it visualised here! Not a difficult addition To implement I dont think, at the very least this should be possible for cosmetics as it’s not drawing from limited item resources that can run out and cause errors etc. yeah let’s have this please!?
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Weapon crafts not dropping at all.

    For sure there seems to be a lower drop rate I can’t argue that! Ever since I pulled th m60 out of one of the first crates I opened a few seasons ago I’ve noted the Change since. This may also be prep for the new “shelter Improvement” which by all accounts seems to suggest a location within your shelter where you can go to buy plans for any new items you don’t currently have unlocked, wether this will be real money or crowns or some in game resource is yet to be seen but expecting the worst to be honest.
  10. Matthew Aiken

    Weapon crafts not dropping at all.

    What level is your weapon crafting bench? It may be the case that you have to upgrade it in order to craft higher level weapons even if you have crafting components or plans for certain weapons
  11. Matthew Aiken

    Disappearing crates

    Yeah there is a still a few bugs happening in regards to encounters hence why I mainly play Elims now whenever I want crates. I’ve very rarely had crates vanish on me or revert to a common crate so rare I can’t recall when the last time was! I know when people boost and dip out the lobby last second it can potentially reset things as if they didn’t boost which maybe could explain some of those instances. There used to be issues with crate collection seasonal challenges not sure if that was fixed or not? Either way a couple of suggestions as a workaround. 1: Try relaunching the game whenever there’s a discrepancy on crate totals (In shelter) same works if you spent crowns and disconnected it takes a sec for it to show up again! 2: If crates are bugging in encounters often try a reinstall of the game or a hard reset of the system your using, clears stale cache data which may Cause some bugs. 3: if it’s a connection based issue like lag or issues looting things try a wired connection to lan router to speed up connection speed. (Though crates turning from blue to common doesn’t sound like a connection issue it may help other things!) Personally though as stated above I prefer Elims for crates faster easier match’s and better use of crowns, enounters are more for killing and getting loot for exp towards a battle pass.
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Assist xp / tracker

    I believe he refers to the main stat trackers such as kills per encounter, airdrops retrieved and loot value etc. To weigh on that note perhaps applicable for duos and trios during encounters? Let’s say two players put in damage on the same outlander but one doesn’t get the kill but dealt damage within say a minute of the other player shooting and dealing damage they get some assist exp and stat progression?
  13. Matthew Aiken

    Fishing for food

    Yeah it’s been mentioned before and frankly not something I’d be keen on either if we wanted to fish I’d play fishing simulator. I do merit though we need more to do in the shelter like that arcade machine! Be nice to invite a friend over to play some kinda mini games or other. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Matthew Aiken

    Player market

    NO……. Just no a third party market would cause more harm than good just look at games like Crossout with its player driven inflation. Frankly though in terms of guns ammo and consumables you can already go in with a good amount of stuff and kill your self yo help a help out with some gear so it’s not necessary anyway! A player market would not be appropriate though and doesn’t in my view for the premise of the game in fact straying ever further from it!
  15. Matthew Aiken

    Ping system

    Why not both? Imagine if you we’re playing trios and each teammate had different Color’s to help identify who’s ping was who’s? Same could be applied to map pings