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    Shelter idea

    Oh for sure! Not many people do put forward constructive comments these days, you need only look to the vigor Facebook page to see the toxicity there! It’s not a bad idea don’t get me wrong but we have to think from a small development team standpoint. Value for update as I would call it, for instance the changes to eliminations. Adding actual loadouts was worthwhile as it has more reply value and yes I suppose from it their perspective can be monitised for loadout tickets and score boost (unpopular ass that may be, I’m not a fan anyway). your on the right track with modes and maps etc as this adds more value to the mix that will last a while. Now I do know we’re getting a new addition to the shelter at an undisclosed time I suspect this will be a platform that replaces legacy seasons more than anything else for plans etc but we shall see.
  2. Matthew Aiken

    Shelter idea

    Similar system to no mans skys freighter missions where you send ships on missions. Unfortunately I don’t much value for this feature given many players would likely be max shelter. Perhaps however we could spend resources as you say for a chance at airdrops? Nice passive way to earn a few crates, weapon parts, cosmetics maybe? Again low likelihood it could work out but just a thought. Resources are low priority for Most. Perhaps we can get exclusive cosmetics that were effectively free to play taking a chance on winning?
  3. Matthew Aiken

    Competitive mode??

    Again I still prefer my hunger games style idea of go in with a knife and have to loot your own weapons, with sparsity depending on boost level. 😄 we can hope
  4. Matthew Aiken

    armor plan purchased, unable to craft

    Bear in mind you also need to upgrade your crafting bench. What level is it currently within your shelter? You can own the plans for weapons and consumables but may not be able to make them yet. Armor plates I believe are level 10 this is stop newbies paying to win without first putting the time in to upgrade their shelter. As a general rule I would never buy the plane anyway you can unlock them all for free over time. Unless your max level on the shelter that may be different then of course 💁‍♂️
  5. Matthew Aiken


    I do agree on the point of the toxicity which in fairness is done to lack of end game content, if people had things to work on like shelter upgrades there would be less killing happening I’m sure. Also one update nobody seems to mention is how exp for kills and threat etc outweigh looting exp. There was a balance at some point or another can’t recall when 🤷‍♂️ That exp for kills was way lower but then that got cranked up. Incentivise battle pass rewards like audio tapes and meaningful collectibles you can’t buy anywhere else and instead of rewarding proficient killers really jack up looting or hitting Point of interest location exp gains. You could even work into the challenges section rewarding cooperation, challenges like loot timed safe with a random outlander could be good if people actually felt compelled to work together. We don’t need arduous systems installing to combat fighters just unique loot that comes from working together. Take out headshot kill exp (challenges are fine) take out threat bonus exp too but keep in avenging teammates I think that’s fine. I could go on but you get the picture, yeah there’s cronos too but honestly just taking away the rewards for murdering half the lobby would be a good first step tbh.
  6. Matthew Aiken

    Tutorial Completed but no Achievement?

    Hi there, yes there appears to be issues with the tutorial segment of the game especially with audio depending on the selected character archetype just to help compile more info on the issue which character did you use? What system were you using? And did you experience any audio issues during your tutorial experience? 🤔
  7. So first off let me thank the devs for a much sought after addition to the vinyls collection, it’s a start and I do appreciate it especially given the issues getting around licensing etc so we’ll done! Haven’t found them all yet but I will 😉 next up the tutorial: so I replayed this when I saw it had been updated and here are my thoughts: so first off the Audio is actually broken no voice lines can be heard at all perhaps an easier fix? From the subtitles there seems to be an actual conversation taking place so I’m interested to hear that next time. as for playing through it gameplay wise it fairs better teaching players about the game the A.I addition does aid in populating the level and making it feel more alive however script heavy it may be. That said work needs to be done to fix the janky move animations particularly after you open the boards inside the house their seen entering through one guy literally snapped 90 degrees to face me. I am curious though if this is a script heavy test project exclusive to the tutorial or perhaps a prelude to A.I inclusion in the future? it feels like the A.I from arma reforger, possibly the same engine? I think there’s maybe promise for ai inclusion in encounters in set piece areas, I don’t think it would be possible to have them roaming around but perhaps at points of interest? anyways apart from lack of sound I think more could have been done to illustrate the mechanics of the game. The airdrop in the tutorial could benefit from an A.I soldier hiding in a bush with a pistol maybe to illustrate people camping for the airdrop to reinforce the point of caution, perhaps even a locked container or timed safe? Signal tower to show the player the ai at the airdrop? Things like this would be nice additions, but yes much improvement has been made but more to be done I think.
  8. Matthew Aiken

    Tutorial rework and general update feedback

    https://www.xbox.com/play/media/WXKMRJTMMB Hopefully this works I did also post it to your Facebook page but I did say id pop it up here as well just in case ^_^
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Jump Shooting

    Actually to correct the record on this the lmg specific jump shotting was mitigated with increased shot dispersion as I understand but again this is specific to lmgs as it was a predominant issue specifically. There was also a general lmg recoil nerf and slight reload time increase but those aren’t specific to dropshotting or jumping. The issue does persist with other weapons, particularly seeing an increase in bugles making a return with full auto gun runners 🤭
  10. Matthew Aiken

    Tutorial rework and general update feedback

    Hello, yes I was playing with the female archetype on the Xbox series x system. I’ll see if I can attach a video onto the official vigor Facebook page and if I can a link here in an edited post at a later time if needs be. But yes I figured that may have been the case RE. The controlled environment that is the tutorial. But that’s fine I’ll replay the tutorial later and record from character selection 🙂
  11. Matthew Aiken

    Changelog lacks details

    Are you able to verify this somehow? I’m curious to probe into what weapons were agnostic if any, like is this based on scarecrow targets or actual players because I know the targets in the shooting range don’t reflect actual player health in reality. Now that said I have observed changes in the akm and vz58 recoil being significantly higher again back to what they were before when they first came out my teammate commented on this as well.
  12. Matthew Aiken

    Changelog lacks details

    The machine gun reloads are definitely slower than usual that’s for sure as for the nerf in accuracy I can’t confirm wether or not that’s changed but I’ll keep testing.
  13. Matthew Aiken

    Changelog lacks details

    Yes this! I’m a sucker for percentages and stats like this I also wish for this level of detailing in my change logs!
  14. Matthew Aiken


    So on the knife thing: even the devs have acknowledged the issues with melee combat being less viable and they seem unsure how to address it, I share the sadness that is knife combat it’s a sure fire way to die if you even try, the challenges for knife kills Are pointless. A faster thrusting animation is needed a quick jab or slash. In terms of lobby that’s an odd one because regardless of the lobby size you’ll find people (admittedly like myself) know the maps well and can charge down a spawn potentially. In my case I’m hunting for kills to fix my kpe so I go from known spawns intersecting the likely pathway to a point of interest from a probably spawn and I’m usually pretty accurate about it. Not sure how but they need to get more creative with the spawns and have them rotate. Smaller maps there’s little space to manoeuvre but bigger maps like fjellkanten definitely suffers despite having ample space. But have faith anyone who’s thinking their trash at the game there are ways to outsmart the enemy. The meathead m247 gunners going for kills and not loot actually make getting loot and getting out easier than you think. I’d recommend making full use of game mechanics if you can, jammers, transmitters, caffeine and adrenaline help too! Don’t go straight for POI unless you know you can get in and out fast. Good headset helps too and if your pinged or spotted, relocate. You can always come back later and mop up the scraps and try your luck next time. Popping barred house? Don’t sit inside it, wait outside in a bush or something and listen for anyone coming! I’d make a more comprehensive guide but maybe in a separate thread but you get the idea 🙂 but if you do want more tips let me know! 😁
  15. Matthew Aiken

    Win rate selection

    I can tell you now even I struggle with lobbies full of m249 sweats while I myself only really need kills these days to fix the damage to my kpe during my “looting days” in vigor. I would say this is hard to do as I’ve seen people easily make Smurf accounts So their actually more experienced than they appear. A while back I did propose an idea for a “hunger games” style battle royale mode where players would drop in with nothing and depending on the boost level of the lobby would have to find weapons in hotspots to fight each other with. That would limit the cheaters if they don’t know what their using. But yes perhaps if there was a metric where if you lost say 10 games in a row for arguments sake you’d get paired with other people (where possible) that also lost matches to prevent people doing it on purpose to be paired with lower skilled people. Because that’s the apex legends formula of diamond players intentional Doing bad to then go and dominate in bronze ranked matches. In vigor this is less likely as kill hunters want high kpe and kill stats, the wouldn’t want to harm that as much and drop off leaderboards etc.
  16. Matthew Aiken

    Factions (Idea)

    I can’t imagine this idea would fly given the engine limitations of the current vigor without a total rebuild sadly. Already servers can generally only hold about 15 people period without trying to turn it into a 15 on 15 war zone experience. There’s also the inherent risk of further dividing the player base, creating a toxic culture of “must have x requirement to join”. while a new social space is nice an idea the development team for this would be small and likely unable to achieve scope at this level given major projects currently ongoing at their studios taking up resources ref Arma particularly. The donation box idea has frequently been bounced around by many including myself not to be too pessimistic because I too also wish there was use for food once your done with the shelter. Unfortunately fact is we’re only getting one new gun a season and last season is the first to miss out on a simple addition of collectible audio tapes for the chronicles story which would be indicative of a crunch already occurring that has delayed or postponed such content to a future season. so yes sorry to burst the bubble a bit but I would personally prefer content additions in scope with what is more feasible for the smaller team such as weapons, a new map perhaps in a future season and perhaps a revitalisation of the airdrop mechanic. Aside from that major structural changes with modes and such not as much 💁‍♂️
  17. Matthew Aiken

    Mortar replacement

    Not a bad shout! Map focused air strikes would be interesting but think developer side of things could this lead to exit griefing? Someone’s bound to find a way to abuse this, would maybe have to take away exit crows maybe? Perhaps a new air strike for precision targeting via the map like 3 small missiles (from a jet perhaps) keep mortars at line of sight as it is currently but perhaps improve on them reducing the wind up for the shells landing. I think mortar shell accuracy is about on par in terms of spread mortars generally aren’t accurate more a dispersion/suppression munition. Perhaps you could balance a new kind of air strike to coincide with a “lock on” from a used signal tower or portable detector that you can air strike on the map?
  18. Matthew Aiken

    Mortar replacement

    Not keen on that idea if I’m honest we’d just have aim botting cheaters running rpgs all over the map 🤣 given the style of the game I can’t see any kind of explosive rocket launcher grenade launcher or rpg being viable. That said I think there’s merit for a smoke or tear gas grenade maybe even a Molotov?
  19. Matthew Aiken

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    I wish I was a vigor partner to be honest but I’m not unfortunately as I don’t meet the community requirements to be one plus I’m much too unbiased in my reviews for games and their content so I doubt they would welcome me onboard with that as I’d point out the bad with the good critique 🤷‍♂️🤣 still partner or not I still like to review each season 👀 call out the positive changes as well as the bull.
  20. Matthew Aiken

    Option to cancel crafting

    Yes so I believe at some Point it was also suggested to have multiple guns on queue at once to craft and forget about it but I think that they already have the system in place that they want for crafting in general. Also yes I wish they would hire me too I’ll be a vigor partner for sure 😂 not like they have too many of those left anyway!
  21. Matthew Aiken

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    Worth noting the legacy season passes much like halo infinite you can buy into at any time and there’s no time limit nor any missed crafting plans so that is good but I will agree the time to level them is far more Grindy than whatever current pass is active. I will also note that the reason it seems some battle passes take longer to level than others equates to the exp boosts you get throughout, I’ve noticed this figure varies I can’t quote exact percentages here but the increments in which they increase are far lower. I would also agree that 75 levels is too many or at the very least if their going to stick with that it needs to be condensed so that the end reward for a classic 50 level pass stays at 50. Then we could have levels 51-75 be something more optional like crowns, crates and weapons etc or maybe collectibles that are motivating enough but not integral you know? But yes anyway trying to keep a balanced argument here but it’s hard to be unbiased when I myself also have been left feeling a bit stiffed by the lack of content. I don’t watch the dev streams maybe I missed an explanation or some community questions there that could have answered this issue? Who knows? 🤷‍♂️ But yeah I’ll be waiting until next season I guess if there aren’t collectibles then though and Damn good stuff on offer like a new mode or a map I may also have to call it my last battle pass. Still like the game but it’s fast becoming a part time deal
  22. Matthew Aiken

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    Honestly this battle pass isn’t too bad in terms of grindyness, honestly? Go look at world of tanks if you want real grind to unlock anything from weapons to to tanks and battle pass awards you literally would have to spend hundreds each battle pass. Vigor gives you like 140 days to do it. Yes granted you would need to buy the pass for 690 crowns for the exp boosts to actually do it fast, now that seasonal challenges work those help too. Yes the shelters been nerfed and I don’t like that as sometimes I don’t log in for a few days to gather materials and crowns this part of the update I dislike it’s basically to force players to log in more often. One thing I don’t see anyone talking about are the missing collectibles from this season? Past few seasons we’ve had audio tapes to collect and I actually quite enjoyed reviewing the story so far on my streams but I have nothing to review here. I’m at level 50 already with little effort having only done 21 seasonal challenges. Can’t see myself finishing those for the poor looking jacket or playing after the battle pass is done. I hope next season we get a major major boost not just some more tapes but some new music for the player, maybe a new map or mode, we need something I think to keep things going.
  23. Matthew Aiken

    Season challenges Are bugged for me

    Well I know they washed their hands of the matter of survey rewards probably not enough resources to devote to fixing that so sadly I may be inclined to agree we won’t get compensated for this either. I did a stream covering the latest season changes not long after it launched and it was not a glowing review I’m afraid. Hence why I shall never be a partner. Not even any collectible’s this season they had some for the last 2-3 seasons but not this time? Very disappointing despite the week long extension in time.
  24. Matthew Aiken

    Season challenges Are bugged for me

    I believe their aware of the issue and are “working on it” though this was days ago and still no hot fix. A few people had also put crowns in to reroll them which will likely not be returned. Be patient the fix will come im sure but I hope we get at least something for compensation, crowns ideally but otherwise a bonus exp event? Perhaps a triple exp? That would make amends for me as triple exp would be far more valuable than the exp value of the challenges I can’t finish.
  25. Matthew Aiken

    Shelter keeps resetting.

    That explains the gold raincoat guy I saw a few days ago but the season only just came out? How does someone have 50 completed challenges with seasonals in such a state?! 🙄 not even a good looking jacket if I’m honest 😂