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  1. [CORP] Sacha

    linux dedicated server admin tool

    Thanks a lot, and nice work putting all this stuff together.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a simple to use, Linux dedicated server management UI, preferably web based. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Nice work ;) Keep it up !
  4. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    @kklownboy : Laser targeted positions connaot be saved as waypoints. I agree this would be needed. Unfortunatly I won't be working on this addon in the near future. @AlexSegen : I'll take a look, but I don't think I still have the first version. Cheers
  5. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Hi, Here is a download link of last version : http://www.corp-arma.fr/downloads/smgr.zip It's been a long time since I worked on this, so I don't know if its AGM compatible.
  6. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    HI, Thanks for the feedback. RPT dumps would be appreciated.
  7. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Cool ! Thanks a lot for the info I'll try it out.
  8. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Hi, I have yet to release a new verison of the addon (ASAP), fixing some issues with the current one. As for now it is not possible to save an aquired position to the WP list, I was laking time to implement it. I'll take the request into account for a later release (date unknown). I've also planned to make the SMGR connectable with a UAV terminal, so that a position could be aquired from a UAV laser.
  9. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Sure, whats the ClassName of the vector ?
  10. [CORP] Sacha

    ZAM Glasses

    Hi, Excellent mod. Thanks a lot. Would be great if there were negative effects from NOT having goggles. Like dust in your eyes from cars or helos, or potential eye wounds if you fire your weapon without glasses. Maybe this feature would be slitly out of the scope of this addon, but it would make it more consistent i think.
  11. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Other issues have been reported, an other release will be coming real soon. Here's what has been reported so far: - HUD not visible when using Normal or larger interface display sizes. This is solved and ready for release. - Delay too short to switch from FIX to CONT mode. This is solved and ready for release. - Time displayed by SMGR not syncronized with server time. - Battery level displayed in infobar not consistent with level displayed in Status menu. - Error rate at low depth (-2/-5 meters) is to hight. - When editing a waypoint, one can't know precisly wich text field is being edited. Thanks for your support, it's alqways a pleasure to have such a dedicated and reactive community. Keep it up !
  12. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Forgot to mention : The SMGR cannot be placed in the GPS slot anymore, its a basic item like first aid kits. I did this because i didn't find a way to disable the vanilla GPS when the SMGR was a GPS simulated item. So to answer to PivMan, yes I think what you ask for is possible, but just don't know how to, sorry. I'll get back to that addon some time, and consider your request.
  13. [CORP] Sacha

    AN/PNC-212 : Simple Military GPS Receiver

    Hi everyone, I had a little time to try fixing the issues reported on v1.1. So here is version 1.2, I tested it with TFAR and AGM. Keys and readme are included. Download v1.2 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvv2eme9lg93f1f/%40SMGR.zip?dl=0
  14. I figured it out. I missunderstood the parameter "voteMissionPlayers". I thought it would set the number of player votes needed to switch mission. Actualy its the number of connected players needed to display the missions screen at server startup. Thanks for your answer anyway.
  15. Hi, I'm having a weard problem. When I start my server, the mission selection screen doesn't load, all I get is the dark splash screen, and i have to manually issue a "#missions" command to get the mission selection screen. I tried reinstalling the server from scratch but the problem persists... Anybody got a clue ?