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  1. Plainovic5

    Just some ideas

    Some good ideas...but please make examples or be more specific, the devs love more specific feedbacks...keep bringing ideas!
  2. Plainovic5

    Crafting aids

    I think that with one of the upgrades of your shelter is possible to do that...
  3. Plainovic5

    Bugs, glitches and malfunctions

    Nunro...great job...you've been very detailed! Impressive feedback! Thank You!
  4. Plainovic5

    Critical Issues that Need to be fixed ASAP !

    Good work my man...a very nice job! Keep this thing going! So useful!
  5. Plainovic5

    So is it actually wiser to ...

    Mah...Tyler Tee H C...I agree and disagree..for me, it's wiser to make a lot of runs focused on looting, so just a knife and running. I try to alternate this loot oriented sessions with some other sessions more focused on airdrops and PvP. This game is tactical and gives you the possibility to have different approaches. For examples, my main focus now is on blueprints so mixing up the type of sessions is a good option for me...but in the long term and also because we are founders, playing this game only for looting does not seem to be so wiser...I'm on the same page of twitch_DinotheRRhino on this one...
  6. Plainovic5

    Game crashing and lost loot

    O Gosh...please help this man and save his loot...
  7. Plainovic5

    My two hours of gameplay

    Man, it's a game preview...do you have any feedback to share with us? The idea is that this game needs improvements and it's not a final product that's it...I hope you are going to enjoy it in February...
  8. Plainovic5

    Looting ressources from players

    Dino, I agree...good point...
  9. Plainovic5

    playing solo

    I love the idea of hunting, another way of interacting with the scenario and having more loot and materials, and it is in line with the main concept of the game... I love to play solo as well, but until now I was prudent very prudent, I use guns only when It's necessary and my creed is only the loot not killing per se... Try to be more sneaky and more conscious of your surroundings and you'll see that you'll die a lot less... And as George Bernard Shaw said, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." So Have Fun!
  10. Plainovic5

    Is Ranking/Leveling an option?

    I don't think about ranking or leveling should be introduced...as Sleepyc18 said having no real advantages on the other players is one of the cores of this game so far...if leveling is only about cosmetics it's fine but if it gives you advantages I don't love the idea, I am a big fan of Sea of Thieves for this reason... One idea that I really loved about your post is the one about inviting a friend to train with you in your shelter...sounds interesting and even funny... Thank you for your post!
  11. Plainovic5

    My Ideas

    I posted some very similar ideas about the shelter in a previous post "Activities in the Shelter: Thoughts? Ideas?" if you have time read it, and let me know... So regarding the scope, I disagree. It is the ability of a player to find the right spot where to snipe and not be seen, and with the introduction of binoculars is the ability of a player to scan for snipers or other outlanders around... Silencers and grips I think are on the way, are a necessity....totally agree with your points.... Regarding the activities in the shelter, and all the other points I can't be more on the same page with you... Thank you for your post! And keep posting!
  12. Plainovic5

    Friends joining lobby

    I'm still thinking that the main idea of this game is solo, it is a survival game based on looting, the shelter, and that "humanity has fallen" sensation...if they introduce the duo experience, the shelter will be shared? what about the resources? etc.... I think that they should introduce a sort of invitation/meeting point/join session command and that's it... But everything is welcomed and we will test it...
  13. Plainovic5

    improve looting

    Agree...it's reasonable and also considering that most of the time you are under pressure it is also practical...
  14. Plainovic5

    Lost in new game

    So this is a tutorial from one of the members of our community...or look on youtube you'll find the channel of the game where the devs post game sessions where you can learn the ropes...
  15. Plainovic5

    Ideas for improvements

    I don't know if squads or duos are in line with the concept of this game and also with the background story of the game. If duos or squad will be a part of the game they need to share a shelter and resources, I don't want to see too many Battle Royals dynamics and gameplay solution applied in this game. I love this one....the close range fight and the stealth kills are some of those things that I hope they are going to work on...