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  1. I think there's a number things that should be added/fixed in Vigor, ignoring the incessant crashing on PS4, I am on PS4 and started a few days ago, I'm in love with the game and decent at it but there's a few things that need to be changed or added, my number 1 thing is proximity chat, being able to talk to people near you and hear other people, it was done in DayZ on console so it shouldn't be too hard here, my next thing is maybe some attachments, nothing crazy realistic or detailed like batteries and tons of them, just a 4x ACOG a simple 1x Red dot or Holo, and some thing to moderate the recoil, like a grip or muzzle attachments, as well as some surpressors, all Russian to fit the setting and should be rare, only found in game or expensive to craft as well as gun specific, obviously things like bigger squad modes, a higher player count, bigger squads and the ability to drop/trade weapons and ammo, how about something like being able to be in eachother shelters and having a system there to share or trade weapons, ammo etc. Say your friend doesn't have ammo or a decent gun and doesn't want to waste his ADR or MP5k on a small challenge run, simply make it so we can drop or trade weapons, shouldn't be too hard, as well as dial back some rendering things if needed to drop items, and like I said with bigger maps and more people, I think 30 players on slightly bigger maps or 20 on some of the current ones would be perfect, personally I think the game is almost perfect gunplay and mechanic wise it just needs some small additions and tuning for quality of life