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  1. Lopalmcivet _

    Faces of War [WW2]

    those uniform look like the japanese army?
  2. Lopalmcivet _

    Faces of War [WW2]

    will you guys make more jap helment in the furture?http://www.germanmilitaria.com/Japanese/Photos/J012872.html It just seem like a snif helment but replace the snif logo to a star
  3. Lopalmcivet _

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Will you make more Japanese uniforms in the next update?https://auctions.c.yimg.jp/images.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/image/dr000/auc0309/users/2/1/7/3/nakajima194jp-img600x398-15043279404iuzzm16068.jpg I do think that the german uniform is good enough but hope you also make more japanese uniform because there is no any else mod that include ww2 pacific war.Whatever I am glad to see this mod just update before because I am waiting for your update a long time.