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  1. The F/A-18C is an "internal-only" mod used by my unit. It is based off of the FDF model, yet modified to our (F2F) standards. Good eye on the F-15's, I was a bit let down when I noticed the same issue you speak of. There isn't much I can do about it unfortunately, it's the way the model was designed. The good news is that the loadouts still function properly... it just doesn't have the look! :mad: Your module proposal sounds great, and is something I will let rattle in the back of my head for a bit. As of now though, this will most likely remain a script version. I've made the script as easy to install as possible (2 steps), so that shouldn't be much of a problem for the mission makers out there. In my opinion, the benefits of a script version out weigh those of an addon version... at least for something such as this. Addons are a huge problem in ArmA 2. The community is not very large as is, restricting prospecting users who may wish to play your mission is not something I endorse. A rearming timer is very possible and is something I've been thinking about implementing into a future release. No guarantee's though, it's still on the drawing board. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy the mod. To answer your question, yes it is possible to add other planes. Can you please PM me the ArmaHolic addon pages for further investigation? Thanks. :cool:
  2. F2F A.L.S.S. v2.4 Released! New addons have been incorporated into v2.4 including ACE and several other requested aircraft. A few minor bug-fixes and efficiency tweaks have been made to the script as well. Enjoy!
  3. I am not sure why this is happening. I will reproduce the scenario and try to work out a solution for you.
  4. I wouldn't ignore you guys! But thanks for the comment. :) Yes, the BTC Armament System you provided is a similar approach I would take to individual arming. I would most likely have no other choice but to use a menu system to get it to work. Thanks for the input.
  5. There is now :D I'll add it to my list of things to add. Individual arming is not very likely with this approach to the script. I originally designed the script for my Air Wing, and individuality was not part of the requirement... in fact it was just the opposite, predefined loadouts that fit our mission profile. I am not saying ALSS will never have such a feature, but it might be a while before the script evolves. It would take a complete overhaul of the script to produce such a feature. Many of the aircraft already have such loadouts as complete air-to-air or air-to-ground configurations, it depends which aircraft you are flying though. Also, expect more loadouts in future updates, this thing is just getting started, and once I have all the addons compatible, I will begin updating the already established aircraft with more options.
  6. Good catch, it is already fixed and will be available on the next version release. This was an issue because ACE decided to change the BIS model parameters without changing the original classname, therefor it gives you a vanilla loadout even though it's now considered an modified ACE model. To avoid this issue before the next release, pick one of the other AH-1Z's, they all have the same loadouts therefore will work the same. You can expect additional loadouts in the next few versions, that should include helicopters. Enjoy
  7. What has not been mentioned in the changelog is that I have started the ACE mod. All the AH-1Z's and AH-1W's from ACE are already working in v2.3. I will probably dive into the rest of the ACE aircraft and get those out of the way soon. There will probably be a few more addons I will include into the script as well. So This next release will be a "wrap-up" of the inital phase of the script. After all the aircraft are up and running, I will most likely begin adding additional loadouts to all the aircraft. There is a good chance I will create multiple script packs based on addon weapons used (ACE, GLT, RKSL weapons). This will enable the possibility of using addon weapons for the vanilla aircraft and provide even more loadouts. As for individual hardpoint loading, my original intent was to not go that direction. It would require a re-think of the script and would most likely only work with a menu system (not action system). That being said, it doesn't mean it's not going to happen, it is still a possibility. I'll just have to wrap my mind around that idea for a while. :cool:
  8. Here is how to disable the "is not compatible" message: Open f2f_inc_cfg_h.sqf Scroll to very bottom of document Find hint "Current helicopter is not A.L.S.S. compatible!..."; Add "//" just before the command "hint" to disable it. Save Repeat steps above for f2f_inc_cfg_p.sqf as well. Enjoy!
  9. Check the description page. Should be working.
  10. F2F A.L.S.S. v2.3 Released! This version includes further addon compatibility such as ACE and the RKSL's FGR4 Eurofighter Typhoon to name a few. Full BIS (Vanilla A2/OA) aircraft compatibility including helicopters and OPFOR aircraft. Several bug fixes have also been added to this release. Efficiency tweeks have been incorporated into the script to provide a more seamless and efficient use of the system. ENJOY! :bounce3:
  11. As of now, the GLT Missilebox loadouts only exist with aircraft that require (or came with) GLT Missilebox. That will soon change though.
  12. Agreed. Unfortunately the helos are not looking very flexible with respect to available BIS (Vanilla) weapons. Little to no extra ordnance loadouts will be possible, although that should all change once I incorporate GLT and ACE with a soon to come release. ACE compatibility will probably arrive a release after this upcoming release realistically. I will see what I can do about the AGM-114L's that you desire. Hang in there.
  13. Yes it is possible, although my original motive was to have a script version which is easy to implement and always compatible for all those mission makers out there. This is what sets ALSS from other similar mods like Mando's. I am a strong advocate for scripting versus addons. This script welcomes the use of addons without requiring them, which opens up the applicability in missions of all forms. So for now I will continue the script version with the addon version lingering in the back of my head. Only time will tell. ;) Yes it seems to be a confirmed problem, at first I thought it was just me... We might have to put the F-14 on hold until a resolution is available. :mad: I want them as bad as you do. Good news is, all BIS Opfor fixed-wing are finished and working. As for BIS helo's it's chugging along but they should be there for the next (or "next-next") release. Although I don't play Warfare much, as Kremator said, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to add the script to the mission. Try this, should work: null = [this] execVM "f2f_modules\f2f_alss\f2f_exe\f2f_exe_vecInit_clrWeps.sqf"; veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE, FALSE, "null = [this] execVM ""f2f_modules\f2f_alss\f2f_exe\f2f_exe_vecInit_clrWeps.sqf"""] execVM "vehicle.sqf" As for the C-130, I'll keep that in mind. :D
  14. Hello, The VFA-14 F/A-18's have been fixed and will be included in the next release, sorry about that, I overlooked them. As for the F-14D, there is now a compatibility issue being that v1.2 was released with different classnames. Unfortunately, I'm also having issues running his mod at the moment so it will further delay a fix for this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed within the next release. ACE compatibility is currently being worked on and will most likely be available upon next version release. Thanks for the input.