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    Weapon Sway Inaccurate

    Thanks for the link.
  2. Kasten

    Weapon Sway Inaccurate

    I would like to bring the issue of weapon sway to the table, please know before judging, I am an VERY active shooter and practice a lot! I have loved Arma for years and years now because there is not a game like it. The mod Community is fantastic as well. So I hope this will be taken as Constructive Criticism for BIS and may lead to more realism weapon handling. Can we PLEASE remove/correct weapons sway in the game. Its unrealistic, and completely unnatural. I've been shooting AR platform rifles, SBR to the standard AR-15 for many years with and without optics, even have the RCO/or Leupold HAMR, ARCO/ ELCAN Specter DR as its real name is on my AR. Under 0 Circumstances have I ever had the swing/ wobble/ 12 liter of vodka sway feature that is in ARMA 3 currently. This game is based around characters that are combat operators, not children that can't hold a rifle. Theses are trained professionals that have been trained in stress shooting from years, Range or Combat. The only time I have experienced wobble (real life) is after I have held my rifle in standing shooting position for loooong periods of time, and fatigue starts to take effect after I loss stamina. Even when I'm looking thru my optic my head does not wobble around like I have Parkinson's disease (little Harsh, but completely true) when I'm looking down a rifle. Arma has really bad over swing on the rifles like they have a 10 lb weight attached to the front and a crazy amount of circular drift, not present in the real world. When shooting a rifle, it's firmly pressed against your shoulder, and your cheek is against the stock which prevents wobble, and promotes accuracy for fast target alignment. With your cheek against the stock, where ever the scope goes your eye goes with it, head wobble or drift doesnt exist because its aligned looking thru the optic. Even when you look around with your head your rifle is fixed in a forward shooting position, only your head turns a bit, when you return your head back forward it natural aligns back with the scope thru proper alignment and muscle memory. Therefore no wobble. The only time I have had wobble is when doing stress shooting and training with law enforcement (Civilian to U.S. Marshals), my adrenaline is flowing and heart is racing, I wobble a little but not like in Arma. The stock of the rifle should always be solid in the shoulder of the character, with minimal sway up front as proper firing uses a pull/push to target method, not swing. The Mag well seems to be the main swivel position while looking into the optic instead of the shoulder, as the front and rear of the rifle would have be be moving, to cause this wobble. I do like the idea of the 3D scope for realism purposes but it really needs to be fixed as its unrealistic. When looking thru a optic a players eye should be in prefect alignment with the scope not wobbling or having a circular drift, if a player turns there head, it should snap back in place once the head is returned back to center and should be dead on due to muscle memory. If a player stays in this position for to long then you can do a little bit of weapon wobble as a player would lose stamina, from holding that position for too long. I hope this doesn't come as I'm complaining, as I doing it for improved game play and accuracy stand point for all players Novice to Hard Core.
  3. I really LOVE Arma 2-3, and I think this game has the best Community for mods then any other game on the market, but they shouldn't have to fix issues within the game, I just wish BIS would change a few things, like focusing on more game play issues like the weapons sway, vehicle turning and game play mechanics. Some things are really terrible and completely unnatural/unrealistic, I have several issues though they will not keep me from playing and enjoying teamwork :). I'm looking forward to more DLC that's practical like the heli's NOT Karts, lets keep it focused on military game play IMO.
  4. Kasten

    Multi Player Desync with Game Crash

    That sucks. hopefully when the full game is rolled out everything is fixed, but for now gotta love betas and this is a pretty awesome beta. Its worth the hiccups from time to time no matter how frustrating it can be from time to time.
  5. Kasten

    Multi Player Desync with Game Crash

    I think my problem was that last beta patch, since this new one rolled out no issues, no desync and no lag. All is well again!
  6. I recent switched my game from the Dev Build back to the Beta patch to be able to play with some friends. Since I switched back I'm experiencing desync around 100,000 within 5 mins over the internet, with a resulting game freeze. I have to restart the game to be able to play again; then another 5-10 mins it will do this again. I even get this same issue when playing over a LAN network at a buddies store. Before the switch from the DEV build I didn't have this issue. I am running a Brand new computer that I built, though I don't think its the computer since this is the only game that I'm having an issue with, and Its a recent issue since I did the switch. I'm running off a WiFi/ Cell tower internet, but I can play over games like Planetside 2 and Xbox with no issue. When I looked at a .rpt file one of the codes was for a PhysX issue. Could this be whats causing my problems? Its worth mentioning that I was able to play these missions for hours in a Single player mode with 0 issues. Any thoughts or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. -Kasten
  7. Kasten

    MK18 Mod 1

    God I love this Weapons Pack, I enjoy using the M4 Block 2! My group really loves this pack as well, its all we use. Keep up the good work to all those who are involved.