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  1. at this point, BI should hire you to do the Reforger building tutorial. If they are somewhat similar.
  2. Im realy into the indochina conflicts and even though there are quite a few good maps like cam loa nam or bluds PKL, there arnt a lot of urban assets from that region. As for the workflow, i think the main issue i currently have is not knowing whats expected texture wise in relation to Arma. like what size, how many, what goes on what texture (Exterior walls, Roof, Interior?) Also detail, do i have model a door, shutter or roof tile and bake the detail. Or can i just use an img texture? Not realy being familiar with the details of texturing, just makes me second guessing myself constantly. Which doenst realy help moving forward.
  3. Have you considered creating a timelapse of one of your creations? I personally struggle with the workflow of a full project, especially the arma related side. Being able to see the full process from start to finish would help me, and I’m sure some others, over the finish line. Genuinely, your work in ARMA is inspiring to me. I really appreciate all the work you put out for the community. Some of my Experiments (pretty rough though)
  4. Hi everyone, I have been messing around with blender on and off the last 2 years. And now I would like to try and commit to something. So, I have been creating some buildings and would like some feedback on the overall construction of these. I have looked at the sample file (Altis), but the level of detail on this structure differs greatly from that found on the Tonoan/Livonian buildings. Just want to check if I am not making any serious errors in the way I am putting these together, or any obvious optimisations I should do. Any general advice would be appreciated. I am aware this is only the first step on a long road. But I want to establish a good foundation before I continue any further. Thx
  5. could be, but i dont see the point in getting a mod for a mod, to do something that is perfectly possible with a vannila fuction.
  6. I dont know if this would be a good idea. But maybe its interesting to add 4 Slingpoints to the helicopter for when the rotors get shredded ? Cause there has never realy been a way to recover helicopters that dont explode on impact.
  7. idk about this one, i would like to see this first before i concider buying it. + I know some ppl in our Arma group will refuse to buy this (as this is a purchasable "mod"), so we wouldnt be able to use this for missions. And would this mean Prei Khmaoch Luong would become dependend on this as wel ? i thought you onces spoke of creating a dependency yourself that was used for all your maps (like Cup Core for example).
  8. I think he means that the sky above the terrain looks diffrent through windows compared to the door ?
  9. How do you start making your terrain ? real world heightmap or just randomly generated ?
  10. Love the progress, I really like the way you opened it up. I guess it will work a lot better when fighting Ai Now
  11. the first 20 seconds
  12. I have same issue, because the rudder and wheel are binded to the same keys (standard A3 settings) they work against each other. going right means the rudder wants the force the plane right, and the wheel wants to send it left i think. At higher speeds the rudder overpowers the wheel and controls become normal again. Does anyone know how to make this work ? other controle settings ? i would love to know.
  13. With "their" costum map they would probably charge $5 extra on the monetized server. I guess some do anything to make their server stand out. Shamefull
  14. yup these terrains keep getting better. Thank you.
  15. I did, but the gun elevation didnt work for me. My guns are dug in so they kill themselfs :( But Thx to you i did remember other ppl offer scripts, so i found this: Works Great, elevation etc, no errors pop up. And realy simple to use. So Thx for the help :p