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  1. lynx75

    NRF Units

    Hi, this his the final version of the NRF Units (v04) This mod was first created by the GID Modding Studio which was the modding team of the GID. The GID team is now closed. Some of GID players have created a new team called "CORP". Thats why the GID Modding Studio is now called CORP Modding Studio (Tactical Hand Sign mod is from us). All classnames have changed, so this version breaks the old naming policy. Thanks for your understanding @NRF_Units_v04 Changelog V0.4 Delete: uniform's textures randomisation Added: Flektarn camo uniforms (Wood, desert, BW, snow and tropical variants) Added: Flektarn camo platecarriers and heavy platecarriers Added: Flektarn camo kitbags and carryall backpacks Added: Flektarn camo bandanas Added: Flektarn camo light ECH, ECH, Mich and ghillies helmets Added: Flektarn camo soldiers at NRF faction Here some new pictures : NRF_Units_Screen1 NRF_Units_Screen2 NRF_Units_Screen3 NRF_Units_Screen4 NRF_Units_Screen5
  2. Hi, this addon is great. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the task force radio keys binding system using CBA functions. Could you provide an upgraded version please ? After retesting, all is fine.;) Thanks for your work
  3. Great mod. Good work. I really appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Hi Knobee, thanks for report. All splendid cam features are available (open your map to see your camera facing direction or pressing escape and space bar to teleport you) We are currently working on the next version of the LxOPS. It will be a much more powerfull tool than this little script :p. Be patient.
  5. You have to lock/unlock the object with the camera to select it with the "lock orange button". Then you can use rotation/translation buttons with selected increment (combo box) to move the object. Please read carefully the readme file, this is not a 3D Editor, its just a little usefull tool. You have to copy in the clipboard the spawn code by pressing the copy button and paste it (ctrl + v) in your own mission scripts, the tool doesn't write into the .sqm.
  6. lynx75

    Map Imrali Island

    Really good work, thank you very much
  7. You've right, the classname list should be better sorted. I will release a upgraded version with a better gui. Thanks for using it.
  8. lynx75

    NRF Units

    Hi, A new version of the NRF Units is available (v0.3) The NATO flag has been fixed on the uniforms. First link and screenshots updated.
  9. lynx75

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hi BLIP, never save radio in VAS profile. A unique ID is given to the player when you take a radio, this ID should be unique so dont load VAS profile with saved ACRE otherwise players could have same ID.
  10. lynx75

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Thank you for this awesome mod.
  11. lynx75

    NRF Units

    Thanks Deny
  12. lynx75

    NRF Units

    New version : first link updated Version : 0.2 ChangeLog: - Blue artefact texture on helmet fixed - ASDG compatibility - vest radio texture reworked - MX GL fixed - Arsenal uniform viewer fixed - add Titan AA and AT AI to the faction Lynx
  13. Amazing news, thanks to all JSRS Studio members for this great work