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  1. I got a a logitec G5 and i dont think there are any problems with it as i only got it about 2 months ago, i do have a joystick but it cant be that as it is under my bed somewhere lol, do you think it could be they joystick or mouse drivers?
  2. ok heres the deal i download patch 1.04 (spectacular BTW, totally made the gameplay better for me) and though ill have a look at the new features on singleplayer. Im in game and all is well, but then i notice there is a sort of judder on the vertical axis. i can move my weapon sideways with no probs but when up and down it judders almost like i have really low framerate. when i have no weapon ready or holding the ALT key there is no problem on with a weapon and only on the vertical axis... any fixes or is there a setting or something i can do?? hope that made sense, and sorry if its been posted before although i couldnt see it.
  3. " Would you like to see Vietnam expansion for Arma II?" No
  4. I think the command menu should be set out like windows start menu as in there are categories in the menu which you select and then brings up the availible commands.
  5. So is there a fix to make them use all four cores? Also will overclocking help...?
  6. Ok heres the deal, i bought a brand new gaming pc (worth a fair bit) and thought i would like to see what it can do so buy arma 2 with it. I take them home and install Arma 2 and it was soo laggy i mean it was stupidly laggy (fps lagg not ping) i cant even get it to run smooth unless i drop settings to very low and have the lowest 3d resolution but the it just looks blurry and teared. Normally i try to run very low settings with 100% 3d resolution and still laggy. my pc specs are: Quad 2.4ghz amd phenom 4gb ram Radeon HD 4850 512mb windows vista home premium 64 bit wtf is going is there any know issues with my card or is my pc a waste of money i know this is a very demanding game but to get major lag on low?! is there any performace fixes? BTW i got all patched to 1.03