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  1. Chaingunfighter

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Forgetting that it's a request, the PP-19 is hardly used by the Russian military. The helical magazine is very unreliable (it's just not a good design for a magazine, see the Calico series for another example) and the 64 round capacity is generally regarded as excessive for a 9x18mm SMG. The Vityaz-SN, the direct successor, and the newer PP-2000 are far more common with actual military forces, and even then they aren't all that common. Don't get me wrong, it's a very cool gun, which is a big part of why it's so over-represented in games. The Bizon, in reality, is one of those guns like the Kedr/Klin, Kiparis, AN-94, AEK series, and all of those 9x39mm proto-ARs (besides the VSS/AS VAL) that are "around" and in the hands of some soldiers but rarely see actual use. The American equivalents are things like the HK Mark 23 and MP5 series, which might see some spec-ops use once in a blue moon but are really just hanging around because they can't or don't want to get rid of them. Point being I wouldn't expect it to be a priority if it's even planned at all.
  2. Chaingunfighter


    Is it possible to create a gear set that limits available options to only what you've selected? Like, if I set the gear pool to RHS, I'll still occasionally see spawned AI use vanilla uniforms.
  3. Chaingunfighter

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are requests even truly allowed? I know it's always been an understood rule of etiquette (for most people) not to make pointless requests, but are there any forum rules against it? Or is it more of a "if the modmakers have a problem with it, we'll step in" kind of a deal (and I guess this could apply to anything interpreted as "spam", including even questions like this one)
  4. Chaingunfighter

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    You should also consider the NIArms MG3/42 pack. It has a beautiful MG42, a gun that was used extensively by irregular forces in the war, and also the MG3, which the Thai forces used and continue to use on their V-150 APCs (and probably dismounted too.)
  5. Chaingunfighter

    NIArms Release Thread

    A variant with the RSA-S may or may not fall under the "additional G36 gear" item currently on the list (have to ask Toadie), but I wouldn't expect anything more than that. Sadly, Arma's dual optic system doesn't work when you have both an integrated optic and an optic attachment slot, so each integrated optic + Eotech/RSA-S variant would be a separate gun. I know Toadie specifically said no to doing this when he first made the pack just because of how many different variants there would be, but for round 2 when that inevitably comes it's not necessarily out of the question. Probably better for Toadie to answer that than me, though.
  6. Chaingunfighter

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I dunno, if anything it seems like the FG-42 is over represented in most games. It's in pretty much every Call of Duty and Battlefield WW2 game, and pretty much any other WW2 game that was inspired by the previous two, but realistically these things were not a common sight on the battlefield. It's only newer games (it seems like being "more realistic" is a trend nowadays) set during the war that omit it, and rightfully so, but even ones like Day of Infamy (the WW2 counterpart to Insurgency) have it. It's a really cool gun, though - no debate there.
  7. If it was a lawyer representing the coffee shop then it's probably just to save their own ass, because liability law in these cases is hard to determine (what if the government decided to punish the coffee shop for "allowing the distribution of prohibited materials"?) Anyways this is mostly off-topic and has already been settled, so I'll save the mods trouble and drop the discussion here. What matters is everything worked out fine.
  8. There are a lot of technicalities and obscurities in both the US and legal code that would make actually jailing him for this very unlikely as long as he attended court, and even if he didn't the current US-Germany extradition treaties typically only encompass criminal activities that are outlawed in both nations. That's not to mention that rip31st is a US citizen that "committed the crime" in question inside the US, which further complicates the process because (usually) he would have to be a German citizen or have committed the crime inside Germany for it to be a definitive case for extradition. Then there is also the liability factor that comes associated with the damning part "produces, stocks, imports or exports objects which depict or contain such symbols for distribution or use domestically or abroad", as uploading it to a generic download site that users from many nations, Germany included, does not necessarily give them what they need to convict. But either way it would've turned into a needlessly drawn-out and messy legal process that ultimately would've done no good and probably ended up the same (with the download and/or swastikas removed.) Still, it's important to remember the distinction between how the law is written on paper and how it is used in practice. There's a good reason you never hear about Americans making WW2 mods who end up jailed in Germany.
  9. Chaingunfighter

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    How useful would something like an M50 Reising or M1941 Johnson model be to the team? Very few of them even made it into the Korean War, but they were occasionally supplied to guerrilla groups in the 1950s/60s (see Cuba) As far as I know none were actually used in Vietnam, but as generic guerrilla weapons they might fit.
  10. Chaingunfighter

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I wouldn't really expect any of those to be high on the list. I can't speak for the team, but all of those are substandard weapons that never saw widespread use during the war itself. The FG-42 is debatable because it became the standard weapon of the Fallschirmjager, but only a small amount were produced. The Johnson MG was only really used by special units with a few examples being used by the USMC and/or Army in the Pacific. Sniper Garands became popular after the war but the M1C never saw much use before the war ended and the M1D arrived too late to see combat at all.
  11. Chaingunfighter

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Most of them were just modified service rifles but a lot of times those modifications were done in the factory. It depends on the gun, but generally, no, you probably wouldn't have been able to swap the scope onto another rifle with any sort of ease. If your gun fails or is damaged in battle your main concern probably isn't going to be putting a scope on it anyway. For Arma's sake it'd probably reduce the amount of weapon clutter and file size to make them attachments (instead of having four separate Karabiner 98k models - stock, with a ZF-39, ZF-41, and ZF-42, etc.), but realistically it would not be something you'd do on the battlefield.
  12. Chaingunfighter

    NIArms Release Thread

    1. The damage is based off of the real ballistic systems. Sometimes you may see them perform "worse" than vanilla guns against armored units, but that's not how it's actually supposed to work and a fault of the base game's handling. Luckily all of the packs are fully compatible with ACE so you can always use that if you want consistency with the vanilla weapons. In practice, too, you'll still get generally the same performance (I.e. the NIArms M14 and 'MK18' will kill an unarmored guy in one shot.) 2. Assuming you mean "RIS", which stands for Rail Interface System. These versions have a MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail attached somewhere (usually for optics, sometimes for bipods/lasers/lights, often both) in lieu of a proprietary system (such as the AKs which have their own unique optics) or ones that have none at all because of their age or inherent design. They're just designed to give you more options during play. 3. AFAIK no.
  13. Chaingunfighter

    NIArms Release Thread

    Current plan for the pack is 9x19, .40 S&W and .357 SIG variants of the P226 & P229 (from classic to R to E2), P227, P228, and P239. The P320 would make more sense as part of a P250 project.
  14. Chaingunfighter

    Lightsaber System

    Imperial Assault "voluntarily" shut down out of the fear of potential legal recourse, because in recent years (and especially around the time the team shut down) Disney has been taking considerable action against unlicensed Star Wars-related content creators, modders included. IA's fate was sealed well over a year ago, so considering that these updates are very recent, you can assume it's a separate but active project (McRuppert was part of the IA team, however.)
  15. Chaingunfighter


    There's a loadout module in Zeus that opens the arsenal for units you use it on, but it's very tedious. I'm not sure about spawning objects however.