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  1. Last 5 "Elimination" games i tried to play had players in it that just lay down and wait. They don't even shoot, just lay there idle. I guess they just wait for the game to end to get an easy crate... There is no option to kick or report during the game. They suck the joy out of the game. An easy fix could be that they don't get a reward if they score 0 points or if more than half of the team reports them. Please Dev's do something about this! I actualy like this game mode, but every time one of those "leechers" is in the game they ruin it for everyone.
  2. I keep getting the same bug. I craft the A74-K with the plan and after the 20 minute wait there is nothing in my inventory. The counter of that gun stays at 0. Even if I get it as loot from an encounter it is not added to my inventory. The bonus ammo is also not added. I tried multiple times spread over multiple days, but no luck. The materials are removed but no A74-K...