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  1. Matthew Aiken

    Shooting Range

    Assuming you’ve equipped those guns and walked into the firing range? I remember that fixed it for me maybe it will help for you? Failing that it could be a bug with certain weapons, if that’s the case sorry to hear about that!
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Shooting Range

    You’ll need to have at least one copy of that gun in your stash in order to do the shooting range stuff with it, don’t need the pass or the plan for it but must have them in stock in your stash.
  3. Matthew Aiken

    Armor Plate/ Signal Detector Blueprint Grind

    Most encounters in my experience have had most players using one of 3-4 weapons, the raffica, g3 gewer, hbar, and bugle. I still go around looting and what I’ve seen is that nobody ever loots. Only ever see or hear fighting at points of interest unless your being hunted from your spawn point by someone with around 10 or so portables scamming for you. The main drive of the game now appears to be kills and airdrops, basically any stats currently tracked by the leaderboards. It’s become a competition game, he’ll even I get trash talk pms from gamers who see my stats and want to rip on me with crap like, “you suck kpe (kills per encounter) of only 0.63?! Your lame” yes well I also have a survival rate of 56% 57 at the time I got this message from a high level player with around 2500 kills to my 700 but his survival rate was about 30%. So yeah 🤷‍♂️ Vigor everyone!
  4. Matthew Aiken

    Armor Plate/ Signal Detector Blueprint Grind

    Firstly I must strongly console you in the fact that while armor planes are a pain to go up against I’ve gone into plenty of match’s without one and beaten people who had full armor. Now granted when you find people with armor and the currently meta hbar 300 rounds backpack small arsenal douche bags then yes it’s unfair. For everyone else it’s perfectly doable and you can with with basic m16s or other commons if your play smart and trust me people haaaate when they get clapped by a guy with no armor and common weapons and they had armor and an mp5 or some crap lol. Aside from that congrats on the crates! It’s definitely the best way to go just in my case I get stressed in that mode so can only play a few at a time before wanting to launch my controller 😅 other than hbars, g3 gewers and the OP common raffica pistol everything else is fair, just change the way you play and don’t charge around as much. ^_^
  5. Matthew Aiken

    Couple of issues

    1: Firstly I looted some weapon boxes on sawmill and got a mosin nagant which would not fire no matter what I did and yes I had bullets loaded into the gun. Got into a fight about 20 seconds into the encounter and weapon wouldn’t fire. 2: having issues with the loot 2 airdrops challenge. Sometimes it works other times it takes 3, 4 or even 5 crates to finish because it just doesn’t register. 3. Weapons keep unloading themselves which isn’t new I’ve seen threads on this elsewhere but I still wanted to remind the devs of the prevalence of this issue. Please tell me you have fixes in the works for these three things and more 😞
  6. Matthew Aiken

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    On the subject of that this reminds of the other day when I had a loot airdrops challenge, both times o got out with the crate but only 1 of them counted, took two more games to get a third to complete the challenge. I think this is related to the memory issue the game is suffering from. In these instances you lost loot or didn’t progress a challenge did your game crash for any reason?
  7. Matthew Aiken

    How About Two Game Modes?

    I don’t mind knowing where things are on eh map minus the red crate. I do agree we need to go back to being able to loot multiple crates even if the requirement is you have to have a clear lobby or more crates then there are players to enable grabbing the extra/s. Also don’t mind seeing who I go in with as it helps me decide wether to play tactically or guns blazing to try and grab some good guns etc.
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Golden box

    I don’t fully understand your question due to the poor English translation here are you saying your getting uncommon items in gold airdrops the same as common crates? Higher tier boxes don’t always have massively better loot sadly if that’s the case but have higher level items in their loot pools with higher likelihood and even then like I say not always amazing prizes
  9. Matthew Aiken

    How About Two Game Modes?

    Nice idea in theory but it would split the sadly dwindling player base too much already waiting 2-3 minutes on average at times for a match with their being 3 encounter maps a shootout and elimination all queuing up.
  10. Matthew Aiken

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    Their there just very much a case of luck in opening them crates, I’m missing mortar and booby trap plans and I’ll be damned if their hard to find xD
  11. Matthew Aiken

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    It’s why I rock commons and either get it all or die with nothing of value to steal more fun and less stress ^_^
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Elimination crate

    So I was thinking elimination feels neglected in terms of loot. I’d like to see the players of the winning team of elimination get a crate each like the shootout crates. One per Person per win or perhaps each of the top 3 in a winning team get a crate and you can boost to make sure your whole team gets one? Thoughts? Because food and exp alone is kinda boring and not worthwhile
  13. Matthew Aiken

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    I do long for the days where I could slink around the map without being hunted I certainly survived longer for sure now some of my favourite maps are unplayable at times like fiske. Players know other players will stick to the town as that’s where the loot is so it’s easier to pop portable signals to hunt others down. I’m the old days I could ransack fiske and evade danger 90% of the time but now it’s a 60% chance going off my survival rate I know theirs jammers and stuff but that’s takes slots and costs materials I’d rather not waste. I instead counter this new hunting style by going in light and not rewarding cheap kills by dropping my common ass gun and single heal for their “ hard “ work
  14. Matthew Aiken

    definition. To the body armor. Broken. Misleading.or lies

    I admit the wording is a bit off but I thought I’d clarify the purpose of armor. So armor plates guarantee at least the first shot will protect your torso however bear in mind different calibers of ammunition exist and that this game at least tries for realism so different ammo types will deal different amounts of damage to health and armor respectively. This also drops off (a little bit) with range. Most noticeably with shotguns as their spread is much larger hence how someone can hit you from a mile away with a shotgun blast but not deal much damage as apposed to one or two shots close up. So factoring in range and weapon choice armor will either spare you say one sniper shot to the chest or several lower caliber rounds from mid range or so. 🙂 hope this helps and I didn’t confuse you with my paragraph 👍
  15. Matthew Aiken

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    Well this is the most pointless post I must admit doesn’t constructively generate any viable suggestions, don’t normally slam a post but this just doesn’t help our (the gamers) cause. Please try and be constructive as this grab the devs attention more. I know it feels like sometimes they don’t listen but they still do at times if we try to balance what we’re asking for with what will fit within “their vision for the game”