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  1. aimgame

    Disable TacticalView

    Thank you, but disabling 3rd person is not an option. Its like killing flyes with the hammer.
  2. Hi, guys! Is there any way to disable the TacticalView fully? I have this keyHandler check: if (_code in (actionKeys "TacticalView")) exitWith {true}; But players still able to enter TacticalView somehow... Maybe there is something like currentVisionMode command, but the one that works with TacticalView??? Or any other way to disable it?
  3. How about BIS_fnc_compatibleMagazines ?😉
  4. Can anyone help with this: 1) i have the map source, if i open it in TB and remove some object or the whole layer of objects and save it (all in all do smth without pressing Generate layers) - it saves just fine, export it to WRP and make PBO - very fine! No glitches at all. Just perfect! 2) BUT if i press Generate layers and then > WRP > PBO - somehow one of surfaces becomes broken... this one - GdtConcrete[] = {{200,200,200}}; - in Buldozer and in EDEN it has very same glitch - in some places it is absent, in some - its present, in few places i can even see the border where it dissapeares. Here are the screenshots of it all: http://aimgame.ru/images/brdr.jpg http://aimgame.ru/images/border.jpg http://aimgame.ru/images/loop.jpg http://aimgame.ru/images/grass.jpg I've tried everything 10 times already... i guess i just dont know something... 🙂
  5. aimgame

    AllControls check

    No no, i mean how to do it automaticaly? Without knowing any precice IDDs and IDCs... How to make the script find it all by itself by parsing all displays etc.)
  6. aimgame

    AllControls check

    Thanks! But what if i dont know the idd and the idc ? How do i find specific text in all displays and controls?
  7. Hi! Anybody knows how to get the text from an element of currently opened hud? I.e. inventory hud has a button called "Ground" at left top corner... So how to get this text "Ground"??? Here is what i've already done in this direction - _arr = []; //array of all non-empty-text elements { _y = _x; { for "_i" from 0 to (lbSize _x) do { //looking every element of control if !((_x lbText _i) isEqualTo "") then { //if text is not empty _arr pushBack (_x lbText _i); //add it to array }; }; } forEach (allControls _y); //looking all controls in all displays } forEach AllDisplays; //looking all displays _res = _arr findIf {_x in ["Ground"]}; //find element with text "Ground" _resLoc = _arr findIf {localize _x in ["Ground"]}; //find element with localized text "Ground" systemchat str _arr; //watching array systemchat (str _res + str _resLoc); //watching indexes of elements (if founded) systemchat str (count _arr); //watching count of array elements So i get somewhere around 100 elements (testing in EDEN) but not the "Ground" element! Even if my inventory hud opened... How to find it?)))
  8. Its always on the Git - https://github.com/Arkensor/A3LOG/releases/tag/1.8_pre
  9. Its an issue of their nicknames... Players change profile names and stuck in the ground when loading. If they change it back - loading will have no errors. Still trying to figure out how to fix this and let them play with any names...
  10. It's been 5 years now, but im still interested in this question too:)
  11. aimgame

    Mod visibility in Zeus

    By the way i've found this parameter in some other addons - scopeCurator And then here it is - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide -
  12. aimgame

    Mod visibility in Zeus

    Huge thanx to you all! I'll take a look at those links!
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