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  1. WOW HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice work egg and team :)
  2. Just for shits and giggles i'll see you on the field.
  3. Wow Sánchez. trabajo agradable nice work
  4. omg wish i could help!! we will have to do a weapon cfg tutorial at somepoint in the futre egg, i have notepad++ :)
  5. I like your textures nice work :) and welcome :)
  6. The mod is looking awsome in A3 , the gameplay is really good and hard at times too, me and egg were patrolling the river system on doung island, and where comming under heavy mortar fire that was chasing us lol. every time theres an update it just gets better and better, this time we have had a shed ton of weapons added and we have been using them there great. in some of those screen shots egg posted thats the first time ive used the jets in unsung A3, and all i can say is wow the napalm effect is brilliant. you can see it from miles away cannot wait to try that at night time egg. it will give us chance to test the NV weapons out too :)
  7. lol still makes me laugh that clip,
  8. We enjoy the shits and giggles when were all on playing together, and watching the FNG's do somthing dumb and they die within the first 2 minutes of playing in the jungle, and raiding thier backpacks when they are under fire for 40mm nades, and to put a large amount of watches and maps in eggbeats backpack, when he is called away for R&R.
  9. Outstanding stuff guys cannot wait :)
  10. Well this seems as complex back then as it is in syria right now... Effing AWSOME work egg!! will be on during the week to help test if its up to that stage, And guys come on the makers of this modd cant add every god damn weapon/item into the game, theres a ton of items that they have to convert to arma3, so please let them consentrate on those, :) oh egg ill be expecting you and the team to come on in for the big win at the weekend. or youll be standing tall before the man, all i ask for my marines is to obey my orders as if it where the word of gawd!
  11. FOOKING awsome :), yea i watched documentary about them the other night was rather good. Just spray the jungle with 50cal to stop incoming fire the VC and NVA did not like that coming back at them lol
  12. Awsome work egg and pookie, i will be on tonight to get my ass in the grass. Pook could we mount the Quad 50 onto the back of a US truck? kind of a convoy protection truck, that will breathe fire in the form of 50cal. Just a future idea :) not begging for one right away :) http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/15/33/41/153341e343bf50475b026bfc36d4b4ac.jpg
  13. Had a play on the EW server last night using the Alpha and Zues was pritty fun, the jungle envrioment is ideal, cannot wait to see the infamus sniper trees and jungle traps implemented. it would seem we need some underwater ops too :) once we have the PBR's :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Needlegun
  14. Heres what he will be expecting for UNSUNG next. Somewhere deep in the jungle some noob is going to get skinned alive.
  15. Jcae here are the vietnam era NVG's you require you can jump to 27 seconds it was veitFuckingNam NVG's did not exist in that era HELLO! MCFLY!!!!!! Kunckle HEAD!