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  1. Thanks, @jshock. that looks very elegant! Two questions, just to make sure, i understand correctly how it works: 1. Would the following code, do the same? (That's just the way i'm usually doing those type of aborts on my very, very simple scripts) params [“_player”,”_didJIP”]; if (_didJIP) exitwith {}; hint "you probably can't read this because you're still stuck in init phase but at least you are not JIP"; 2. Why do i need the first line? I assume that while initPlayerLocal.sqf comes with these two parameters per default, they have yet to be named? So i could name them differently, if i then stick with the name i've given? Also if a script came with only one parameter, could i simply use _this instead of defining it with params ["something"]?
  2. Hello, is there a simple way to have commands in init.sqf or objects init only register for players, that are not JIP? Soemthing like: if (isJIP) exit with {} ??? or maybe (if my_globalvariable == true) exit with {} and then have the variable set just after mission has started? Would a JIP client even see the variable before init? If so, how would i define such a global variable? Thanks
  3. twistking

    Weather Not Syncing In Multiplayer

    Fog is a little bit broken in Eden for Multiplayer. I think it breaks when you change fog base levels over time. it does however work flawlessly with script commands. I'd advise you to set fog to 0 in Eden, then put fogparams in initserver.sqf or fire them with triggers (but make them "server only" otherwise JIP clients may make things messy, i guess). Another benefit of using script comamnds for weather is, that you can easily have multiple weather changes. Just remember to script weather on server-side only and that there can only be one scripted weather change at a time, that means that a current weatehr change will not complete, if another command get called before it completes. This is not a problem, but something to remember if you want maximum control over the weather in your mission. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFog
  4. twistking

    Trigger conditions

    this does work, however for MP compatibility i would need to replace the player with either "any player" or "any unit of specific group" or at least any unit of specific coalition. any ideas?
  5. twistking

    Trigger conditions

    {_x knowsAbout player > 1} count thisList > 0 something like this, but i would like to specify that it only counts independent units and i would like to run it on a dedicated server, so "player" won't cut it. unfortuantely i have no clue how to archieve this. *edit* oh, i could probably use the eden trigger UI to limit it to independet only (independent "present") and then run the condition as above. only problem left would be "player", because it will not work in MP.
  6. twistking

    Trigger conditions

    thanks. i will test some values, but i don't even need it that precise. until now i simply checked for combat state or similar, or used sentry (?) waypoints to trigger an ambush. having a custom detected trigger seems just so much "cleaner". could you maybe push me in the right direction for the syntax? for example: condition: any independent unit in thislist that knowsabout any player/client(MP) (isplayer?) > 1 or any independent unit in thislist that knowsabout any blufor unit > 1
  7. twistking

    Trigger conditions

    @Joe98 I don't know if i understand you correctly, but why not just use variables instead of destroying precious boxes. trigger a on activation > trigger_a_fired = true < trigger b on activation > this and trigger_a_fired < btw. i think i figured out how to check for "present" and "not present" with code > !(xyz in thislist) < , but how would i check for subjects being detected by enemies or subjects detecting enemys?
  8. Hello, how can i emulate the default trigger activation conditions ("present", "detected by", etc.) as an expression in the trigger condition field? The reason is, that i would still like to use those editor-placed triggers instead of more sophisticated scripts, but i find them a little bit lacking and would like to "modify" them. Also this would help if you need multiple conditions fullfilled that are in the same area. (f.e. "redfor not present", "blufor present" with the same trigger and trigger area. I am looking for expressions to put in the condition field to have triggers that: - Detect when an object (unit, vehicle) is present or not present (similar to what is already a preset condition, but with the ability to call object by name and not have to link it to the trigger as owner). - Detect when units of a specified coalition, that are in the trigger area detect units of another specified coalition (similar to "detected by" but the other way round basically). Also are the preset conditions in some way more optimized for performance instead of coded conditions that do the same? Or in other words: Is a preset Eden trigger conditions spiced with magic sauce, or is it just a nice UI for the same line of code you could put in the condition field? Thanks!
  9. just to confirm, if someone else is reading this. it works with behaviour (leader _group01) == "COMBAT" thanks beno! however for my original purpose i found it was more effective to use combatmode group01 == "YELLOW" or to be precise this or behaviour (leader _group) == "COMBAT" for a trigger that mainly fires on detected or similar... Works only for groups in mode "GREEN", groups in "WHITE" will switch to "RED" on contact, so that would have to be considered...
  10. ok thanks. i will try that!
  11. Hey, thanks for the reply. I know that it checks the group-status, but you still have to call it with a groupmember. "group01 behaviour" should not work "group01leader behaviour" however does work. I've tested that already, but i still could not get it working as a trigger condition.
  12. Hello, i'm trying to find a simple expression to allow emergency-firing of skip-waypoint-triggers, so that AI can't get picked from distance while they are still on a countdown or hold-waypoint or similar. I used to do a simple detected-by trigger as fallback, but this is a bit unreliable. I don't want to get into event-handlers, so i thought of simply checking for "unit behaviour combat", however i could not get it to work as a trigger condition. leadergroup01 behaviour isequalto COMBAT and similar things i tried, did not work. How would this be possible? Also how would i check not for a specific member of the group, but for anyone - for example for whoever is the group leader? (That way it would still work, if the specified unit was taken down on first hit.) Also other ideas appreciated to get this. It should be a very simple expression mainly as a fallback to quickly paste into skip-waypoint triggers to allow emergency escapes. Should be quite simple, i guess... Thanks!
  13. twistking

    object randomization question

    thanks to both of you. got it working reliably now (both in SP and on dedicated server). code is still a bit messy, but i'll sort that out later... eventually...
  14. twistking

    object randomization question

    i needed to change things up. i need to randomize the radio-objects, not the the cache-object they get assigned to. i've now got a gamelogic with code from opusfmspol, only with changed names and shortened for testing (only 3 objects for testing) radiolist = [radioplayer_a, radioplayer_b, radioplayer_c]; random_radioplayer_a = selectrandom [radiolist]; radiolist = radiolist - [random_radioplayer_a]; random_radioplayer_b = selectrandom [radiolist]; radiolist = radiolist - [random_radioplayer_b]; random_radioplayer_c = selectrandom [radiolist]; radiolist = radiolist - [random_radioplayer_c]; for testing i now have triggers, because i had problems with init-order by having everything in objects init fields - need to sort that out later... first trigger fires after one second with on activation: random_radioplayer_a attachTo [cache_a, [-0.25, 0.25, 0.51]]; random_radioplayer_a setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.5,0.5,0],[0,0,1]]; second trigger fires after two seconds with: trigger_radio_a setpos (getpos RadioPlayer_a); trigger_found_a setpos (getpos RadioPlayer_a); but now i get an error with " type array, expected object" at the attachto command. @larrow: thanks for the code. what's the benefit of using missionNamespace? and could i put this code - as is - in init.sqf?
  15. twistking

    object randomization question

    wow. thanks a lot!