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    devs don’t respond to PS4

    How comes on the switch and Xbox forums there’s a reply on almost every single topic. However, PS4 topics rarely get a response from the devs?
  2. Shadowsoul24

    No Love for Veteran players

    Maybe the reason why the devs don’t support streamers like you is because it’s a well known fact among the community that you use a rapid fire mod 😀 not only that it’s also confirmed you have used a crown glitch by your closest friends.
  3. I’ve just found crossteamers, 1 trio, 2 duos and me and my friend. We almost kill one of the duos when another player walks up behind my friend and kills him, then they loot together and run to exit together. I have the clip and everything
  4. Crows don’t work at the naturally unlocked exit on batterie, died to some guy prone behind the camper van and he t bagged me and left. Can’t attach videos as it doesn’t work with mobile
  5. Shadowsoul24

    Contact Bomb Glitch

    I noticed if you go to place a contact bomb on a valid spot, and then move to a invalid spot, the contact bomb will disappear completely, it’s really annoying.