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  1. *bump* this is still not fixed on current stable branch. loither height waypoint attribute works when previewing mission, but does not get saved, so always default to -1 when trying to actually play the mission outside the editor. apex is out for quite some time now and the vtol still does not work with AI pilot. this thing can't even take long to fix, since it does work when previewing from eden...
  2. Maybe just deliberately undercompensate? Say a building is for some reason 20% too big, maybe it is enough to scale it back 10%, so it is less obvious, while the foodprint stays similar enough so that the placement is still good and the house does not need repositioning? It's indeed a weird bug. Is DayZ engine scaled differently internally? Does it affect all DayZ buildings, or only some of them? I just really hope this can be somewhat mitigated, as it is definitely noticeable (even when you not know about it).
  3. Well technically the z axis of the waypoint does indeed get saved (The position of the actual waypoint in space). However the actual z axis of the aypoint has no effect on the unit behaviour. Maybe you should add to the bug report, that the ui box with loiter altitude does not get saved.
  4. Yes, i am on stable and i think it never actually worked. I also googled a lot and only found dead threads without working solutions. In the Eden config viewer i found configfile >> "CfgWaypoints" >> "Default" >> "Loiter" >> "Attributes" >> "LoiterAltitude" But there is no script command that i could find to actually change that in script. I don't know how this is not a bug, when it is very obviously not working. There are script command to set loiter direction (type) and radius and those are the values that work from Eden even after saving/loading. It's just the stupid altitude thing, that does not work...
  5. thanks pierremgi, i will test if 500 is stable enough for me. 2000 meters is much to high for my viewsettings unfortunately. For manned aircraft however it is different, as you can only set a loiter waypoint in the Eden editor. The loiter waypoint has a native heightASL option built in the UI box and it does work when you click preview: It is great. It's a true ASL height, so flying gunner in the VTOL is really impressive when you smoothly float over the mountain tops of tanoa. However this value does not get saved and always resets back to -1 after loading, or after starting the mission outside of Eden. That's the main problem! With the value on -1 the aircraft copies the ground at extremely low altitude and all available comamnds (flyinheight, flyinheightASL) have no effect, which is correct behaviour in a way, since the UI for Eden clearly states that a value of -1 makes the aircraft do exactly that. I assume, that the loiter height in Eden is somehow "hacked" in (since there is no script command for loiter height) and therefore does not get saved correctly. Is there a way to see what code gets executed when you create a loiter waypoint in eden and fill in a loiter height? My thinking is, that if one could use that code directly instead of using the UI box, one could probably make it work, since i can't see how Eden editor would delete code (in waypoint init for example) by itself.
  6. This bug exists since the introduction of the loiter waypoint. It makes the VTOL Gunship unusable with an AI pilot and maybe also affects Drones: The Loiter Waypoint has a setting for height, that sets height above sea level for the loiter. This works however only in the Eden Editor preview. As soon as you save/load the mission, the waypoint height value is reset to -1 and therefore disabled. The aircraft will then fly very low and copy the ground. All the scripting commands to change flightheight do not work for loiter action. This makes it impossible to use the gunship without a human pilot! I think this bug might also be related to UAVs copying ground while loitering, when being comamnded from the UAV terminal: While the UAV accepts the height you set for it in the UAV terminal, it still copies terrain even when set to 200 or 500 meters, where copying terrain is very annoying, becaue it shakes up the camera so much. I noticed, that there is also no script command for setting the loiter waypoint height, while there are commands to set loiter direction and loiter radius. I suspect, that this missing command has soemthing to do with the problem of the height not correctly registering when setting it in eden waypoint options. If you know a workaround to get a loiter with fixed height ASL, please let me know! I've again wasted countless hours to get this working, but without success... Thanks.
  7. I haven't played it myself yet, but only from watching some videos i also noticed the ground clutter pop-in and the satmap mismatch. Would be great if those technical details can get improved on, since from the general look and feel it has the potential to be the prettiest map in all of arma...
  8. i would not say that the the communication was missleading, but i am still dissapointed, that the dlc does not have that high level of official arma 3 content. it may be great for such a small team and maybe worth the price for some types of players, but for someone likes me - who prefers vanilla arma over modded arma simply because of the visual consistency and decent quality throughout - it's just not that appealing. i guess i would have preferred a smaller scale of dlc (less assets, less missions), if that would have meant vanilla arma quality and consistency.
  9. i get this bug, since the early days of arma 3. pressing the +/- keys on the numpad always resets it for me. still very annoying.
  10. Hello, i've come along some problems with my missions in multiplayer and now i'm wondering, if there are some workarounds for them. 1. sometimes players can't pick up items from dead bodys. this is a arma classic by now. any ideas how i can minimize the change of it happening? 2. sometimes a mobile spawnpoint (tent) is not available for certain players, while it is for others. also disconnecting and rejoining does not help for the client, who cannot see the spawn point. repacking and resetting the tent does not help either. any ideas? 3. animals (from the animals modules) either don't spawn in MP, or they do spawn but are completely static. i noticed that there are different animal modules, but i haven't had success with either of them. any ideas? i really need some sheep in my missions! 4. the first shot fired from the new VLS on the liberty destroyer doesnt't work. there is a sound and VLS reloads, but the missile does not actually show. the second shot and following shot seem fine. it's not a game-breaker but a bit of an imemrsion killer... 5. not a real issue, but i will add this here, instead of making a seperate thread: a player that entered ZEUS mode, will still have some UI on his screen, even when he leaves ZEUS (i think it is the ticket counter on the right, if i remember correctly). is there a way to limit ZEUS UI to the time actually being in ZEUS mode? thanks for you help:)
  11. twistking

    need help with trigger

    works like a charm! thank you. much appreciated!
  12. twistking

    need help with trigger

    the part with the vehicles worked well, however it still also kills units flying over the trigger area. the activation syntax is above my head unfortunately, so i have no clue, what to change. what i have now: trigger with area type none activation blufor activation type present repeatable [x] condition: this and {({isTouchingGround (vehicle _x)} count thisList) > 0} on activation: {(vehicle _x) setDamage 1;} forEach thisList;
  13. twistking

    need help with trigger

    thank you very much!
  14. Hello, instead of placing a huge mienfield with hundreds or thousands of actual mines, i want to make map areas off limits, with a trigger based kill-zone/minefield. i have a trigger in mind with "on activation" = {_x setDammage 1} foreach thisList but i want it to apply only to units touching the ground. so i would probably need: isTouchingGround but i don't know how to combine it in the trigger field. i would like to have it super simple with just a trigger and without calling external scripts. also is there a way to simulate the visual feedback (heat-map) and audio feedback (beeping) from the mine detector item? maybe a marker area that triggers the mine detector? that would be super neat as a very immersive way of warning the players instead of having just a hint on screen. thanks!
  15. quick question: in multiplayer i had glitches with the "boat rack", which i put on the new destroyer. when "unloading", the crew of the boat sometimes gets killed and sometimes the "boat rack" vanished after unloading (sometimes both). i am running complete vanilla and no sophisticated scripting envolved. are there some preferred simulation settings for the destroyer and boat rack? (i mean deactivate physic interaction or sth.? until now i had the destroyer in default mode and the boat rack + boats with simualtion manager active (because the simulation manager is really great btw.) quick tipps much appreciated!! ps: this post is also a very low key bug report. thanks for reading!