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  1. Hello, is there a mod to automatically adjust the view distance and object distance, whether we're on foot or in a vehicle? When playing KOTH, there is such an option, but didn't see it anywhere else. Could be quite useful, does anybody know? Thanks
  2. Thx but not exactly what I was looking for
  3. BTW, are you gonna add AOR1 camo for crye uniform?
  4. here are some screenshots look at the angle of the blades moreover, it may not look as weird on the pictures, but ingame it really is
  5. Forgot to say congrats to CUP team for the release! 1 question though : will you add AOR1 camo in the future? Or not planned? (Yeah, I admit I'd like to make a SEAL unit ^^) Also, the rotor blades of the blackhawk are kinda weird when flying. they look like broken or something, I dunno how I can say that, but they don't look "normal". Can you have a look at it?
  6. question: how do I switch optics when using G33 + EOTech? switch optics command deoesn't seem to work also, how do I switch between laser and flashlight? thanks
  7. Hello, where can I find the new platform we can see in the campaign in the editor? Thanks
  8. Hey guys. Is it just me or isn't the blackfish powerful enough? Don't you think BIS should increase the damages it can make? I mean, unless you make a direct hit, it almost makes no damage, even with the 105mm. A hit 1 or 2 meters next to an APC or a car and it's still operationnal...
  9. That's amazing! Are you considering to use the SW for your mod?
  10. Hello, I bet I can abandon all hope about the medic / injury system being fixed? What must be done: allow the player to force medic to heal - just like if medic was a medic truck or hospital. For now, if there are 2 squads and the medic is in the other squad, you will NEVER be able to be healed. If you have a medic and ask for help, he will take some times before he comes to heal you. And if he comes, he will move to the position where the player asked for help, instead of heading for the player current position. And he usually gets killed before, cause he keeps fighting instead of healing. Is there any mod to make medic act like actual medic?
  11. it's a script, not an addon. What I'm looking for is either BIS to fix it - but I doubt this will happen. Or a basic mod. The other mods are way too huge and changes a lot of other things
  12. Hi there. Since ArmA 1 (I think), the WP "seek and destroy" is broken in some way. I mean, at some point, the units (whetver it is: chopper, apc, mbt, ifv, infantry, etc...) will stop searching and stand still. WHy is that? Can this be fixed? Or is there a way to prevent it? Thanks
  13. Wiki

    Next creator DLC

    hey folks, I make this global thread about the upcoming / next CDLC. So far, only GM has been released. DOes anyone knows what CDLC is being worked on, or what it can be?
  14. Wiki

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Two F-22A Raptor patrolling in the Livonian sky, early morning. Livonia, 2021 Thanks for your mod!
  15. Two F-22A Raptor patrolling in the Livonian sky, early morning. Livonia, 2021 Mods: RHS
  16. Dunno, but not from me, I'm done making missions and campaigns
  17. MV-22 Osprey of the USMC landing near the shore. Chernarus, 2009 Still love your mod ;)
  18. MV-22 Osprey of the USMC landing near the shore. Chernarus, 2009 Mods: CUP
  19. M1A1 Abrams of the USMC during a training exercice. Chernarus, 2010 Mods: CUP
  20. F-4B Phantom II of the USMC providing napalm CAS. Vietnam, 1969 Mod: The Unsung