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  1. Thank you for reply, i tried it but it not working so i have to reinstall window or i have to do something esle? because i dont know how to fix this so i post my problem here and hope someone can help me without reinstall window
  2. Today i start game and i have this massage: And my game still play without sound :( , second problem is BE is disabled and i dont know why, even i check at tab BE on launcher and it still actived, if someone know how to fix please help me P/s: I was check other game like dota 2 or diablo 3 and CSGO and it work fine, i also reinstall graphic driver, directx, etc and not working, please help My launcher log file: https://mega.nz/#!IBZhSa7Q UPDATE: After i reinstall windows problem solve
  3. sena1993

    TMR Modular Realism

    I laucher game and got error like this How i can fix that?