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  1. Andrew Gallway

    Game ideas

    Custom Saved Outifts - could have outfits/gun skins saved that would match each individual map and would load onto your character while going into a specific encounter. Trading - passive area, where outlanders can trade guns/loot. Send friends food or loot using a similar system used to send food to the survivors at the shelter. Starvation - forces outlanders to bring food into encounters, making it easier to get food for newer players by looting dead outlanders. Shelter Area Exploration - adventure into the forest of the shelter where you could get attacked by wildlife (wolves, boars, bears, etc) giving you pelts to craft weapon skins/clothing and also food. Also giving you the chance to loot materials for your shelter. Just a couple ideas that could benefit the game. If anybody feels like adding onto the list feel free, there's no such thing as a bad idea.
  2. Andrew Gallway


    Imagine expanding on the area of the shelter and being able to go out into the wilderness. Having to avoid pockets of radiation, finding caves or abandoned cabins to avoid the harsh weather, hunting for food and pelts, etc. There could be areas you choose from (like in the pvp) that provide unique materials, whether it be different animals to hunt or better loot due to harsher weather. Honestly I would just love to see this game have a survival mode similar to DayZ but unique and still gives you that Vigor feel. Can’t wait to see where this game goes, thanks Bohemia for the badass game keep it up.
  3. Andrew Gallway

    Wildlife in game??

    I think it would be a cool idea to introduce wildlife into the game. Like the wolves you hear when you first enter some maps. Killing them would give you a souce of food and maybe a pelt that you could use to craft clothing that's specific to the animal. Just a thought
  4. Andrew Gallway

    Community ideas for the devs to think about!

    Maybe a personalized shelter that you can change the color paint, flag, etc. I also thought an introduction of wildlife would be a cool idea (like the wolves you always hear in the background) for a source or food or even pelts that would let you craft clothing with. A squad mode 3 or 4 players. Me and my friends talk about this game a lot, its a solid game that i cant seem to stop playing.