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  1. Matthew Aiken

    Bring back map select

    To be honest I think part of the reason the queue times are horrendous is due to less people caring about playing anymore I for one haven’t played since about halfway mark into this season pass. Haven’t finished the pass and don’t intend to. Bored of the game in general. As I’d said before I was just getting ready to finally play again when the daily challenges got nerfed and all those crowns for looting supply drops dropped from like 300 to 30 👍good job!
  2. Matthew Aiken


    Svd yes I agree but the hbar is not a sniper it’s a hybrid assault rifle marksman rifle so it’s fair game with that.
  3. Matthew Aiken

    Fix Challenges

    Not to mention the p**s poor rewards from doing them making it not worth anyone’s time 😒
  4. Matthew Aiken

    Latest Update

    I share the rage regarding daily challenges, I had three daily challenges I didn’t have time to do the other day so I saved them for today, logged in to find that two “loot airdrop” challenges 3 and 5 drops went from 135/150 crowns down to 10/20 crowns and my “headshot 5 outlanders” went from blue crate to 5 -bleep-‘in crowns. I’m with old ninja on this, this has been the straw that’s broken the camels back, i initially defended the latest updates having made some genuine improvements in the past. this truely takes the biscuit now not just halving the rewards but slashing them completely. Not just that but the exp rewards too. Hell even the food donation boxes seem weighted now to all the worst prizes on the board first where before it was just unlucky if you don’t get what you want now it feels like those electronics or crowns you want in that pile are literally the last things to drop on purpose. I’m walking away for another couple of months, no joke I haven’t played a match in about 2 months on here and I come back to see it’s even worse. Sorry for the rant folks but it had to be said
  5. Matthew Aiken

    Repeating same challenges

    Not had that many issues with crashes though I have had that issue so feel your pain there. Tempted to still play a bit as I have some challenges for a small heap of crowns to get crates but otherwise still not playing outside of very good challenges to do.
  6. Matthew Aiken

    Repeating same challenges

    Haven’t played in a month now just waiting on new content that draws me back in xD
  7. Matthew Aiken

    Good Luck Outlander!!

    I may be wrong but I don’t think radiation works like that does it? If your covered in radiation dust your already contaminated wether or not you put on the suit in that situation. I do think there should be some form of anouncement urging players to leave however when time is pressing. I would also like to see the actual hazmat suits from the last battlepass being practical and buying you more time in the radiation as apposed to those people who don’t wear them.
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Repeating same challenges

    Knifing I general is janky but the yes the John is 3 hits from full health compared to 5+ but expensive as hell to craft and 6hr craft time. Only knife worth using assuming the melee combat gets fixed in terms of hit registration
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Repeating same challenges

    Haha I had this with the melee challenges before the awesome “John” knife came along. It would be one I skipped every time cause you’d never get someone to sit still long enough to get stabbed 5-6 times, it’s annoying and bad luck but you’ll soon get better ones!
  10. Matthew Aiken

    PM pistol mid range tips.

    I’ve noticed this with the pm and a few other guns can’t physically complete certain shooting range challenges due to frustrating hit registration on the targets. Point black range the pm can’t hit the closest left plate for example in PM1 crosshairs right over it, full clip, nothing, wont break. Not a recoil thing it just doesn’t register, maybe a map mesh tweak gone a bit wrong?
  11. It’s nothing unusual, I’ve stopped playing entirely at level 45 BP can’t be bothered until new content shows up I do the daily challenges and collect my materials and crowns and that’s it each day.
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Crates worth less

    That happened a little while ago now I only upgrade when a challenge offers me a crate to do so.
  13. To quote many of my emails from the devs “we do not replace lost or missing items”
  14. Don’t really agree with the separate mode thing but I do agree something needs to be done with headshots. Interesting trivia though the Pm is the only gun in game that can headshot and not kill. I’d like to see either A: less headshot damage except for obvious weapons like sniper headshots and or B: head and body armor that act as consumables if they take damage you lose them or durability goes down when damaged and can either be fixed or replaced. Would solve a lot of nagging about camping if people had armor. More noise from heavier armor makes it harder to camp maybe?
  15. Matthew Aiken

    Development Love and Discussion

    Actually it’s true regarding the rapid completion of the battlepass. I know some pro players who grind crap out of this game and usually have like 100 crates going into each battlepass and almost always walked out with good high level drops either through boosting/teaming or just plain skill it’s doable. It’s why they nerfed exp on a whole again to slow the rate of completions.