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  1. I asked this on the Arma Reddit and didn’t gain much in the way of answers. something that has always eluded me. Going onto Wasteland (or any server, for that matter) and being able to relay information to my side with the Darter, or any UAV. I’ve always liked being able to be the eye in the sky to help out, but I stumble when it comes to marking targets or places to send my buddies. Is there a way to tell them where the target is? When I’m looking through the UAV optics it’s pretty disorienting. They can’t see the laser I’m spotting with, and I can’t effectively tell them how to get somewhere. I have to guesstimate where the target is on the map, when sometimes I don’t even know what direction I’m pointing. All the grid ref on the bottom left does, is tell me where my drone is currently hovering. it would be nice to be able to mark a spot on the map through the UAV optics. Any ideas?
  2. the amazing flight lizard


    I do have to ask, is the Medevac HH60L still gonna be part of it, and is it still tail number 109? I ask this because his HH60L for Arma 2 was based on the pictures and information I gave him. 109 was the aircraft my unit lost in Afghanistan in 2012, and I always thought of his model as being a tribute to that crew and helicopter.
  3. the amazing flight lizard

    Sikorsky S-97 Raider - EARLY WIP

    As a long-time Sikorsky-baby who's been following this project since Quad-A in 2008, I'm really interested in seeing where you take yours. Also, congrats on your work so far. Looks great.
  4. the amazing flight lizard

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    I still think something set in the US, like maybe the Florida Keys would be great.
  5. the amazing flight lizard

    UAV camera shake

    I have it. I dunno how much I use it to be honest. Is the option in there somewhere? ---------- Post added at 15:23 ---------- Previous post was at 15:22 ---------- Right. Well, assuming I have all that stuff disabled, how would I go about using said limited speed solution? I mean, i haven't seen the option for it. If I could, I'd like to.
  6. the amazing flight lizard

    UAV camera shake

    It starts out in autonomous. If you uncheck the box it takes no further commands. I don't know of a limited speed setting for the UAV, that OP somehow set.
  7. the amazing flight lizard

    UAV camera shake

    How do you set UAV speed to limited? I thought it was just altitude, behavior and waypoint. This is probably the solution to stop the Darters from going off course too.
  8. How about every 5 minutes there's a random chance of death, just assuming one of Australia's MANY dead critters got you? Oh, and the fire tornadoes. Add those too.
  9. the amazing flight lizard

    ArmA 3 stops recognizing joystick as controller

    Is there any way to get this answered or at least even acknowledged by the devs? Arma 3 is the only thing this happens to me with. I even went through all my registry stuff and changed it.
  10. the amazing flight lizard

    ArmA 3 stops recognizing joystick as controller

    I keep running into this problem, and a solution keeps evading me. Everything I keep seeing suggests it's a Windows 8 power management issue. But folks are saying it didn't happen before the helicopters DLC. Does the helicopters DLC somehow activate windows power management default settings, no matter what you have it set to? I'm looking for the common factor here, trying to find a way to fix it. This is seriously a thing that needs dev attention, and not to keep getting ignored. I realize a lot of folks fly mouse and keyboard so it doesn't affect them. That's fine. I do to, when my joystick and pedals take a dump. I'd rather they not do that at all though. Again, some dev attention on this subject would go a long way.
  11. the amazing flight lizard

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    This probably sounds silly, but can you make a BDU variant of the AAF uniforms? They have the same cut, and even black boots as the old BDU uniforms without the shoulder pockets, knee pads, and other things. It makes it far more accurate in appearance for a 1980s/90s period game. Also, I don't know if it's your bag, but in your next update, could you also make a 1st Cavalry Division Stetson? For my Milsim unit, it would make it just that much cooler looking. Either way, you do good work, and I'm happy to run your stuff.
  12. the amazing flight lizard

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Couple small requests on my end. I haven't tried the mod yet, but I wanted to verify some stuff, and then I'll get all my buddies in on it. I'm particularly fond of the Darter. It's been my job to operate the UAVs and vector friendlies onto bad guys. Any way you can make the darter also shoot a VISIBLE laser in addition to the laser marker, so I can point out areas of interest? Also, as part of that, is there any way to set up a kind of frequency filter for NVGs so that only friendlies can see the IR laser from their side? Applied to guys on the ground too, with the IR laser attachment.
  13. the amazing flight lizard

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Ooh! Do Khost Province/Salerno next!
  14. the amazing flight lizard

    Nvidia Gameworks / Nvidia GDC 2015

    I just wish they would incorporate more VBS features. Seems like if they did that, the Arma series would take off enormously.
  15. the amazing flight lizard

    [WIP] Lockheed Martin's F35B Lightning II STOVL

    VTOL would be great for improvised landing areas, not to mention the fact that aerial refuel is still a thing, as long as you have someone willing to fill in that particular support role (or even AI circling, if necessary) and an appropriate tanker.