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  1. Streaming

    When directly live streaming on xbox one x with mixer it creates huge amount of lag, unplayable at times. Stability is needed
  2. Hold Breath

    Add the ability to hold your breath with scoped weapons
  3. Camera Distance

    Add optional camera distance settings
  4. Captcha Fix

    Fix the captcha to a lesser amount. When im writing it gets really annoying to have to do one of those every 30 seconds
  5. Possible Improvements

    Kill log - To let players know WHO (gamertags) has been killed and HOW Player count - to let players know how many people are in the game Reward for being last alive - a reward for being last alive will add more incentive to stay in game till last alive but still have option to leave whenever desired as it is now Triples and Quads - already being discussed Leaning - third person and first person leaning Tags and icons for teammates - to be seen through walls and environment so we dont kill one another highly needed
  6. Never Leave Beta Mode

    Keep the game in Beta mode so it will be easier to update as well as cheaper.
  7. Attachments

    Implement attachments to enhance weapon capabilities. Fast mag, stock, extended mag, rapid fire, long barrel, barrel choke, quickdraw, grip, laser light, tactical flashlight, suppresor, high caliber rounds, stabilizer (sniper rifle), just a few examples. All attachments would stay withing context of the game. Nothing unbelievable.