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  1. Andrew Gallway

    Shelter idea

    I'm just trying to throw ideas out that people will add onto and give feedback. I would like to see more features added to the shelter aspect of the game, something that gives it more purpose.
  2. Andrew Gallway

    Shelter idea

    Just a thought to get use out of the survivors you send food to. Maybe you could send them on resource missions using your own fuel stockpile to scavenge for different materials on the encounter maps. Each map could be rich in its own materials. For example, you could send them to batterie draug for electronics and fuel because of all the military equipment left behind and the old bunkers. You could get materials from these places as well and even have a chance of getting a few weapons and equipment. There could be some strategy to it as well. Maybe some areas are high risk due to radiation or it could be a hostile area. You could send them in with weapons from your stash and equipment to better their odds. If anyone wants to add on to this idea, feel free.
  3. Andrew Gallway

    Forums fix

    Forums seem to glitch out and the text box gets bigger and bigger the longer I try write something out. If you guys could look into it that would be great.
  4. Andrew Gallway

    Competitive mode??

    Thanks. My friend and I love this game but the recent updates have kind of steered us away. I will continue to support this game and the devs but, I'm hoping for a more barebones type of game type like the classic vigor used to be. 🍅🍅
  5. Andrew Gallway

    Competitive mode??

    Devs should consider adding a competitive mode where certain guns and equipment are restricted. Stamina could run out faster or run speed could be reduced by 10-15% slower.
  6. Andrew Gallway

    Vigor 2 -> Outlanders

    Who here in the forums votes that they scrap vigor and remake it into a better version (Outlanders)
  7. Andrew Gallway

    Option to cancel crafting

    I hear you man, always thinking about the little things that could improve this game. They should hire me 🤣
  8. Andrew Gallway

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    Personally, I don't like the way this game is heading anymore. The adrenaline shot was kind of a slap in the face as well. Was hoping it was going in the direction of being a slower paced, harcore looters shooter. Unfortunately now we have people just rushing around with no thought, zig zapping and drop shotting. Even though you can still kill them it takes away from the immersion. Bohemia has other games with leg physics that slow your movement, too bad to see them not be implemented into this game.
  9. Andrew Gallway

    Option to cancel crafting

    Since some items and guns take half a day to craft, there should be an option to cancel it in case you accidently put something in the queue to craft.
  10. Andrew Gallway

    Option to cancel crafting

    Since some items and guns take half a day to craft, there should be an option to cancel it in case you accidently put something in the queue to craft.
  11. Andrew Gallway

    Vigor 2 please 🤣

    Its time for a new vigor type game. Something thats seriously badass and taken seriously with a hard-core survival aspect to it. I love this game because of what it could be. The idea is amazing, but its currently very goofy and full of people wearing bunny ears with LMGs running and jumping around saying "HEEEY" and playing the air guitar "BOW, BOW, BOW BOOOOOWWAWAWAW!" Bohemia Interactive, this game could be so much more 🤙
  12. Andrew Gallway

    Handgun rework

    I feel like this game would benefit greatly from being torn down and rebuilt on a new gaming engine honestly. They did so many things right with the weapons and bullet physics but really butchered some of them unfortunately (pistols mostly). The movement i think should be totally reworked and slowed down to really bring out the survival aspect of the game. Too many people running around full sprint and zig zagging with lmgs. I fully support this game but it needs a lot of work done in my opinion.
  13. Andrew Gallway

    Suggestion: ready up

    Would be nice to be able to set your status to ready so you don't have to keep asking your team if they're ready or not. Even a green little check mark next to the players gamer picture would be perfect 👌
  14. Andrew Gallway

    Suggestion: m1 garand

    Who doesn't love the m1 garand? I'd love to see it come into play 🤘
  15. Andrew Gallway

    vigors playerbase in an identity crisis?

    Its just a toxic community unfortunately. You outplay someone and they call you trash or whatever else. Just reply with a simple GG and move on, dont let these people get to you. Vigor has come a long way and is getting improved constantly. Dont let these people ruin it for you, but take a break if needed 👌