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  1. Callsign

    Fifty Shades Mod Set

    Great looking work but oddly sexualised name...
  2. Callsign

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Good to see other members of the 'old guard' lurking as well! 😉😂
  3. Callsign

    Arma Rearmed 3

    I can completely understand why you'd want a break from things for a while. Come back when the time is right 😎
  4. Callsign

    Arma Rearmed 3

    Keep up the good work SHJ-Studio. Please don't let a tiny minority spoil modding for you.
  5. Callsign

    Arma 1 & 2

    They're all worth playing for the campaigns/ missions but the interest/quality of each varies. There's loads of mods for each so it's worth having them just to explore, even if A3 is what everyone plays now.
  6. Hi Liberty Bull - enjoyed playing your mission yesterday - very nostalgic! Great to hear you've done some polishing. Just some further ideas if you want them:
  7. Incredible work as always. Thank you to all involved!
  8. It's about emotional intelligence. The fact you're arguing over this suggests you're letting your emotions lead you, and no doubt my post will further add to that if you let them. You don't have the addon now so not having it in future isn't a loss. It is a shame that lots of extremely well crafted addons here seem to get to 90-95% complete then never released, but that's just the nature of modding as a hobby. These are individuals' pet projects, who undoubtedly have high standards in mind, or have unexpected complications roadblock that final push to release. The majority of the community doesn't see how complicated those problems can be, they only see the wireframe and textures and think, why can't I drive/fly/use the addon yet? That's not even to go into real life disrupting your hobby, which @warlord554 has already made people fully aware of. We/ I care more about the individual making the addon than the addon itself, which is why you won't see many of the people who've been on here a long time complaining about expectations.
  9. Callsign

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I suspect it was to point out to people just how much of the DLC was *not* aliens to counter all the people being negative about the theme, but it's certainly a much better promotion that previous DLCs!
  10. The Armaverse is an alternate timeline, where Europe and the US suffered deep economic depression while CSAT countries grew rapidly. Who's to say Russia didn't suffer like Europe and the US? Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see Spetnaz with more high-tech stuff too but I think we should give BIS scope to develop the setting and make changes.
  11. Callsign

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Seeing as like you said, Russia aren't in CSAT yet, it makes sense to have Russia + Spetznaz separate. That way it'll be canon, unless BIS change things in Contact DLC. It also adds another faction for people to use in mission making that aren't aligned to NATO or CSAT. Kudos on the great work as always. 😎
  12. Callsign

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    BIS has been victim to their own CyberOps DLC...
  13. Callsign

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Either that or the smock is black for SWAT/ CQB/ CRBN?
  14. Callsign

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Hmm, not convinced. I'm seeing more a guy in a smock with the hood up - maybe with a white/pale mask, carrying an MX variant rifle. Not sure what the logo (?) is in the bottom right.
  15. Callsign

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Interesting, thanks for posting. It begs the question who 'Amy' might be and what a ED-1D is (UGV?). I imagine Amy will be like the journalist Kate in Laws of War and a audio/video character only. While I'm unsure of the Alien idea (probably enjoyable but not my cup of tea for Arma per se), the phone message theme does have a missile alert feel to it, so perhaps it could just be a new region of the world to explore (Russia/ Korea?), alongside the same scale or smaller as Apex? Please tell me it's the Dragon Rising Islands, that would be totally hilarious trolling for BIS to do 😂 From 'Acts' in the filenames it's not a stretch to search google for Acts of War on wikipedia, to this Star Wars wiki page - 'telling the story of a Jedi task force sent to the Yinchorri system to settle a conflict.' With Russia supposedly making a decision about whether to enter CSAT, perhaps that's when Aliens decide to intervene? 😮