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  1. Hi guys, I have been looking all over the web for a way to prevent helicopters from always exploding... when you hit some bushes, trees, rollover slowly..... etc. but with no luck. I was thinking that maybe someone was on a mission to fix this issue via scripting... My skills arent good enough. I am also on the hunt for a script that would give Pilots time to eject from plane. Right now... the plane always explode in midair.. or when a missiles hits in the back it kills the pilot but not the aircraft... Maybe a script could freeze the damage to 2% (allowdamage false) for 3 seconds... audio warning eject.... and the setHit to 0% after the timer... that would give time for the pilot to eject. If you guys saw something out there, let me know. thx
  2. This issue is still happening and isn’t fixed. Using HC client makes the memory rise even faster. Our server with alive running can last around 2 1/2 day. We have over 30gb or ram.
  3. interesting. good job. Wonder what it will do on dedicated servers
  4. Hi, I saw this video on Dslyecxi channel. On his GPS there is a line between him and a waypoint. How does he do that? Cheers
  5. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    No reply yet.
  6. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    @R0adki11 I did. Thx
  7. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    yes i know all that. I am looking for the "route" like you said!
  8. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    Yes i know that. But in his case.. it draws a line on his GPS. Constently updating.
  9. O.Languedoc

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Here is some WIP pics of a new weapon. These are old pics. The weapon is completed and in-game. CADEX TREMOR & CYCLOPS SUPP.
  10. O.Languedoc

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Hi duda, How do you adjust the point for specific helicopters. I am working an helo and my ropes appearing inside the chopper instead of under. What memory point do you use? Is there any documentation like for advanced rapelling with helos?
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to add the HURON huge dust cloud to my helicopter. At first my vehicleclass was Air... it only did a little dust... CHanged it to Helicopter and got a bigger cloud... but still way smaller then the Huron or even the little bird. Do i have to add memory point for the dust on the model? Cant seem to find anything online for that. I would love my chopper to make a dust cloud even bigger then the Huron. Any hint would be appreciated. Olivier
  12. I think we do have a RoadWay LOD, not sure. We have ViV, that i am sure.
  13. Reviving my old post. Any new idea? Our chinook still dont have dust effect when approching the ground or the water.
  14. This started happening to me too. I dont know why... and its vanilla weapons class name listed. No entry.... /CFGweapons/arifle_mx_base_F/Fullauto.displayName ???
  15. O.Languedoc

    Weapons Weight chart?

    thx. i'll look into it
  16. Hi guys, Is there a chart somewhere that converts KG or Lbs in "arma mass/weight"? we are trying to make are weapons realistic... but... cant figure out what do enter. Cheers
  17. Hi guys, Does anybody have a soundshader.hpp customized for the lynx or any .50cal sniper rifle? For the other weapons we used the MX Shader, but figured out that a sniper would be different. Cheers
  18. O.Languedoc

    Camp Pendleton Terrain

    I think you have to align them manually in photoshop. Make them the same size etc.
  19. O.Languedoc

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Anybody tried the intercom in WIP V1.0+ ? how is it?
  20. O.Languedoc

    Community Texture Templates.

    So anybody have a a home made template for the Apex Bergen backpack?
  21. O.Languedoc

    Community Texture Templates.

    Cant find the Jet DLC samples in my Arma Tools Folder. Did they release them?
  22. Hi guys, I am trying to find an exemple, a guide or etc on how to upgrade our weapons config with the new sound shaders. I am not very good with configs. Also, i heard there was a skype channel for community devs where you can ask questions. Thx
  23. Donate button for frogs also. The lockout chamber wasn't moving on dedicated.
  24. Where is the donation button for Dedicated server support so I can give you money? :)