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  1. Matthew Aiken

    Ability to activate consumables in stealth mode

    I don’t see any issue with this personally it’s the calculated risk we take in the encounter, knowing when is safe to heal when yo instead take a chance on not healing or running away a bit first. I sort of see your point but again not an essential suggestion in my view
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Rage Quit

    Odds are he was super stealthy and got last yoy after dumping the box this is a common move
  3. Matthew Aiken

    Boosted crates

    Yup sounds about right and frankly I used to do the same before I stopped playing Im in the camp of try my luck getting the crate and if I come under fire I’ll typically hide and dump the crate xD scummy yes but effective
  4. Matthew Aiken

    Battery Draug??

    You’ve said it now 😂 -pictures devs altering in game code- I love batterie draug before the nerf to map selection I only ever played that map to get the shelter upgrades I needed but now I don’t play much at all!
  5. Matthew Aiken

    Carrying abilities

    But it was okay to sell weapon blueprints back in the day 😂 still remember when the Hbar was up on sale for like 800 crowns or something. Anyone else remember that?
  6. Matthew Aiken

    Increase of daily challenges

    Daily challenge rerolls worked in apex they could work here too with a little work.
  7. Matthew Aiken

    Arcade machine

    Oh do not 🙄 they’ll have you inserting crowns to play 😂 with common loot box levels of rewards
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Bring back map select

    As I’ve said before we need to make sure we don’t fork out money until they start addressing the issues the community has raised if they see more complaints less income and less interaction in game as a result of their changes they will have to meet us halfway or better. their counting on us accepting the new norm which we cannot abide by I for one now am in absolute protest and simply by playing the game so long as there’s a battlepass in play. I’ll be watching the forums and asking my old vigor partner who still occasionally plays if anything has changed. Will only return when that damn pass disappears or significant changes are made for the better
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Additions to consider?

    Well at least some people read the forums 😂 including actual dev responses which address said points
  10. Matthew Aiken

    We want map selection back... as soon as possible

    I mean I did mention sarcastically adding Blackhawks and tanks so if those get implemented in the future feel free to blame me 😂 it’s headed that way for sure!
  11. Matthew Aiken

    Season Pass comments and musings

    I got appreciate the time you’ve put into posting this, it really highlights just how crippled the waiting times area and yet their still not doing enough to answer our questions on the matter or agree to some form of compromise to satisfy the veterans of the game. Funny thing is I was already feeling the grind at level 25! If there’s a season pass at all I won’t buy it. I’ll play the new map sure but I suspect the new addition to the shelter as someone else once suggested will merely be a collectibles area. Woohoo....
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Game Over

    Couldn’t have put it better myself I mean I don’t want to rip into the game because I’ve spent countless hours on it but I now haven’t visited it in months even to collect free food or even crowns! Nothing to spend em on that catch’s my interest anyway and even if there was the game has lost its lustre. All of the above points are well said honestly truely believe they should just bury this project and go make something else. Give us a new game, vigor the campaign story shelter stuff would be good but reimagine it as a survival Game against the elements! Stronger and stronger radiation storms are coming and we have to gather supplies to survive it like “7 days to die” each day perhaps bringing new challenges like repairing damage or fighting off outlanders. Just a thought, I won’t go too deep into the concept but that’s my thoughts
  13. Matthew Aiken

    Latest updates?

    I mean that does address what some people have asked for in the form of team modes but it also pushes others away further from the original concept of the game. Any intentions to return to shelter focus in the future or even a hub area to meet other outlanders?
  14. Matthew Aiken

    Improve the knife combat.

    The games turning into a cash grab so who knows? If their gonna do anything with knives it will probably just be more skins. Take from that episode from the Simpsons where Mcbain was selling everything from sword pineapples to sword pie 🥧😂 imagine that but with knives lol
  15. Matthew Aiken

    Latest updates?

    Hey I joked about that in the past! Now it’s looking more likely 😂😂 call In a cobra gunship to provide close air support? Maybe season 6 we can have anti air vehicles to try and shoot down the drop? 🤔