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  1. vagrantauthor

    Tier 1 Weapons

    @Blitzen88 I don't know about risers, but the magnifiers flip to the side using CBA keybinds.
  2. vagrantauthor

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Hi @fingolfin Thank you for sharing your work with the community. It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back after nine years of Arma 3. Do you plan to apply your spectacular color work to the pistols? The Glocks and P320's look great in black, but they'd look greater in your browns and tans.
  3. vagrantauthor

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Hi, @fingolfin. I just want to say thank you for the work you are putting in with this mod and for sharing it with the community. This is top quality stuff and using it has rekindled my interest in playing Arma -- as they always do.
  4. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Public Service Announcement (Again): The T-14 tank within the RHS AFRF mod (classname: rhs_t14_tv) is still in a test state and cannot be or is not easily destroyed. Hitting it with anything (rocket, missile, etc) causes a message to pop up in the corner of the screen saying something like "T-14: Unlimited Test Mode" and the tank takes no damage. I have had too many of these tanks spawn while playing Liberation and destroy expensive assets without any chance to defend since it cannot be killed. Kinda cheap in my opinion. If you enjoy playing against RHS AFRF, then I recommend removing the classname above from the RHS AFRF preset found in: "KP-Liberation-0.96.7\KP-Liberation-master\Missionframework\presets\opfor\rhs_afrf.sqf" and exporting the mission to Multiplayer. Of course, this is assuming you are using the files to generate the mission yourself.
  5. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    This mission keeps me playing Arma. Thank you, @Wyqer and everyone else involved in its continued development!
  6. vagrantauthor

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Yes, I do have RHS active. I will deactivate it and see if that fixes the issue -- as soon as I find this last guy in town... Edit: Yup! Disabling AFRF fixed the problem.
  7. vagrantauthor

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Hello, @AveryTheKitty. Thank you for your work on this mod and for sharing it with the community. I cannot seem to play Arma 3 without it anymore (willfully, not technically). I think if you take the new "Spetznaz" assets added by the Contact DLC and use those in combination with other vanilla items and your Russia-reskin vehicles to make a fleshed out faction, then the Spetznaz may become something notable in game. On a related note: I want to build an Opfor preset for the latest Liberation release and noticed the vast majority of your Spetznaz units do not have the proper magazines for their weapons. They have magazines in their inventories, but those mags do not go to those guns for whatever reason.
  8. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Edited to remove content. I just realized I am still running a previous version of Liberation. I will update my mission files before offering anything.
  9. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    How did you fix it?
  10. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Am I able to add as many vehicles to this line as I want, or does it only ever reference a single vehicle?
  11. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hello. Is it possible to give a new vehicle the "respawn" functionality without changing or removing the basic respawn vehicle? Alternatively, is there some way to make the mission detect new respawn points generated as the mission is in-progress? I am specifically interested in incorporating the 6x6 All Terrain Vehicle by Neddles (on the Steam Workshop), which has some amazing features that are not usable in Liberation without some modification. Thank you, Wyqer and crew, for all that you do! I am eager for the next version of Liberation.
  12. vagrantauthor

    NIArms Release Thread

    Forget tan anodized -- I'm interested in seeing those platecarrier faces in-game! Extra mag space wooo!!!
  13. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Guten tag! The following issue has recently begun to pop up while playing the Taunus version of Liberation (0.963a): "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_BarGate2/UserActions/CloseDoors1.onlyForPlayer'." This is a new problem for me. CBA is the only mod that has changed recently, and that is due to an update. I do not use ACE, but I do use Enhanced Movement. All other mods are weapons and equipment.
  14. vagrantauthor

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    It's funny that both of the missions I tend to play whenever I load A3 were originally made by @zbug; Liberation and Clashpoint. Regardless, thank you @Wyqer and all the others involved in keeping this thing alive. Your modifications to this mission have been greatly appreciated, as is the work you continue to do. Take your time, and try not to lose the love of the game!
  15. vagrantauthor

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Hello! I just recently downloaded Aegis for the first time a day or two ago. It must be good stuff, because I'm using Vanilla (and Vanilla-ish) assets that I have not used in a long time. Thank you for sharing this with the community. This is excellent stuff! There are a few oddities I have noticed as I play. I apologize if they have already been listed by others elsewhere, but I don't have the time right now to pour over 19 pages of forum posts to double-check. -The suppressors for the 5.56 are no longer accessible. The SPAR-16's, for example, can no longer be suppressed. -The black 4-five pistol has access to community accessories (like NIArms' DBAL) like its Vanilla counterpart, but the C-1911 does not even though the Vanilla ACP does. -The message "Picture \a3\weapons_f_aegis\machineguns\m200\data\ui\gear_m200_blk_x_ca.paa not found" pops up upon loading into the Arsenal.