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  1. Good to see RKSL are back in business, I've always been a fan of your work! What are the chances of 007s "Little Nelly" making an appearance?
  2. st3rv

    Map Wake Island

    Love it! :D Great map for dogfighting. My only criticism would be that the mapped ocean area surrounding the island is too small. Don't get me wrong it still looks fine in game but the problem with flying fast jets is that you cross the map in about 30 seconds! Any possibility of an up-scaled ocean area in an update?
  3. I thought you were a "Generals" fiend!? Can't knock Dawn of War though, great game.
  4. I'll bet 20 euros that most missions that went wrong were down to the piss poor intelligence provided and not the skills of the SEALS. Whats more dangerous than the S.A.S or the Navy SEALS? When you put them together and give 'em fast air...
  5. Nice Rifle that Max :) Gonna do an unwrap before long, perhaps take a couple of days to refine the model and such.
  6. If you've got 3DSmax 2011, you can utilise the viewport canvas feature to paint an undercoat on it seamlessly. Works best with graphics tablets. :)
  7. Looks excellent mate, really good job.
  8. So using photoshop to take a photo of a rust patch and clone it onto the diffuse is the way you would do it?
  9. So does crazybump generate bump maps the "wrong way"? (based on that link you provided)
  10. Thanks for the pointer mate, I'll definately look into that after Christmas. :) ---------- Post added at 11:17 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:13 AM ---------- Photoshop has some pretty good brushes as standard, I was wondering, are you using any software to generate the normal map or are you using photoshop to edit the Diffuse map and make it into a normal map?
  11. Don't worry, Another requirement of this assignment is to have drawn my own blueprints to work from. This means I have no choice but to delve deep into the digital world/ internet to find the best pictures and information relevant to my project. As for devoting an entire day to finding reference...Wouldn't that mean I get no time for beer?
  12. HAHA awww come on, I've only really been in this game since september! But yeah you're right. To be honest, the rear area of the aircraft isn't quite how i wanted it to be, but after christmas I'll be really getting on with it because unlike most addons, this one actually has a deadline! (the model is a submission for an assignment at university) I also asked Santa for a Wacom bamboo graphics tablet for Christmas, and seeing as I've been a really good boy this year, I should finally be off his naughty list (which if you haven't noticed, it's been published on wikileaks and the kids are less than happy about it! http://roosterteeth.com/archive/episode.php?id=1827) No but seriously, I'll be able to put a base coat on almost immediately after its been unwrapped.
  13. Made a few minor changes to the bodywork, started to shape the canopy and fuselage to make them fit better & added a couple of fuel tanks under the wings. More tweaks and additions to do but I'll be working on them after Christmas as the project is well ahead of schedule & I've been working non-stop for a good couple of months now. (Time for...CHRISTMAS BREAK!) ---------- Post added at 09:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:01 PM ---------- Do you use the Viewport canvas feature on max2011?