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  1. Forgive my poor collage making skills. As title, I wanted to look at the differences between commanding a squad with fireteams using either the "Odds & Evens" style where 2, 4, 6, 8 and 3, 5, 7, 9 are the two fireteams vs having 2 - 5 being one fireteam and 6 - 9 being the other. As you see in the photo, the two organization styles result in the formations being structured differently, especially when giving one (or both) fireteams a move order. Odds & Evens on left, Left & Right on the right. On the interface, Left & Right looks "better" with the colors being together so you can more easily see the status of the fireteams. Starting with the wedge, Odds & Evens results in the fireteams being evenly on the left and right of the squad leader, with the FTL closest, AR next, etc. Left & Right instead has the fireteams both in the same order, but when together as an entire squad one fireteam surrounds the SL, and the second fireteam surrounds the first fireateam. Odds & Eves in this case looks better when using well balanced fireteams like shown here, however if you instead like having seperate fire and manuever teams, "Left & Right" may be better because your "fire" team with the MGs stay close to the SL and your meanuever team is on the fringes ready to move out. When giving a fireteam a move order away from the squad, however, you will notice that the wedge then gets cut in half in Odds & Evens, with each fireteam having a diagonal echelon formation, effectively ruining your wedge when not operating as a single unit. This is "fixed" in the Left & Right structure, as you see when you send out a fireteam, both fireteams adopt a smaller wedge. Next is the line. Just like the wedge, in O&E the fireteams are on either side of the squad leader, and in L&R the one fireteam surrounds the SL, the other fireteam surrounds the first fireteam. Giving a move order functions similarly in both styles, however here is where you can really start to notice that in the odds & evens style, the fireteam with a move order lines up with the fireteam leader standing on the "Move" waypoint with his team to his side. On the Left & Right style, however, the fireteam as a whole stands in the waypoint with the formation center on the waypoint. Staggered column is where we notice big differences again. In Odds & Evens, the two fireteams form two straight columns with the fireteams on either side. When you give one a move order, you essentially are now in two regular column formations. In the Left & Right style, the fireteams line up one in front of the other and keep their relative formations when being ordered to move about. Lastly we have the diamond. In Odds & Evens the fireteams kind of jumble together when in formation. In the Left & Right style, the fireteams again line up one in front of the other. Interestingly, unlike the other formations, when giving a move order the fireteams manage to adopt a sort of mini wedge in both styles. All in all, it appears that "Left & Right" style works out better if you plan on having multiple fireteams because when being ordered to move about the fireteams each keep the formation.
  2. You are right about me limiting what I did in the mission to stay true to the original. Did you play it after I updated for some weapon variety? I did still keep most of them with Mac 10s however I added a few AKs, an RPK by the barn, a CZ sniper at the foreman house etc. Adding a note to the bunker with the sniper in it is agood idea, I will add that. Vehicles may be a good idea, I'll look into it. Moving them from the AO could be an improvement, I do have to consider how it works in Arma as you are pointing out. You know I am normally one to try and make places look good with props, I'm not quite sure why I didn't do that (pathing aside, since the AI doesnt even really go into the building with you). I had given it a thought and then got distracted adding the bunkers. The "charges set" trigger was intentional because I havent tried messing with eventhandlers yet and it seemed like alot of work to get it to detect when the player placed an explosive at the crate, so the next best thing was to have it trigger the radio dialogue after a few seconds as an ad hoc way of doing it. If you know a better way to have it trigger on the placing of the charges I'd love to try it.
  3. Alright, so I took it a step further and I added an intro cinematic that recreates the original, I added getting into the heli and flying off, the heli will come in guns blazing if there are any enemy left alive because once you blow the weapons caches all enemies will run to the explosions. I also did some general polishing thanks to someone who posted a video of his playthrough. Oh and I also added music from SOCOM, only 3 tracks, two for each objective completion and one on mission completion.
  4. You know I should do that for the evac. I didn't because originally I was trying to stick to the original mission as closely as possible and in the original mission a cutscene shows the "insertion" via helo and the actual mission starts out on the ground, and the mission ends when youre in the zone. However, this is Arma and I don't think it would destroy the "recreation" by improving it. A helo escape would be more exciting especially now that I have the enemys rush the area when you detonate the explosive. Will add that in!
  5. Let me know what you think!
  6. A recreation of SOCOM II U.S. Navy SEALs Mission 1 - Seeding Chaos. Specter (Ghost), Jester and the team infiltrate the Albanian countryside to locate and destroy black market contraband belonging to the Sesseri Syndicate. I plan on creating more missions from the game as time goes on. Radio audio from the game included as well as I attempted to use the environment to best represent the missions they attempt to emulate. CUP is the only mod required. File: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1892046716 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1892046716
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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Thanks kju
  8. Can't wait for the new update.
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    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    I am hot and bothered by this.
  10. Love the new update. Really allows you to make different nations.
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    User Mission Request Thread

    I made a mission like this. Its a basic SP/COOP 1 - 15 mission where you defend a HESCO fob against enemies. Currently they attack along folds in the enviornment to try to hide from the FOB as they approach the flanks, so its not in "waves" per se, but in whenever they make it to their respective flank spots. Uses the new respawn system. No revive since you respawn in the middle of the FOB 20 seconds after death. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768542888