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Found 15 results

  1. I’ve just found crossteamers, 1 trio, 2 duos and me and my friend. We almost kill one of the duos when another player walks up behind my friend and kills him, then they loot together and run to exit together. I have the clip and everything
  2. Is bohemia doing anything about the players that is dominating the games by using moded controllers and devices? top cheaters using controller mods RussAttack MedinaAttackBR Zz Ozama zZ Mit Du Chub (has several allias’s) many more Actually the cheating is pretty bad with players using modded controllers or controller mod devices you can buy. Just watch some YouTube videos on this and you will know what to look for. They use target tracking (see everyone in the map) aim assist, no recoil, headshot etc. lots of vigor cheat videos online.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/TiredAssiduousYakTooSpicy-4oH1CgsgmwKEJkG9 BibaDaFish and CancelGodzleftNut using duplication glitch with insurance for 75 portables and a bugle. Just wondering if there is any level of accountability for this behavior.
  4. How do I go about reporting them? I have proof. 1. Location he was glitched under. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2398113469 2. Killed by him as he popped out the ground. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2398112845 3. He's not denying it here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2398112113 4. Gloating about his exploiting. (All you had to do was bring a specific round of ammo to kill me under ground where I would'nt be spotted if you didn't scan the area.) LOL! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2398114055
  5. GnomeAtHomeV2


    Two players by the name of N1ndoo and Hxzka have been joining the shootout lobbies and farming kills from eachother so that they make sure they come top place in every match, this is really unfair for everyone else and makes the game a lot less fun to play when just trying to have fun, it would be lovely to see cheaters like this get punished, there’s also a glitch going around that allows you to shoot your semi auto rifles like a fully auto Assault rifle and it’s causing issues as well
  6. BeyondDisBelief

    Cheaters in Shootout

    I have come across a group of 4 cheater that run shootout together. Mr-Kamps-A-Lot Roland_Deschain Give-it-Wings aMiniVanMan These 4 people go under the sawmill and melee each other or headshot each other so that they are constantly top 4. There is another guy that runs with the same people as well, Brymal_Rage There are complaints across multiple facebook communities. They even message rude comments to people in the shootouts. It is very toxic behavior.
  7. Hello, so ive been playing vigor for some time now, and despite not liking that i cant turn off crossplay (im on nintendo switch) because xbox players have some really unfair advantages overall, i still manage to enjoy the game in some degree, i like the theme and how the game works. However exactly today (some minutes ago) i encountered two duos that didnt engage each other, in other words it was me and me teammate against four players in a squad in a 2-3 player playlist.... i have their names and the hour the game occurred, if you guys could do something to punish this kind of behaviour i would appreciate, the game is already unfair on its own with people abusing purple tier weapons and portable detector hunting down all game, but it can be manageable with good aim and positioning, but four players against two is too much. please ban or do something with these people or i will have no option but to quit this game for this reason. their names are: ASC Wiżárd (capital Z with dot above), ASC RVN, ASC ŃÎČĶ and Marxx. they even use a "clan tag" ahead of their names.... minus this marxx but he is paired with one who has clan tag and must be considered part of the squad.... thats some pathetic stuff.... hour of the game was around 10:30 GMT of 16 November 2020 and they are all switch users too.
  8. To whom it may concern, Recently, I was playing on Zeus. US Server #02w. That server was up for a good time and everyone was having fun. Me and another guy, as the zeus, spent 20 minutes building a good mission. The mission was cut short when a scripter was kicking people out of their helicopters and teleporting the helicopters to the ground. There was a secondary scripter who crashed my game and many others. The scripter appeared to have crashed the server completely. Now, I don't know if crashing servers damages or does anything to Bohemia, but these scripters are problems. About an hour before the scripter took down the server, there were other scripters. The scripters were not harmful, but they had cheated weapons. Weapons such as the cruise missile, hydras, and other absurd weapons. These scripters are not being stopped by BattlEye. The anti-cheat for Arma 3 servers should be updated. The amount of scripters is ruining the game and everyone's experiences. Thanks, Tardis.
  9. Matthew Aiken

    Duos in solos?!

    Unlike what the title suggests I don’t just refer to teaming in solos but actual hacking to create duo partners in game. I’ve had multiples games now in which either clans or random players find a way to buddy up in an actual duos pair with the intent to clear a lobby. One in particular saw the “teamkill” bait trap with two adr guys and a vintorez guy. They intentionally stayed by comms moving about until nobody took the bait in which I saw them heading to signal. I steered well clear but close enough to capture game dvr footage of that scummy crap. I don’t oppose alliances and teaming in general for lobby clearance personally but actually breaking the game to make a genuine duos link in a solo game? That needs urgent attention to correct! Anyone else notice the rise of this issue?
  10. I just want to start off by saying I've been playing this game for 3 months and I have been enjoying it except for a specific factor that I am going to address. Before addressing this issue I'm going to take it to account that this is still a game preview in that the community is very small so I understand that it may be hard to get into Duo's sometimes. at the same time, in the solo division, we have not just to people but sometimes even three people teaming up distracting the flow of the solo mode. so anyone who's playing this game and decides to read this I just wanted to let it be known that from this point forward until the community gets bigger and the game Flow is ran at an acceptable rate I am going to be reporting people to Xbox LIVE who decide to bring partners with them into solo matches. again, I understand the community for the game is small but that is no reason to bring people into solo matches for cheating. I've lost a lot of hard earned weaponry and equipment do to this and it is quite sickening. Banana duck6996, sevdaliza and electriccola339 are a few of the cheaters and they should be banned. if I run into any more of them I will be commenting their names under this post for future references. the game is very dope and fun but once we run into these cheaters it distracts the flow of the game. my shelter is a level 7, I'm able to create all of the ammo and I have quite a few blueprints that take time to craft, i.e. ADR and AUR HBAR-T. Again, I understand the community is small but this is no excuse for Cheating in this manner. God bless.
  11. StumpyDragon


    I’m writing this because 9-9-2019 while playing your game vigor on Xbox live with one of my friends we encountered a cheater someone using an aim assistant system or an aim bot. In the video I captured you can see from my gameplay that I approach this individual as he was unaware of my presence get to his back in the moment my gun sights touches him he does a complete and instant 180 and then kills me. I sent the video to someone in support and I was informed to post it here for review but I can’t seem to do so.
  12. I'm a noob learning Arma 3. I have just started playing Wasteland as my first multi-player involvement. There are players who seem too good at killing everyone else. What's to stop someone from coming on as Blufors, locating other Blufors players, then disconnecting, reconnecting as Opfors or Independent with another name, then going to where they know there is Blufors activity and collecting kills?
  13. CertainDeath7

    Free Wekend. A Pamphlet.

    Pls. never do free weekends anymore. Arma PvP was always exiting, cheating was very very rarely seen. On free weekend there were dozens of cheaters... i suspect a lot of them were script kiddis to try out new cheats and sell them. A considerable time has past since last free weekend. cheating still happens on day to day basis since then. So as a player, wo bought all the dlc, and will buy every dlc you through at me, and every arma that will come out in future. i insist. Pls pls pls never a free weekend again. except, if its only for singleplayer missions.
  14. Its too bad some people's idea of fun is to ruin the fun. I had been happily noobing myself along for more than half the day, until this sad turn of events developed... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/redringerspore/video/55827580 Obviously this is not how the game was intended to be played :P I hope something can be done to prevent or discourage this in the near future.
  15. This issue requires it's own topic due to how rampant team killing now is on the Public servers. [The vote kick function] is not working when the whole team vote kicks a player, you also can spam the button and it repeats the text chat "Name would like to kick User" which seems stupid to have this msg repeat itself more than once in the chat log. [Report player function] Ok, I will admit i'm new here and can't see where I would report a player ingame when they are either cheating by spawning multiple tanks and transports let alone for someone who is racking up 50+ team kills in a effort to ruin everyones fun. Make one visable either on the menu or map. By doing nothing you are supporting this style of trolling on your servers which is not a great way to lure or keep people from playing your game. Your Anti cheat system clearly needs up dating aswell as i've been in several games today where we had people spawning 100+ Zamak transports trying to throttle peoples systems.