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Found 18 results

  1. Hello I am doing a mission and I want to lock 5 quad for the BLUFOR and let them open for the OPFOR, Is it possible and, If yes, How can I do that ? Sorry if my English is bad ans thx for your help ;)
  2. Engima's Parked Vehicles v1.0 Overview Engima's Parked Vehicles is a script that adds empty vehicles in garages and next to buildings across the map in an Arma 3 mission. Description To "complete" my Engima's Traffic script I have also created a general script to place empty vehicles near or in Buildings across a map. Vehicles are created when a player gets within spawn distance, and they are removed again (and remembered), when all players get beyond spawn radius. You can customize types of buildings and types of vehicles, spawn radius, and use callbacks for when vehicles spawn and despawn. For a vehicle to spawn in or outside a building there has to be a garage definition entry for that building in the file Engima\ParkedVehicles\GarageDefinitions.sqf. Garages and other buildings for islands Stratis, Altis, Malden and Tanoa are supported out of the box. Anyone can add more garage definitions when needed. Download Using the TypeSqf Editor (recommended for Windows users) From Github Installation TypeSqf: Open the CPack Console and type "install Engima.ParkedVehicles". Manual: Copy the folder Engima and the file initserver.sqf to the root of your mission. (If you already have the initserver.sqf file in your mission, copy the content from my file into yours). Usage Configure/Customize the script by altering the parameter list for the main function call. File "Engima\ParkedVehicles\ConfigAndStart": // Set custom parameters here private _parameters = [ ["BUILDING_TYPES", ["Land_FuelStation_02_workshop_F","Land_GarageShelter_01_F", "Land_FuelStation_01_shop_F", ...]], ["VEHICLE_CLASSES", ["C_Offroad_01_F", "C_Offroad_01_repair_F", "C_Quadbike_01_F]], ["SPAWN_RADIUS", 750], ["PROBABILITY_OF_PRESENCE", 1], ["ON_VEHICLE_CREATED", {}], ["ON_VEHICLE_REMOVING", {}], ["DEBUG", false] ]; // Run script _parameters call PARKEDVEHICLES_PlaceVehiclesOnMap; Script can also be extended to contain support for more garages/buildings. This may be important if you want to use the script on maps for which the default package was not intended. In that case you want to add building definitions to the file "Engima\ParkedVehicles\GarageDefinitions". Vehicles for building classes that do not exist as a building definition will not be spawned. Licence MIT. Version History Version 1.0 -First version. Other releases Engima's Traffic (script) Engima's Civilians (script) Escape Tanoa (mission)
  3. Hello, community, would you help me with a specific script? 🙂 I have created a task: the player must pick up his backpack from somewhere and must put it in his vehicle's inventory. I need a script that checks if this item is stored in the car's storage and to complete the task when it's confirmed. The class name of the backpack is: usm_pack_m5_medic. The class name of the car is: UK3CB_CHC_C_Hatchback. I guess the script should be like this: if... then... -> if the item is present in the inventory of the car, the task is successfully completed. Thank you in advance! Cheers! 🙂
  4. Mestherr

    Car gauges

    Hey guys! I want to make a car addon, but I can't figure out how to make working gauges for the speedometer and the tachometer. I found a lot of tutorials for vehicle modelling, but there's nothing about the gauges, does anybody know how to do such a thing? Cheers!
  5. This is my Zamak Collection. Implement it wherever u want but its forbidden to edit the textures, when u implement it in a Mod/Addon, mention me, thanks. Textures: CDF Syndikat (olive, brown) UNO Fuel Island Port Authority Rainbow (Pixel) Red White Black Blue Green Orange Coming soon: Takistan NVA Soviet Armed Forces Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383093546&searchtext=zamak
  6. On the A3 Vehicle Textures (without DLCs) of diffrent Armys (NATO, AAF ,CSAT) arent Country/Army Insignias/Flags/Cockades, why ? There some Pics of Jets (A3 and DLC): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361596358 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361596302 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361596464 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361596414
  7. Hey guys, Im having a strange problem with a mod im working on, see for yourself.... Thats the car without any damage Right here with some of the declared damage But instead of the windows disappearing they turn into this black mess.... dunno what to do, alredy searched through the whole model.cfg with 2 friends of mine, hope you guys may can help me
  8. Hello, Im currently in Beta phase and i release my Stretchlimo know. Test it and gimme feedback. Thx What i change in the future? -physx - Custom Gatling Gun Sounds and more Planning: Stretchlimo without Gatling Gun : -New Texture -New Wheels -Maybe Community wishes :P DOWNLOAD
  9. Heyho, Im Marshmallow and work on a Stretch-Limo for Arma 3. I have 1 Car Into Arma (Gurkha RPV) and this is only In A3s (Arma 3 Survival). This here is my next car and i think...thats cool. You can see, i make Screenshots and modelling all self. Maybe i make a non armed version....hmm.. More as maybe. Im Sure :P But i have not many time at the moment. I work on a big Project and i work and so. Pls be patient. You can see my Status in the Screenshots. ________________________________________________________________________ Moin, auf deutsch fasel ich jetzt hier nicht so lange rum. Ich Arbeite an einer Strech Limo mit einer Minigun. Im Prinzip ist es nicht so schwer, noch eine ohne bewaffnung zu machen. Nur momentan fehl mir die Zeit. Ich Arbeite an einem weiteren Projekt und hab auch noch andere dinge zu erledigen, daher bitte ich um verständnis :) Ich werde nach und nach weiter machen und bin mir ziemlich sicher, das es bald auch ingame sein wird. Greez Marshmallow You have a question? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977337107/ Update 1: Update 2: Update 3: Update 4: (first test of Texturing) Update 5
  10. Hello, I am offering my time to reskin cars for arma 3 to whoever needs it. It can be a law enforcement vehicle or a standard vehicle. All I request is that you give a bit of time (About a week just in case I am busy). If I cannot complete such request then I will quote you in the comment section saying so. -KNOW THAT THIS IS FOR LIFE MODS, IN OTHER WORDS I DO BUSINESS CARS, EMERGENCY SERVICES, ETC. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED DO THE FOLLOWING Comment below the car and include a link to download the pbo for it Be mature and appropriate, respect all suggestions below If there are a lot of comments, I may not get to you, that doesn't mean spam, I will try my best Put any idea you want or just say skin me a car that looks good Again as said above give atleast a week minimum Thank you for all interested and I hope you take advantage of this. Oh also I go by Sigma :)
  11. Hello everyone ! I am making a mission and I would like to find out the seats index for SUVs (the ones from A2). So far this is what I found : Is there a way to find the missing ones ? Thanks !
  12. I want to randomize the damage on a car on the start of a mission, same thing with a tank and helicopter and so on. What are the codes for each part and how do I make it random? Is there some place to reference each part of a car/tank/helicopter like a website I could use?
  13. Hello there, I bought a new Logitech G430 Headset today and I have a very weird problem: Whenever I drive a car in first person, my frame-rate drops to one or two and the screen starts to freeze. This is ONLY in Arma 3, ONLY in First Person and ONLY in Cars. I don't know whats wrong but since I frequently drive cars in Arma and also in First-Person it's really annoying, especially when I'm forced to first person and driving alone it makes the game unplayable. I tried various stuff that may fix this but nothing worked yet. Any Ideas or where I could continue troubleshooting? CPU: AMD FX-8320E Mainboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme6 GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 Headset: Logitech G430 OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  14. Version: 1.1 Description: This addon adds a retextured A3 Vanilla Offroader. It also comes with some extra Customizations like the Police Beacons, Afghan Police Siren and an Roll Dumper at the rear. Model is made by Bohemia Interactive, only the exterior texture, the siren and config is mine. Download: Steam Workshop: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=692870391 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31265 Feel free to post your Feedback and further ideas for this mod!
  15. Hello Arma 3 Community I have recently started to make my own models and learning how to I am have installed my whole P Drive and Done Everything and I have seem to be missing a file called body.rvmat for cars and I really need I tried reinstalling my Arma 3 Tools and everything and still no is there any other place where I could get it from. Sorry for my horrible grammar.
  16. I used a model from another game but i made the geometry myself. So my problem is my car bounces when it drives then just spins out as seen here: I don't know whats happening, here's what I've checked so far: -axis is centered on wheel geometry -boundary is in right place -nothing from geometry is clipping on the ground -wheelcircumference is correct -all named selections are correct here's the geometry: I used the real weight (about 660kg) as the mass so could this effect anything also? and my model.cfg (is literally the unedited test car one): class Rotation { type = "rotation"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; angle0 = 0; angle1 = 1; }; class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class Vehicle : Default {}; class Car : Vehicle { skeletonBones[]= { "drivewheel","", "wheel_1_1_damper_land","", "wheel_1_2_damper_land","", "wheel_1_3_damper_land","", "wheel_1_4_damper_land","", "wheel_2_1_damper_land","", "wheel_2_2_damper_land","", "wheel_2_3_damper_land","", "wheel_2_4_damper_land","", "wheel_1_1_damper","wheel_1_1_damper_land", "wheel_1_2_damper","wheel_1_2_damper_land", "wheel_1_3_damper","wheel_1_3_damper_land", "wheel_1_4_damper","wheel_1_4_damper_land", "wheel_2_1_damper","wheel_2_1_damper_land", "wheel_2_2_damper","wheel_2_2_damper_land", "wheel_2_3_damper","wheel_2_3_damper_land", "wheel_2_4_damper","wheel_2_4_damper_land", "wheel_1_1_steering","wheel_1_1_damper", "wheel_1_2_steering","wheel_1_2_damper", "wheel_1_3_steering","wheel_1_3_damper", "wheel_1_4_steering","wheel_1_4_damper", "wheel_2_1_steering","wheel_2_1_damper", "wheel_2_2_steering","wheel_2_2_damper", "wheel_2_3_steering","wheel_2_3_damper", "wheel_2_4_steering","wheel_2_4_damper", "wheel_1_1","wheel_1_1_steering", "wheel_1_2","wheel_1_2_steering", "wheel_1_3","wheel_1_3_steering", "wheel_1_4","wheel_1_4_steering", "wheel_2_1","wheel_2_1_steering", "wheel_2_2","wheel_2_2_steering", "wheel_2_3","wheel_2_3_steering", "wheel_2_4","wheel_2_4_steering", "wheel_1_1_unhide","wheel_1_1", "wheel_1_2_unhide","wheel_1_2", "wheel_1_3_unhide","wheel_1_3", "wheel_1_4_unhide","wheel_1_4", "wheel_2_1_unhide","wheel_2_1", "wheel_2_2_unhide","wheel_2_2", "wheel_2_3_unhide","wheel_2_3", "wheel_2_4_unhide","wheel_2_4", "wheel_1_1_hide","wheel_1_1", "wheel_1_2_hide","wheel_1_2", "wheel_1_3_hide","wheel_1_3", "wheel_1_4_hide","wheel_1_4", "wheel_2_1_hide","wheel_2_1", "wheel_2_2_hide","wheel_2_2", "wheel_2_3_hide","wheel_2_3", "wheel_2_4_hide","wheel_2_4", "OtocVez","", "OtocHlaven","OtocVez", "damageHide","", "damageVez","OtocVez", "damageHlaven","OtocHlaven", "ukaz_rychlo","", "ukaz_rychlo2","", "ukaz_rpm","", "mph","", "rpm","", "fuel","", "fuel_1","", "fuel_01","", "fuel_2","", "fuel_3","", "prop_01","", "prop_02","", "prop_2","", "prop_1","", "glass1","damageHide", "glass2","damageHide", "glass3","damageHide", "glass4","damageHide" }; }; class civil_car: Car { skeletonInherit="Car"; skeletonBones[]= { "reverse_light","", "daylights","damageHide", "door1","", "door2","", "glass5","damageHide" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit = ""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class Vehicle: Default { sections[] = { "cislo", "grupa", "side", "sektor", "clan", "clan_sign", "podsvit pristroju", "poskozeni", "L svetlo", "P svetlo", "zasleh" }; }; class Car: Vehicle { htMin = 60; // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds) htMax = 180; // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds) afMax = 100; // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius) mfMax = 8; // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius) mFact = 1; // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)). tBody = 150; // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius) sections[]= { "ammo", "zadni svetlo", "brzdove svetlo", "spz", "motor", "body", "clan", "clan_sign", "zasleh", "Light_R", "Light_L", "podsvit pristroju", "glass1", "glass2", "glass3", "glass4", "glass5", "glass6" }; skeletonName="Car"; class Animations { // destruct START class damageHide { type="hide"; source="damage"; selection="damageHide"; hideValue=1.0; }; class damageHideVez:damageHide { selection="OtocVez"; }; class damageHideHlaven:damageHide { selection="OtocHlaven"; }; // Wheels START // Wheels Complete Destruct START class wheel_1_1_destruct { type="hide"; selection="wheel_1_1_hide"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; // upravit na 0.99 maxValue = 1; // upravit na 1.0 hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class wheel_1_2_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_hide";}; class wheel_1_3_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_hide";}; class wheel_1_4_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_hide";}; class wheel_2_1_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_hide";}; class wheel_2_2_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_hide";}; class wheel_2_3_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_hide";}; class wheel_2_4_destruct: wheel_1_1_destruct {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_hide";}; class wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide { type="hide"; selection="wheel_1_1_unhide"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0.00000; UnHidevalue = 1.00000; }; class wheel_1_2_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_unhide";}; class wheel_1_3_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_unhide";}; class wheel_1_4_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_unhide";}; class wheel_2_1_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_unhide";}; class wheel_2_2_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_unhide";}; class wheel_2_3_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_unhide";}; class wheel_2_4_destruct_unhide: wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_unhide";}; // Wheels Complete Destruct END #define DamageOffset 0.2 // Wheels Damage START class wheel_1_1_Damage: wheel_1_1_destruct { type="translation"; axis="Basic_Damper_Destruct_Axis"; memory=1; selection="wheel_1_1_damper"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0.0; maxValue = 1; offset0 = 0; offset1 = DamageOffset; }; class wheel_1_2_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_damper";}; class wheel_1_3_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_damper";}; class wheel_1_4_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_damper";}; class wheel_2_1_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_damper";}; class wheel_2_2_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_damper";}; class wheel_2_3_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_damper";}; class wheel_2_4_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_damper";}; class wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damage {selection="wheel_1_1_damper";offset1 = -1.2*DamageOffset;}; class wheel_1_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitLBWheel";selection="wheel_1_2_damper";}; class wheel_1_3_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitLMWheel";selection="wheel_1_3_damper";}; class wheel_1_4_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitLF2Wheel";selection="wheel_1_4_damper";}; class wheel_2_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRFWheel";selection="wheel_2_1_damper";}; class wheel_2_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRBWheel";selection="wheel_2_2_damper";}; class wheel_2_3_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRMWheel";selection="wheel_2_3_damper";}; class wheel_2_4_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim {source="HitRF2Wheel";selection="wheel_2_4_damper";}; // Wheels Damage END // Wheels END //Glass Damage START class Glass1_destruct { type="hide"; selection="glass1"; source="HitGlass1"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class Glass2_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass2";source="HitGlass2";}; // Inherits from the the glass 1, only the selection and the source will be changed class Glass3_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass3";source="HitGlass3";}; class Glass4_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass4";source="HitGlass4";}; class Glass5_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass5";source="HitGlass5";}; class Glass6_destruct: Glass1_destruct {selection="glass6";source="HitGlass6";}; //Glass Damage END // destruct END class Fuel: Rotation { source="fuel"; selection="fuel"; axis="fuel_axis"; maxValue=1; memory=1; angle0="rad -110"; angle1=0; }; class IndicatorSpeed: Rotation { source="speed"; selection="mph"; axis="mph_axis"; memory=1; maxValue=38.900002; angle1="rad -265"; }; class IndicatorFuel: Rotation { type="rotation"; source="fuel"; selection="fuel_1"; axis="fuel_1_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=1.000000; angle0=-0.087266; angle1=-1.658063; }; class IndicatorRPM: Rotation { source="rpm"; selection="rpm"; axis="rpm_axis"; memory=1; angle1="rad 80"; }; class DrivingWheel: Rotation { source="drivingWheel"; selection="drivewheel"; axis="drivewheel_axis"; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=(rad 80); angle1=(rad -80); }; class Steering_1_1 { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="wheel_1_1_steering"; axis="wheel_1_1_steering_axis"; memory=1; minValue= -1; maxValue= 1; angle0=1.047198; angle1=-1.047198; }; class Steering_2_1: Steering_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_1_steering"; axis="wheel_2_1_steering_axis"; }; class Wheel_1_1 { type="rotationX"; source="wheel"; selection="wheel_1_1"; axis="wheel_1_1_axis"; memory=1; sourceAddress="loop"; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0=0; angle1="rad -360"; }; class wheel_2_1: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_1"; axis="wheel_2_1_axis"; }; class wheel_1_2: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_1_2"; axis="wheel_1_2_axis"; }; class wheel_1_3: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_1_3"; axis="wheel_1_3_axis"; }; class Wheel_2_2: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_2"; axis="wheel_2_2_axis"; }; class Wheel_2_3: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_3"; axis="wheel_2_3_axis"; }; class Wheel_1_4: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_1_4"; axis="wheel_1_4_axis"; }; class Wheel_2_4: Wheel_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_4"; axis="wheel_2_4_axis"; }; class Wheel_1_1_Damper { type="translation"; source="damper"; selection="wheel_1_1_damper_land"; axis="posun wheel_1_1"; animPeriod = 1; minValue="0"; maxValue="1"; offset0= "0.5"; offset1= "-0.5"; memory=1; }; class wheel_2_1_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_1_damper_land"; }; class wheel_1_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_1_2_damper_land"; }; class Wheel_2_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_2_damper_land"; }; class daylights { type="hide"; source="rpm"; selection="daylights"; minValue=-0.8; maxValue=0.2; unhidevalue=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; }; class reverse_light { type="Hide"; selection="reverse_light"; sourceAddress="clamp"; source="Gear"; minValue = -1; maxValue = 0; hideValue = "0.2"; }; }; }; class Test_Car_01: Car { skeletonName = "civil_car"; sectionsInherit = "Car"; sections[]= { "Camo1", "Camo2", "Camo3", "body", "karoserie", "palivo" }; class Animations: Animations { class wheel_1_1_Damage: wheel_1_1_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_1_2_Damage: wheel_1_2_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_1_Damage: wheel_2_1_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_2_Damage: wheel_2_2_Damage{offset1=0.18000001;}; class wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class wheel_1_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_1_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_2_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class wheel_2_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim: wheel_2_2_Damper_Damage_BackAnim{offset1=-0.18000001;}; class DrivingWheel { type="rotation"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="drivewheel"; axis="drivewheel_axis"; memory=1; minValue=-1; maxValue=1; angle0=(rad -70); angle1=(rad 70); }; class Steering_1_1 { type="rotationY"; source="drivingWheel"; selection="wheel_1_1_steering"; axis="wheel_1_1_steering_axis"; memory=1; minValue="rad -90"; maxValue="rad +90"; angle0=1.0471981; angle1=-1.0471981; }; class Steering_2_1: Steering_1_1 { selection="wheel_2_1_steering"; axis="wheel_2_1_steering_axis"; angle0=1.0471981; angle1=-1.0471981; }; class IndicatorSpeed: Rotation { source="speed"; selection="mph"; axis="mph_axis"; memory=1; maxValue=28; angle0=0.17453299; angle1=-3.141593; }; class IndicatorRPM: Rotation { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="rpm"; axis="rpm_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0; maxValue=7500; angle0=(rad 0); angle1=(rad 250); }; class fuel { type="rotation"; source="fuel"; selection="fuel"; axis="fuel_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0=0; angle1="rad +55"; }; class prop_01 { type="rotation"; source="rpm"; selection="prop_1"; axis="prop_1_axis"; memory=1; minValue=1000; maxValue=7000; angle0="rad 30"; angle1="rad 35"; }; class daylights { type="hide"; source="rpm"; selection="daylights"; minValue=-0.8; maxValue=0.2; unhidevalue=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; }; class reverse_light { type="Hide"; selection="reverse_light"; sourceAddress="clamp"; source="Gear"; minValue = -1; maxValue = 0; hideValue = "0.2"; }; class damageHidedoor1: damageHide { selection="door1"; }; class damageHidedoor2: damageHide { selection="door2"; }; class Glass5_destruct { type="hide"; selection="glass5"; source="HitGlass5"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class Wheel_1_1_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { type="translation"; source="damper"; selection="wheel_1_1_damper_land"; axis="posun wheel_1_1"; animPeriod = 1; minValue="0"; maxValue="1"; offset0= "0.5"; offset1= "-0.5"; memory=1; }; class wheel_2_1_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_1_damper_land"; }; class wheel_1_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_1_2_damper_land"; }; class Wheel_2_2_Damper: Wheel_1_1_Damper { selection="wheel_2_2_damper_land"; }; }; }; };
  17. Hey all, I found a bug in Arma 3 and it is possible to exploit this bug on nearly every Server which supports to sell the content of a car. Here is a link to my video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LvyoP5vfWU), where I explain that bug. The Video is private in YouTube, but if you send me your mail address, I can whitelist you. I don't want to post this exploit public. Maybe you know about this bug, if not, we hope it will be fixed soon. I already wrote this to Dwarden, but I think his spam filter delete all my messages :D You guys do a great job! If you need more information, feel free to contact me. Staynex
  18. I was attempting to make a simple mission file script which adds a new scroll action to the driver of a vehicle. When this option is selected i want it to play a sound effect from my description.ext file, so that everyone in the vehicle hears the sound effect coming from the vehicle. I tried a few different things but none of them really worked out, any help?