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  1. Callsign

    Is "old man" dead ?

    Eeep, I hope not. Hopefully they're just over-ambitious as usual and have bitten off more than they can chew in the time. Some more of update (as always for BIS...) would be helpful/constructive. I'd be happy with a TacOps style mission to be honest, just on a slightly larger scale. We'll see, but it would be awful for BIS's work on Arma 3 to end on a cancelled project.
  2. Callsign

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    Sorry, I seem to have disrailed the thread, please can we get back to talking about 'Old Man'?
  3. Callsign

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    Who's to say NATO weren't jamming CSAT satellite surveillance, or Miller's team destroying AAF surveillance capability in their 'need to know' missions referred to by James? Considering the really small number of troops you fight on Stratis after the initial Green-on-Blue, I can see AAF pulling troops back to Altis as they think they've finished Aegis off on Stratis and want to concentrate on defeating FIA on Altis. Perhaps only once AAF realise that CTRG are present, or that more NATO forces are doing quite a bit more damage than they realise do they ask CSAT to intervene which is why Miller finally decides to bug out. I seriously doubt it - I think we'll get a CSAT super techy looking static ship and some superficial bits and pieces, then I imagine the scenario will be something akin to Apex Protocol in story-telling, but with perhaps a Tac-Ops/ Scouting mission feel to it - I imagine it'll be CTRG again, probably deployed ahead of the main NATO occupation, culminating in CSAT getting involved to tie up both East Wind and Apex Protocol. Either that or, considering the delays, it might be something bigger, but consider BIS have said previously only three people are working on it, it seems unlikely. Seems a shame to finish Arma 3 on a bit of a damp squib though 😕
  4. Callsign

    Frogman's War

    Hi stburr91 - great mission (again!) - really enjoyed it. It shows! Here's some suggestions:
  5. Callsign

    CSAT Member Countrys

    Pretty sure that's devs who've stated that - though can't remember where. I prefer it that way to be honest, since it makes the Armaverse more complicated than a simple two sided conflict. Although it's unlikely we'll see it in Arma 3, it would be interesting to see tension between Russia and CSAT with NATO units in the middle.
  6. Callsign

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    Looks promising - I'd recommend maybe making the campaign mission by mission so each one is more managable. I think what people want from sniper missions is detail and stealth - not just run and gun play with a sniper rifle. I've yet to see a mission where you set up a hide or use claymores/ tripmines to protect yourself - I think that would be interesting to see. The fact that your picture has a guy wearing a bergen is promising - makes you think about the limited supplies and what you should/ shouldn't carry. There's plenty of sniper books out there and I think you can get army manuals still as inspiration. If you'd like help I'd love to help polish things.
  7. Callsign

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    This x 1000. I'm feeling more and more that these Intel briefings are just becoming 'we are doing somethng but we're not going to tell you about it' updates, which are pointless for BIS to write, and frustrating for the community to read. I definitely think BIS can be more specific without necessarily giving away too much. They could at least promise small and over-deliver, which would stop the wild speculation.
  8. Excellent to see more SP content for helicopter pilots - will check it out asap!
  9. Any chance of using the USS Freedom instead of the Nimitz in the campaign?
  10. Callsign

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    I can only echo the sentiments of everyone above. I think Arma 3 is worse for the lack of SP content over Arma 2/ Arma 1 etc. I imagine this is in part because mission making is more complex, but also that those mission makers who have been playing since OFP have probably become tired of the fact that things aren't easier - eg there aren't nice simple dialog boxes to put in intel/ tasks/ markers etc. It just means mission making is that much more work than it needs to be. I definitely think BIS could do a lot more to promote mission making and quality SP content. It's a shame there hasn't been any competitions (other than Make Arma Not War) that could showcase content and raise the profile of content creators. I did suggest it ages ago somewhere but it seems to have fallen of deaf ears. I think this is something a community manager should definitely be doing - maybe with a cup that people's names get engraved on. I do miss your missions though @Wiki
  11. Callsign

    [SP] Sniper At Sea

    Hi stburr91, Congrats on the release - a fun mission (though it took a few goes!). Just some feedback if you want it (no problem if not) Callsign
  12. Callsign

    Clear and Present Danger

    Hi stburr91, great mission - I especially loved the sound effects and attention to detail in the units being different! Just some feedback if you want it (no problem if not!) - Callsign
  13. Callsign

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Totally, but they certainly differentiate Brits from Americans in Arma, and besides, maybe the Armaverse recession means no VIRTUS? :P
  14. Callsign

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Yer - I'd go with CTRG having Black MXs, conventional forces having SA80A3 due to budget issues (as might be expected from a global financial downturn alluded to in the Armaverse storyline). That way you avoid everyone looking like SF and it also means there's a difference between Brits and Americans in terms of some of the kit. If you went down the MX route for the Brits, I'd give the Brits the Black ARCO, since it looks a bit like the ELCAN LDS, whereas the RCO looks more like the ACOG. You could say the RCO. I like the way BIS went with the whole NATO being more integrated, but in practice I imagine it would be more haphazard (especially our side of the pond :P ), hence bugging you about the Mk 7 helmets previously @Night515.