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  1. Matthew Aiken

    Conflict when looting

    Noticing lately that if I loot something at the same time as a teammate one of us will get “locked up” can’t crouch, prone, jump, melee run or any other action until we loot an object that opens up a loot interface (not materials found on the ground except food) this can be especially debilitating on larger maps being forced to walking speed due to this bug. It’s probably already known but wanted to raise the issue again just in case.
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Military grade suits

    Still think we need a helmet item like the armor plate for headshot avoidance 😉 hint hint
  3. Matthew Aiken

    Military grade suits

    No sadly all the outfits are cosmetic only 🤷‍♂️😞
  4. Matthew Aiken


    Unfortunately not much can be done here a lot of those that play are veterans. loot: Generally speaking my advice would be to consider your play style carefully. If your a difficult looking lobby, hang back loot the area avoid major points of interest at least initially and wait for people to kill each other off. try and keep your pack empty of junk, only take what you need, common mistake is filling up on too much ammo, only take what you need. Too much loot = encumbrance which will slow you down and effect stamina recovery. This happens faster when you loot more guns up to 4 slots worth. Each gun has a weight value even veteran players sometimes forget about, general speaking without being too technical rifles are mid weight, pistols and knives are lightest and lmgs the heaviest. Only thing heavier than this being the airdrop. As a new player if you have half a bag of decent loot maybe 1 or two better guns than you started with and you feel good about it, just leave and take your win. The longer you stay the more at risk you are. combat: People will use portable signal detectors to find other players, if that happens to you and your notified as such keep moving positions. If you not sure if a shot you’ll take will result in success hang back and wait for a better opportunity or disengage entirely. Remember you don’t always have to fight, especially if your learning the game. that said veteran players like t clean out lobbies before looting so there’s a balance between hanging back for the dust to settle and going in for a share of loot. Don’t take too long or you risk being hunted. You can get a hold of portable signal jammers or use the main signal disrupted which will disrupt players ability to find you with signals detectors. i know it’s not super comprehensive a guide more like a rapid fire tips sections but hopefully this helps shed a bit of wisdom that gives you some clue on staying alive out there 🙂 one final tip save all your crowns you get at least for now till you get the hang of things if the lobby gets boosted then full up your bag with “insurance” on and go to town!
  5. Matthew Aiken

    the plane sound

    The plane is just plane gone pun intentional lol not sure if the missing plane was intended or not but I for one dislike the change as for the portable detector I still get the sound but I find it’s not consistent.
  6. Matthew Aiken

    Legacy Seasons

    Legacy season 3 wasn’t meant to be released yet hence why it disappeared don’t worry it will be back 🙂
  7. Matthew Aiken

    Disconnections and you lose your stuff?

    Hi there 🙂 you should find that your crowns and equipment will return with a little time it’s possible you may need to restart your game to see that. A system is in place for the servers in the event of a player disconnect assuming the issue was server side. The refund is normally applied by the time you return to your lobby but it’s possible it could take longer. It’s happened to me as well On a few occasions and I’ve posted topics on this in the past. Frustrating as it is in most cases you’ll eventually see anything you spent returned. Failing that email customer support with any supporting crash report if you have one to speed up the time to get a response. Hope that helps to reassure ^_^
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Ammo bug

    Just to tag onto this thread I’ve also noticed zero ammo starts to elimination rounds resulting in very unbalanced games
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Weapons Plans & Crates

    Yes this update definitely has upped loot chances which is great. I suspected a while back certain battle pass plans just weren’t in the crate loot pool, nice to see it fixed now, grinding while I can before that changes again. As for your bandage plan it can be in any crate it’s just a luck thing, if your missing a few plans it could take a while but eventually you’ll get there.
  10. Matthew Aiken

    Reload weapon properly after you pick up weapon

    While I appreciate the annoyance of this reload issue and I know exactly what you mean I for one have no issue with it as it is except for a minor change I think could help which would be to change the interact button to something else other than the reload button. That in my eyes would fix the whole issue is just finding a way to remap the interact button, perhaps holding A at a door instead? aside from that what your experiencing is a regular reload then the tactical reload. Tactical reload being performing the action before hitting 0 bullets the actual mechanic of this is fine. What isn’t is the fact that the game can’t remember how many Bullets were already in somebody’s gun prior to dying. Imagine how much time would be saved if someone with 15 rounds in a mag died and someone collected the gun and only needed one reload? so yeah two potential fixes -remember how many bullets are in a gun of a fallen outlander. -remap the reload button so it doesn’t clash 🙂
  11. I like the variety of music on offer atm if I’m honest and I hear we’re getting more selections in the form of audio tape cassettes in the next season. If true this will more than satisfy everyone’s needs for music in the shelter ^_^ be nice if we also had new loading menu music too like in apex legends, something we can collect in battle passes so we can customise the pre lobby startup.
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Lobby weather cycle

    Ambitious idea would certainly love a night cycle variation of maps with a flashlight and fire torches etc for realism car alarms putting out some extra light, motion activated porch lights and modified alarm traps that flash. Lot of potential…but I just don’t see it happening sadly, please someone prove me wrong here
  13. Matthew Aiken

    Knife throwing

    An excellent idea 😁 or we could have consumables in the form of throwing knifes say 10 stack, and a bow and arrow too!
  14. I wonder if as a stopgap measure the option to remap controls would help? Wonder if this could be implemented? Problem is every button has multiple uses already so it’s hard to do. If only we could have a quick select weapon radial like in some other games? 🧐
  15. I find that equipping any new gun I find in encounters right away Is necessary to enable the y button weapon swap. You’d want t do this anyway to prepare and reload the second weapon. If I understand your post correctly your just picking up the guns and not loading them thus can’t swap to them? 🙂