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  1. Hi all! Im having an issues with objects physics in multiplayer: I have a forklift vehicle that can take and lift objects, i.e. loot crates, boxes etc. When i test it in EDEN editor everyrhing works fine - i take and place objects perfectly. BUT when i do the same on my server in multiplayer mission - the object becomes very heavy and stucks all the time, then if i hardly hook it up it just jumps high from me:) For example - object - CargoNet_01_box_F - http://wiki.gruppe-adler.de/arma_pictures/classes/CargoNet_01_box_F.png But actually it happens with all cargo boxes. Also if i spawn the very same object with my admin menu or with some other spawn scripts while being in MP game - it works pretty fine just like im in EDEN - physics of the spawned object is perfect. But if it was spawned by a mission.sqm or a server-side script from mission - it's physics is terrible. Can anyone make this all clear?)) And how to make it work in mp ?
  2. aimgame

    Players list in map menu

    I've found the file in my addons that was cousing the problem... It is "Mrshounka_vsav_smur.pbo" - without it everything works fine. Maybe it'll help some one too. Thank you for help Terox!
  3. aimgame

    Players list in map menu

    The problem is that i didnt do anything of that... I just updated my arma to 1.72... the mods stayed the same... I have 5 servers and players list (PL) works only on 1 of them: Altis Epoch - PL not working Cherno Epoch - PL not working Wasteland - PL not working Altis Life - PL works fine! ACE TVT - PL not working Well, if it's one of my addons's fault, then - is there a way to turn playes list on by a manual script?
  4. aimgame

    Players list in map menu

    So? No one knows how to turn players list on ?
  5. Yep, i can access it from a browser. Ofcourse if i turn rules off it works perfectly) But i need to find out how to make it work with rules! not without them)
  6. So? Any thoughts about it? I've 7 servers... on different machines and different internet providers... and even different OSs... win10... winServ2012... And the problem is present on each one. The rule for incoming connections for server exe - is for ALL ports... The rule for outgoing connections for server exe - is for ports 2302-2305, 3306, 80, 8080, 1080, 443, 50000-65000
  7. Well actualy i did... i've created rules for armaserver_x64.exe and armaserver.exe and opened those ports in it.
  8. 1. Got a game server machine i.e.: 2. Got a website on some webhosting: www.site.com 3. The squad is here - www.site.com\media\squad.xml 4. This link with http ofcourse is typed in player's profile. 5. If i turn off firewall at my game server machine - players see their squad logos and texts in game perfectly. 6. If i turn firewall on and make rules for theese ports to open them: 2302-2305, 3306, 80, 8080, 1080, 443, 50000-65000 - player's squads arent loading at all...
  9. You mean web server where the squad.xml is ? Well its just a simple website and its not connected with the game server.
  10. Well, the problem is that its not working when the firewall is ON and those ports are open.... If i turn OFF the firewall then all works fine and player's squads are loaded and viewed succesfully... So... i guess there're must be some specific ports...
  11. Can someone tell what ports should i open in the firewall to enable squad.xml stuff ? Here's what i have already opened: 2302-2305, 3306, 80, 8080, 1080, 443, 50000-65000 But the squad is still not working on the server...(
  12. Since 1.70 i've noticed that players list in map menu is missing on my servers... (nickname, ping, mute and other options were there). Can someone please tell how to bring players list back? Im talking about this menu:
  13. Since 1.70 i've noticed that players list in map menu is missing... (nickname, ping, mute and other options were there). Can someone please tell how to bring players list back?
  14. aimgame

    Fuel consumption script

    Thank you all! Now i got this one working well on dedi server: KK_fnc_setFuel = { private ["_veh","_fuel"]; _veh = _this select 0; _fuel = _this select 1; if (local _veh) then { _veh setFuel _fuel; } else { PVsetFuel = _this; publicVariable "PVsetFuel"; }; }; "PVsetFuel" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _veh = _this select 1 select 0; _fuel = _this select 1 select 1; if (local _veh) then { _veh setFuel _fuel; }; }; /////////////////////////////////////////////// _rate = 0.001 ; _loadMultiplier = 0.001 ; _tooStopRate = 0.001 ; _tooSlowRate = 0.003 ; _tooFastRate = 0.005 ; _speedMult = 0; while {true} do { _veh = vehicle player; if (_veh != player) then { if ((alive _veh) and (count (crew _veh) > 0) and (isengineon _veh) and ((fuel _veh) > 0)) then { _crew = count( crew _veh); _load = _crew * _loadMultiplier; _speed = speed _veh; _fuel = fuel _veh; if (_veh isKindOf "Air") then { _speedMult = _tooSlowRate; } else { if(_speed == 0 ) then { _speedMult = _tooStopRate; }; if(_speed < 60 ) then { _speedMult = _tooSlowRate; }; if(_speed > 60 ) then { _speedMult = _tooFastRate; }; }; _realLoad = _rate + _load + _speedMult; _fuelc = (fuel _veh) - _realLoad; [vehicles select 0, _fuelc] call KK_fnc_setFuel; }; sleep 10; }; }; Have some small fps lags there... but still not sure about the reason... I'll do some more checks with and without this script, and give a feedback. Any way im realy glad its even working now!
  15. aimgame

    Fuel consumption script

    Yes yes, that is the problem i've faced here... and i just cant figure out how to execute this script on every vehicle that players use... i mean veh is created at server side when it pulled out from garage, then player enters in and this veh becomes player's? or what? And where should i exec the script, if setFuel is only for local vehs? Sorry, im dumb))