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  1. i get this bug, since the early days of arma 3. pressing the +/- keys on the numpad always resets it for me. still very annoying.
  2. Hello, i've come along some problems with my missions in multiplayer and now i'm wondering, if there are some workarounds for them. 1. sometimes players can't pick up items from dead bodys. this is a arma classic by now. any ideas how i can minimize the change of it happening? 2. sometimes a mobile spawnpoint (tent) is not available for certain players, while it is for others. also disconnecting and rejoining does not help for the client, who cannot see the spawn point. repacking and resetting the tent does not help either. any ideas? 3. animals (from the animals modules) either don't spawn in MP, or they do spawn but are completely static. i noticed that there are different animal modules, but i haven't had success with either of them. any ideas? i really need some sheep in my missions! 4. the first shot fired from the new VLS on the liberty destroyer doesnt't work. there is a sound and VLS reloads, but the missile does not actually show. the second shot and following shot seem fine. it's not a game-breaker but a bit of an imemrsion killer... 5. not a real issue, but i will add this here, instead of making a seperate thread: a player that entered ZEUS mode, will still have some UI on his screen, even when he leaves ZEUS (i think it is the ticket counter on the right, if i remember correctly). is there a way to limit ZEUS UI to the time actually being in ZEUS mode? thanks for you help:)
  3. twistking

    need help with trigger

    works like a charm! thank you. much appreciated!
  4. twistking

    need help with trigger

    the part with the vehicles worked well, however it still also kills units flying over the trigger area. the activation syntax is above my head unfortunately, so i have no clue, what to change. what i have now: trigger with area type none activation blufor activation type present repeatable [x] condition: this and {({isTouchingGround (vehicle _x)} count thisList) > 0} on activation: {(vehicle _x) setDamage 1;} forEach thisList;
  5. twistking

    need help with trigger

    thank you very much!
  6. Hello, instead of placing a huge mienfield with hundreds or thousands of actual mines, i want to make map areas off limits, with a trigger based kill-zone/minefield. i have a trigger in mind with "on activation" = {_x setDammage 1} foreach thisList but i want it to apply only to units touching the ground. so i would probably need: isTouchingGround but i don't know how to combine it in the trigger field. i would like to have it super simple with just a trigger and without calling external scripts. also is there a way to simulate the visual feedback (heat-map) and audio feedback (beeping) from the mine detector item? maybe a marker area that triggers the mine detector? that would be super neat as a very immersive way of warning the players instead of having just a hint on screen. thanks!
  7. quick question: in multiplayer i had glitches with the "boat rack", which i put on the new destroyer. when "unloading", the crew of the boat sometimes gets killed and sometimes the "boat rack" vanished after unloading (sometimes both). i am running complete vanilla and no sophisticated scripting envolved. are there some preferred simulation settings for the destroyer and boat rack? (i mean deactivate physic interaction or sth.? until now i had the destroyer in default mode and the boat rack + boats with simualtion manager active (because the simulation manager is really great btw.) quick tipps much appreciated!! ps: this post is also a very low key bug report. thanks for reading!
  8. well, after the latest few patches and updates arma for the first time of it's development seemed like a "complete" game to me (apart from those few little remaining bugs and problems, that will hopefully also ironed out still). However for the major part of armas development cycle, it did not feel "complete" at all, but like a clusterfuck of unfinished blocks thrown together and stirred up every month with more unfinished blocks thrown in the mix. for me many, many aspects of the "game" started to make sense only this year... not talking about assets, but mostly functionality, mechanics, performance... those little improvments that maybe did not even make headlines in the dev blogs. i obviously still enjoyed the game a lot throughout the whole process, but there were times where frustration was equally a part of the experience. so my main wish for a next arma game would be a development process, where you maybe start with less blocks, but have them fully working and interacting and then deliberately add blocks to complete the picture... also for arma 3 i really hope, you can still iron out those remaining little bugs and annoyances (vehicles turret lock, stabilization toggle PLEASE!), since i expect, that we will have to get another year or two out of arma 3 before we will get to experience the enfusion powered future of milsim-sandboxing!!! keep up the good work!!!
  9. first of all: great work on the encore dlc. much appreciated!!! the UAVs seem to be bugged a little bit though. the darter UAV sometimes keeps spinning and therefore moves super slowly only. the fixed wing UAV also behave weirdly in that they do very harsch changes in altitude and can't really hold the altitide, which makes aiming and even observation very difficult. i tried forcing "this flyinheightASL ..." in the init, but the UAVs would still show this behaviour of rapidly changing altutude. tested on stable branch with darter uav, greyhawk uav and the apex stealth uav.
  10. twistking

    AI must have better autonomy.

    i have two observations regarding the arma AI and potential fixes (for arma 4 then, i guess...) -> the main problem is, that AI has no tasking other than "kill everyone on sight", so they are bascally just a bunch of terminators or rabid dogs. every AI group should have a tasking, or multiple tasking of different importance, so there could be a basic form of risk/reward calculation for each group, which could make the ai retreat, wait, pressure or push aggressively depending on the risk/reward. If you think it through, in an extreme example i would argue, that one blufor and one opfor AI put on the map directly in front of each other but given no task, should not even try to kill each other, as long as nobody gets threatened and the presence of the enemy force is not detrimental to their tasking, which in this case would be none. -> another problem is the lack of a strategic ai-layer, that could, if set up correctly, make strategic decisions and give orders to subordinate groups, like a human zeus would do. the mission designers job would then be to shape the strategic situation, giving tasking to the strategic AI and designating zones and areas of interest. there is a very good mod that does sth. similar: "hetman artificial commander", however for arma 4, i would wish for something more sophisticated, that would work with different type of scenarios (hetman only works well in symmetrical, big open battles with sector control win condition)...
  11. any news, if we could see sth. like a turret lock/stabilize toggle with the upcoming patch? i did some wwII mod milsim tanking recently and just cruising around was so much better without the turret constantly moving relatively to the hull, which is unrealistic and confusing for the commander...
  12. oh, wow. is that a new mechanic that came with the latest dev branch updates? wasn't in the changelogs... i hope that they are only experimenting with it right now, because this implementation seems even worse than before (did not test myself though, bc i am on stable br.). i think some kind of stab. toggle, or lock toggle would be the only real solution, while having move/hull direction independent from commander turret. even more important for cooperative play, where a human gunner would never perfectly align the gun with the hull, resulting in some disorientating semi lateral movement of the commander optics etc. that is totally unnecessary and unrealistic in non-combat manoeuvring.
  13. well, i feel that with the improved tank mechanics and new interiors, this implementation would still be lacking. first of all, there might be situation, where you want the turret in a "locked" cruise-mode, while the driver is inside the tank. especially with the new interiors, where a driver might actually prefer driving from under armor. secondly it is a bit "uncommon" at least, to give the driver the possibility to lock the gunners turret (if you had to add some restriction because of safety (barrel clipping) issues, it would be more sensible to allow driver to turn out, only when turret is locked by gunner). also if the lock mechanic for the gunner was introduced in a way that the first fire command (mouse click) or turret move command (move mouse) would cancel it, it would be an highly "optional" feature, that would add great amounts of immersion, authenticity and ease-of-use for experienced players, while it would not be in any way a hurdle for beginner players, since they could not get stuck in a mechanic they have yet to learn.
  14. the question is, if IR detection is based on some config/variable, or if detection probability is somehow taken directly from the brightness value of the thermal texture, in which case there would not be a seperate config linking the nets to AI detection. the latter does seem a bit to sophisticated to be true, but i would not rule it out...
  15. so, since the new camo nets for vehicles will reduce your heat signature, will that also work for AI or only human players? in other words, does AI with thermal capabilities (thermal weapon-scope, vehicles with thermal sights, but no automatic "sensor array") have spotting capabilities dependant on varying heat signature? i did some very quick tests back when jet dlc released, but did not get definite results... (a tank is obviously still a big target, even when cold...)