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  1. Jaden Rademacher

    Random issues

    me and my friends play this game a lot, and we found 2 minor issues, one is in a tunnel in fisk, the window isn't in the place the car window would normally be, cause the driver side door is open and it looks as if you forgot to move the window with the car door. its a blue car. forgot to say that. other issue, the stools are too close to some objects, and since you have to go pretty close to search them, me and my friends have been stuck between the stool and the object we were looting, like this one time we got stuck and couldn't leave, so we eventually died by radiation.we found that if you crouch, you go flying out of the spot, but that's not the best solution to the problem, I would appreciate it.
  2. Jaden Rademacher

    My Ideas

    I feel that there should be like scopes and silencers, and grips and stuff, but make sure they are kinda debuffed, like when you use a scope in direct sunlight, it kinda reflects, like the light a flashlight, but there are upgrades to made the reflection dimmed but not completely eliminated, so if your camping in a bush, the enemy players can still see you, making it fair, rather then dying to a player you couldn't see, making it pretty hard to kill them before they could kill you. Silencers should make the gun quieter, but not completely silenced so it isn't a super high advantage. Grips, I can't think of any debuff for them, like, all they would do would be to make you aim less all over the place. Another idea, making upgrades in your house like a tread mill, which lets you run faster by like 2% and put it in set of 5 tiers or a set of weights ora backpack which progressively gets either a bigger selection of weights or a bigger backpack which would increase the items you would carry by like, 5 items, but the last upgrade could be instead of 5 items, carry aextra weapon, and make it so there would be 7 tiers.I cant think of any more ideas, but if I do ill post them. Thanks for reading and hope to here other peoples suggestions cause I want this to be a successful game (not that I'llget to play it often, I'm a PS4 player, only can play it at my friends house)