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  1. twitch_nomad1470

    Ideas for improvements

    Another one after playing today, had a bayonet for the weapon I had in my inventory (this might just be me durping) but couldn't attach it to the gun. feels a bit pointless having a bayonet that can't be attached. Also overall knifes feel a little bit too strong, I posted a clip up on twitter (posted link below) either the guy I'm up against can't aim or knifes are too strong, there's no way I should win that. Also in this clip his loot box can't be claimed because it jumps through a wall which is a shame
  2. twitch_nomad1470

    Ideas for improvements

    More predictable loot spawns would be an interesting concept, like x would spawn in cars and y would spawn in houses but it might take away from the exploration aspect of each raid. Also sometimes the interaction on lootable containers (mostly on cars) sometimes are hard to hit, can sometimes spend ages searching for the right spot to search or miss the loot entirely
  3. twitch_nomad1470

    Ideas for improvements

    A few ideas for possible additions to the game, some of these will probably have already been mentioned. Squad games would be a huge addition in my opinion, a few people have mentioned seeing guys who teamed up in game, so a duo mode and solo mode would fix that issue. Weapon customisation, such as sights and silencers would be a cool addition. Traders to buy/sell loot would be cool, traders could also have quests to add something different to raids. I'll post more ideas in this section if I come up with anything else