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  1. spoock

    BI games for PS4?

    Voice commands sucks, touchpad on Dualshock 4 is better solution for commands (special ring menu combined with toutching like mobile phone). I think, nothing is impossible, new control scheme for ArmA3 for dualshock is trully challange, but if you know Dragon´s Dogma so you must know how is complex controlling it´s have.
  2. spoock

    BI games for PS4?

    OFP Elite was different situation. First Xbox had weak HW. I know, ArmA3 is hardcore simulation, many players won´t play it (on consoles), because hardcore. For my wallet and old PC on my desk, I want ArmA 3 for PS4. With touchpad can be so easy controling map editor, using map, etc.. I´m big fan of BIS. Battlefield games is not what I want play on next-gen console.
  3. spoock

    Dragon Rising has been released

    2 King Haggis: good fast review I think OFP1 (8 years old game!!!) have more war feeling and realism, than this ugly sh*t as OFP2 can be. It is sorrowful. I want see some bigger rival for this czech game, but it is only dream.
  4. spoock

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    I'm 23 years old :)
  5. spoock

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    please REMOVE EQUIPMENT WHICH I HAVE IN MY BAG ON THE LEFT SIDE OF GEAR MENU, I have troubles with recognize what is my equipment and what is in ammo crate/vehicle, etc.
  6. FIRST IN-GAME SCREENS Planet Taurus look like scifi Chernarus - same plant life :391:
  7. spoock


    ride model is so weird
  8. spoock

    New in Operation Arrowhead

    firstly, why you created this topic? for suggestions around this expansion we have other topic. secondly, what you said sounds nice, but it not so possible for this game, doors animation is about compromise (numbers of animation), destroying doors by legs came from action movies and OFP2 is action game, not sim hand fight it not so possible for this game (AI will can't use it)
  9. spoock

    Which vehicle do you like most?

    I like F-35, UH1-Venom - very powerful heli, Humvee with AA launcher - so beautiful
  10. crosshair in ArmA2 is not so precise for fight for long range, so I use it for DM, beause aiming is more flexible in CQB
  11. spoock

    Grappling hook

    grapling hook? where you want use it? engine virtual reality is not so flexible, fight man to man or things as you want ... is not so good idea
  12. my grandma telling me too :bigglasses:
  13. try turn off postproces
  14. spoock

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    bad performance in cities are terrible, it's very important improve it for MP
  15. spoock

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    I need some as low plant option. yes, yes, I can turn off grass, but I hate large grass as is in this game (ArmA 1.14 have lovely low plant), is so crabbed with FSAA too and I won't turn off grass too. I like some compromise for MP, for everything. This game want to be more, but player as me (OFP/ArmA veteran) like transparent view focus tactic - monitor is converter to our room. blur, bloom, large plant ... it so cool things, but for simulator as ArmA1/2 not so good :((