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  1. Hello everyone. Recently i realized that even these days there are planes released that uses some fancy object hiding and setObjectTexture methods to have different weapon loadouts. Basically the same methods as Franze has used on his F/A18 back in Armed Assault. While at that time, this was just a work of genius, today it is not necessary anymore as the weapon proxy system has been massively improved in ArmA 2. The only explanation i have for this is, that people aren't familiar with all possibilities the reworked proxy handling allows today. So i decided to write down what i know about and also how i actually do use it. Be warned, you shouldn't be absolute beginner although it isn't rocket science either. Required knowledge: - basic modelling skills - basic knowledge of O2 - basic knowledge of config files - creating ammo in cfgAmmo - creating magazines in cfgMagazines - creating weapons in cfgWeapons So don't expect a modelling tutorial, this topic is already pretty well covered. It really focus on how the proxy system works and what's possible with it. Hope it is of any use for you out there. And please forgive me, i'm not that good at explaining things and english isn't my native language but i tried my best. Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9367994/proxy_tutorial.pdf
  2. Since we do have a lot new members in our ArmAverse, i think it isn't wrong to have a guide on how to install usermade mods and addons. For this guide i assume that you know how to use the Windows Explorer. Well, at first you will have to download them, obviously. Mostly they come in compressed format like .zip, 7zip or .rar format. So the very first step is to unpack it. Personally i prefer the software 7zip for this but you might use other software that can handle the corresponding format. Please note that Windows by default can decompress the .zip format. Modfolder structure While technically it is possible to simply put the addons into the already existing addons folder, this should be prevented. If ever a usermade addons screw anything up, you might have a hard time to locate which addon it is. Using Modfolders will put you on the safe side. Basically the structure looks like this: SteamLibrary - SteamApps - common - Arma 3 - @[i]Modname[/i] - addons The folders up to Arma 3 already exists. You will have to locate it in your Windows Explorer, most likely you will find it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam guessing you did a default install of Steam. Installing Mods/Addons Most Mods/Addons already come with the above structure preset. So after decompressing you might find a folder named @ModName with a addons folder in it and in there you will find at least one file named modName.pbo. Most likely there will be other files like modname.bisign2.pbo, they all belong together. Simply copy the @ModName folder into the Arma 3 directory, like in the example above. If the Mod/Addon doesn't come with the required file/folder structure, you'll probably have one or more .pbo files. Simply create a folder inside the Arma 3 folder. Here you're basically free how you name it. Common practice is to start with a @ as the Windows Explorer always orders folders and files alphabetically and therefor modfolders will always be listed on top. For the rest of the name, you're free, just give it something that is meaningful. If it's a A-10 addon, something like @A10 would make sense. You get the idea. Inside this folder now, you create another folder and this one has to be named addons and nothing else. Inside this folder you copy now all those .pbo file you've downloaded and decompressed. Don't move the .zip, 7zip or .rar files in there, this wont work. It has to be decompressed first. Organizing Mods/addons Organizing Mods is mostly not necessary as they already come organized. For single addons you may organize them in a way you feel comfortable. Say a addonmaker released several single addons over time, it is up to you if you prefer to have them all in separated Modfolders or you create a single Modfolder for all addons of this addonmaker. You also might create Modfolders for specific servers if you wish. This is completely up to you. Enabling/Disabling Mods/Addons This is done ingame. Go to Options -> Expansions. There you will find your Expansions. They are disabled by default unless you enable them in here. Enable those you need and disable those you don't need. Keep in mind that some addons do require other addons to work properly. Also loading order does matter (which is from top to bottom). Say you have a units addon from addonmaker A which requires a weapon addon from addonmaker B. So the units rely on the weapons so these should be loaded before the units. Else you will get a error about missing addons. So make sure that such Modfolders are loaded in the correct order top down. Tools There are tools around, created by very talented community members which might help to get addons easier downloaded and installed. Search the Forums for them, most popular being SixUpdater and PlayWithSix by Sickboy. I wrote this guide intentionally without including these tools as not everyone is willing to install additional software. If you don't mind to, definately take a look at these tools. Addition by Mr. Centipede (thank you, mate):
  3. Ok, here's the deal. I've created those instruments for the F-16 but maybe someone could use them for own projects. So i packed the most common instruments together in one p3d and release this as open source. Cool, so this would get my plane finished! No, not at all, but it will get you started. It is not meant as simple copy/paste thing. It surely needs some knowledge to get it finished. Bah, so what is in then? As said, the pack here contains the above listed instruments/gauges. This includes texture, named selections in the p3d for anims and also axis points for anims. What knowledge do i need to get it finished then? In O2: Primarly copy/paste objects, scale objects and rotate. In UV Editor: Depending if you merge the included texture into your own textures (which i recommend) you should know how to copy/paste the selections from original texture to your re-edited own texture. In general copy/past, move and scale. Texture editing: Also here copy/paste the needed parts from the included texture to your textures. Model.cfg: You should know how to include animations into a model.cfg. Although all anims are prepared in the model, you need to define them in the model.cfg and, if there are anims with source "user", in the config.cpp. Normal Maps, Specular Maps and RVMAT: I thought about including all these things but i decided not to. Just because those files will have a significant effect on the appereance of the instruments and this should fit with the rest of the plane. So you should be able (or have someone at hand) to create those files yourself. Okay, got it so far. What support can i ask for? Sorry, none. This is provided "as is" and as it is not a final addon it is up to you to include it into your project correctly. The instruments are free of problems so far although the .rpt shows some "cannot create ST..." messages but these are usually gone after binarizing and wont cause problems. Well, they look good but actually they wont fit 100% into my plane. It's open source. You can do with it what you want. Would replace the pointer? Go ahead. Prefer other textures? Be my guest and change them as you like. Only thing i ask is for proper credits. See also end of this post. The other thing is, if you do some changes, please offer these reworked also to the public. Descriptions General info: Each instrument has its selection which includes all parts, including animation axis. Those selections are named all UPPERCASE. So for copy/pasting, select this selection and you can be sure all needed parts will be copied. Axis selections all start with "axis_..." (doh). Selections for animated parts should be self-explanatory. In general all parts are animated. Only exclusion: knobs which don't help to identifiy a certain setting aren't animated yet. This said, the only animatible knob is the mode selector on the altimeter. **UPDATE** Instead of making a second pack, i've updated the first instead. So everything that was in the first pack is also present here. List of Gauges/Instruments: - NOZ POS gauge - FTIT gauge - EPU fuel gauge - Caution Panel - Fuel gauge - ICP - 2 MFD's (one with selection for animated compass/flight direction) - RPM gauge - Cabin pressure gauge - ADI - HSI - Smaller backup ADI - Clock - Altimeter - Airspeed indicator - Hydraulic pressure gauge - Oil temperature gauge - Fuelflow - AoA - VVI Although some are very special to the F-16 (like the ICP) i decided to keep them in the pack anyway. If it can't be used in a model it may help in creating instruments for someone. As before, everything is prepared to be animated. The MFD's are prepared to make use of hiddenselection feature. The caution panel is prepared to use hide anims for the enlighten buttons. As before, this is open source, you're free to do whatever you want. Just keep the credits right and offer any major rework (model and/or texture) to the public. CREDITS The models are made from scratch by myself. Textures based upon imagery provided with kind permission of Gene Buckle by www.simpits.org, created by Prohm "Rama" Snitwong. PERMANENT DOWNLOAD: (updated, thanks Foxhound) Armaholic Mirror
  4. GLT Missilebox / Real Air Weapons To the GLT Missilebox Forum Download and Mirrors for the GLT Missilebox To the GLT Real Air Weapons Forum Download and Mirrors for the GLT Real Air Weapons ========================================================================================================================== Czech JAS-39 "Gripen" To the GLT JAS-39 Forum Download and Mirrors for the GLT JAS-39 Nogovan variant by R0adki11: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1890638&postcount=1 ========================================================================================================================== Su-24MK Fencer D for Russia and Takistan To the GLT Su-24 Forum Download and Mirrors for the GLT Su-24 ========================================================================================================================== Desert Su-34 for Takistan, Russia and UN To the GLT Su-34 Desert Forum Download and Mirrors for the GLT Su-34 Desert ======================================================== Six Updater Network F-16 http://updater.dev-heaven.net/mods/show/792f629a-4420-11e0-94d7-001517bd964c Missilebox http://updater.dev-heaven.net/mods/show/8ef58618-4420-11e0-9b28-001517bd964c RealAirWeapons http://updater.dev-heaven.net/mods/s...8-001517bd964c
  5. Lately a lot of these errors where reported and everyone started a new thread for it. So now here's a sticky for these two errors: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadow Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0 Any other thread that gets created about these two errors are going to be closed without further notice. Run Steam and ArmA 2 as Admin. You may have to close down Steam first, then make sure you're running it as Administrator. This should in most cases solve both problems. Update GPU drivers Some have reported that the second error (the pixel shader) can be solved by updating the graphic drivers. nVidia driver download page ATI/AMD driver download page Some other threads about the same errors, maybe containing more info and possible solutions if the above didn't helped: Before posting here, make sure you tried the above and you checked the linked threads aswell. :EDITH: CIT tickets, please vote: Feature #36118: Detect when game is not run with required admin permission and show an useful info window to the user - Feature #36120: Detect when beta patche is not run correctly and show an useful info window to the user Thanks to PvPscene for creating these tickets. :EDITH: SKURTUS has posted a "how-to" about his solution which worked for him. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Ok, don't know if this is related to A3 or to my input devices. Situation: steering input is delayed, estimated 0.2 seconds. Doesn't sound like much but prevents me from taking turns accurately, ending up in walls and other obstacles off-track. Tested with my Saitek Rumble Pad (2500) aswell as with my Joystick Saitek X52Pro. If someone knows where the problem is and how to solve it, i would really appreciate it.
  7. Related to the scriptcommand inputAction. I wish these values could be manipulated and then passed back to the game. This would allow to simulate several system failures (hydraulic pressure loss results in less maneuvrability on planes as example).
  8. Hello people, so you started scripting and already wrote some ubercool awesome scripts. ;) But if you don't know arrays, well, then you ain't seen nothing yet. Arrays are essential to advanced scripting techniques. What are arrays? Simplified, you may see them as list. A container that holds multiple parameters. You ca identify a array by it's surrounding square brackets [ ]. You surely already encountered arrays: nul = [1,2,3,4] execVM "anyScript.sqf" I see you remember. There is a array right in front of the execVM command. In this case, the array passes parameters to "anyScript.sqf" for further use. We will look on this particular array a bit later. Let's start inside scripts first. Creating a array. Inside a script, a array is build exactly the same way as a variable is defined. _myArray = [you, me, Maruk]; Now we have a array, named "_myArray" and we filled it with 3 people. Selecting a specific parameter out of the array First, we have to know that index numbering is zero-based. So the very first parameter has index 0 and not 1. To select a specific parameter which position inside the array is known, we use the command select. Example based on the above created array: _god = _myArray select 2; I guess you can figure yourself who _god is. ;) Probably you already used the "getPos" command to get a unit's position. This command also returns a array, containing 3 parameters: [lattitude, longitude, altitude] So if we want to know the altitude above ground of any object, we use the select command: _god = _myArray select 2; _heaven = getpos _god select 2; "getpos _god" returns a array from which we select the third parameter, the altitude. The "foreach" command Probably the most useful command when it comes to arrays. Let us rearm _god, first without arrays; _god addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; _god addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; _god addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; _god addMagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; _god addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_M203"; _god addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_M203"; _god addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_M203"; _god addMagazine "1Rnd_HE_M203"; _god addMagazine "15Rnd_9x19_M9"; _god addMagazine "15Rnd_9x19_M9"; _god addMagazine "M136"; _god addWeapon "M4A1_RCO_GL"; _god addWeapon "M9"; _god addWeapon "M136"; Ooookay....it works, no doubt. But "advanced scripting" looks a bit different. {_god addMagazine _x} forEach ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag","30Rnd_556x45_Stanag","30Rnd_556x45_Stanag","30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "1Rnd_HE_M203","1Rnd_HE_M203","1Rnd_HE_M203","1Rnd_HE_M203","15Rnd_9x19_M9","15Rnd_9x19_M9","M136"]; {_god addWeapon _x} forEach ["M4A1_RCO_GL", "M9", "M136"]; WTF? Compressing 14 lines into 2? Yes. Let us look what happened. First, please take note of the variable "_x". It is a placeholder and is part of the foreach command. The foreach command takes each parameter of the array separately, puts it on the place of _x and then executes the command(s). Removing elements from an array Well, i don't feel comfortable being in one array with _god. ;) So, let's take "me" out of it. And you don't belong there aswell: _myArray = [you, me, Maruk]; _myArray = _myArray - [you, me]; After that, the array _myArray only holds Maruk. You and me were removed from it. End of lesson one. Will be continued one day, don't ask when. Hope it helps.
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    Hello! Cool mod,

    Most likely. Closing here, OP can post in the correct thread then.
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    Port Forwarding

    Uhm....what? Nevermind.....closing.
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    Ukraine General

    @Spooky Lynx The fact that the ukrainian army also has killed civilans doesn't make the pro-russian separatists any better. For me it raises the question why they are hiding in dense populated area. Because they know that every attack will kill also civilians. Yep, looks like great heroes to me. Hiding behind children and women. Cowards. But i admit, even western media shouldn't be trusted unquestioned. But every single claim brought up by each side draws a clear pic: pro-russian separatists mistaken flight MH17 as a military transport and shot it down. Most likely not on purpose and probably aswell shocked as soon they realized their mistake. Nonetheless cowardly denying any responsibility. I wont even try to convince you since you wouldn't believe it anyway. But that's the good thing about the truth: it remains true, regardless if you believe it or not.
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    I think this thread is old enough to be retired.
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    Seperating the grass settings from Object Settings

    No, it shouldn't. You didn't thought this through, did you? Set object draw distance low and units draw distance high and voilá, perfect cheating since you could see units usually hidden behind objects.
  14. Captain Obvious and his crew to the rescue. (Sorry, couldn't resist) But it is indeed already discussed to death. -Closed-
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    Ukraine General

    You never served in a army, didn't you? ;)
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    Leaning Confusion

    Another quite interesting fact that almost no one knows: your eyeballs do rotate a little to compensate head tilting. Go to the next mirror and test it out. I admit, the range is pretty small and not as much as it would need to compensate the ingame leaning angle. But that's why we have a brain. ;)
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    Ukraine General

    This is utter BS (not from you, from the russian propaganda). Ever since the airspace over conflict zones was open to commercial flights. Not only in Ukraine but all over the world. It's the same for ground troops: there are civilians in the combat area, before pulling the trigger make sure your gun is pointing at a enemy. Lame excuses from a bunch of cowards. If they want to be respected, they'll find the one who pushed the button and pass it to a independent council. But i really doubt this will happen. No, i'm quite sure this wont happen.
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    Ukraine General

    I think guesswork is over: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0FS1V920140723?irpc=932 Sir, you are a coward. If you want to be a tough man, stand up and admit that your troops fucked it up. Take responsibility and don't blame any others. Your men did push the button to launch the missile. No one else. You. You are responsible. Take it like the man you suppose to be.
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    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    ArmA does not make any difference for seekers. A missile can either lock or not. It doesn't differ between radar seekers or heat seekers. In fact, this difference doesn't exist in ArmA. BI missed a huge oportunity to improve this aspect from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3.
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    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    Lock distance is part of the planes config (irScanRangeMax) and is not related to view distance. :EDITH: Back in ArmA 2 i've successfully experimented with BVR ranges of 40+km.
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    Ukraine General

    Not every jet fighter plane in the air is automatically on a combat mission. And even when he is, i guess a Air-to-ground missile wont have problems to hit a target from 7000m.
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    Ukraine General

    One thing i don't understand, maybe i'm just too naive: pro-russian troops say they don't have AA systems to shoot down a plane. Yet they downed 2 ukrainian SU-25. I always thought you need a AA system to down a SU-25, throwing rocks wouldn't do it. And don't even think of mentioning MANPADS, they wont take down 2 SU-25 from 7000 meters.
  23. [frl]myke

    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    You're welcome. If my infos aren't outdated, maybe i can solve another one: This is indeed confusing since it has nothing to do with the actual targetting system (either radar or IR). BI differs between 3 possible target categories which could be locked by guided munitions: ground targets (vehicles), air targets and laser targets. Ground targets excludes single units and i think this is hardcoded and not part of any config. I might be wrong here, someone please correct me if i am. So in configs you can find irLock (locks on ground targets), airLock (locks on air targets) and laserLock (locks on laser designators and IR strobes). Those can be combined to create a missile that can lock on ground and laser targets, if desired.
  24. [frl]myke

    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    Not sure if i got wrong with what you mean or if you got something wrong: For me it sounds like you mean that fuseDistance defines the range to the target to detonate the warhead. That's not what fuseDistance does. It defines the required missile travelling distance for the warhead become active. So for the ASRAAM, the missile wont explode if the travelling distance to the target was shorter than 500m. You might observer the work of this parameters on some grenade launchers. If you shoot too short, the projectile will just be stuck in the ground without exploding. If i got you wrong, please excuse and disregard this post.
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    Dear Bohemia, What the actual fcuk?

    @StealthPrior If a Ferrari crashes into you, who do you blame? The guy operating the Ferrari or the Manufacturer? Same goes for Server and Missions.