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  1. It means exactly what it says. Something tried to resize an array to negative size. Didn't have time to look at the crashdump yet.
  2. Use WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted The normal one despawns when its empty. which it is. _spawnPos = [(_localPos select 0), (_localPos select 1), ((_localPos select 2) + 1)]; can be replaced by _spawnPos = _localPos vectorAdd [0,0,1];
  3. Dedmen

    Screamer on kill

    Yeah I'm going after the users apparent SQF scripting skill. In the order - remoteExec seperate commands - remoteExec a piece of code via call - remoteExec a proper CfgFunctions function I'm thinking the last one would be too much effort to explain now. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgFunctions
  4. Dedmen

    Arma 3 crashes

    I've moved your thread into the correct section. With that info noone will be able to help you. You need to provide more details. What does "crashes" mean?
  5. The wiki page won't help with that. These are just warnings that also don't really matter. What I find ALOT more interesting is this spam: Which is interesting... because according to the start parameters VSM is never loaded, so what is looking for VSM content? Also VSM vests has been taken down due to containing illegally ripped models... I would recommend you keep your distance from that. I'd say.. The fault lies therein. You have a mod with broken models, I'd suggest you remove that and tell the author to fix his stuff. Thats not good. wtf? Why is there a TFAR in uniforms? That makes no sense. This "TAW_Content_AM1" seems to be breaking just about everything, inserts invalid classes into CfgWeapons which throws errors, looks for non-existent textures, modifies rhs classes. I would recommend you clean up all the broken mod garbage before you do any further investigating. And that mod garbage is probably the cause of your issues anyway. You should not be setting this parameter, remove it.
  6. Dedmen

    Screamer on kill

    As he said, it doesn't do what you think. try/catch doesn't catch script exceptions. We have a wiki page telling you everything about it https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/try That's wrong, again there is a wiki page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isNil https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isNull The wiki page also tells you why that happens. The answer is remoteExec, and here again, we have a wiki page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec Just remotely execute the playSound and cutRsc and cutFadeOut on the _killer. Might be better to just remoteExec "call" or "spawn" and pass a script to it instead.
  7. I'm sure the ACE guys know more about it. But you didn't post this in the ACE thread, so they didn't see it. But I assume the answer is no.
  8. Yes I know. But randomly trying out things when the game crashed for whichever of a billion possible reasons isn't always the best way to go.
  9. Dedmen

    Arma 3 Battleye Trojan Detection

    I've moved your thread to the correct section. Your Arma not working isn't really "news". The problem IS that your Antivirus is blocking Battleye. Disable your Antivirus, or add an exception for Battleye. Or just wait, BI is already preparing the fix and it should be there shortly.
  10. What names you use left of spawn/call doesn't matter. You pass the content of the variables, what the variable name was doesn't matter. You might aswell just do [getMarkerPos "Marker1", getMarkerSize "Marker1" select 0] spawn or [_marker, _aosize select 0] spawn or [_marker, _axisA] spawn correct.
  11. Won't help considering he can't even start the game. He said he already did that. I guess already includes that. He already did that. Please try the following: If that doesn't help, go to your launch parameter settings, and set the memory allocator to "system" if that still doesn't help, do as the crash report window tells you and create a "report" this will get you a zip file. Please upload that somewhere and post the link to it here. What I really need is the .mdmp file from the crash.
  12. if you don't have respawn or AI enabled, and the one player dies, then his slot will disappear. That was my idea too, some acceleration running which makes the sleep skip. But I can't think of why anyone would do that. And that shouldn't happen in a empty mission, maybe JIP join by default does some time acceleration for some reason. That actually confirms that. Its probably just a short (1-2 frame) time acceleration which makes the first sleep skip, then the scheduler makes the script wait till next frame where the acceleration has ended. Could try logging https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/accTime Also I'd recommend using diag_log [diag_tickTime, diag_frameNo, accTime, "your message here"]; to log, that way you have the exact timing and all messages, unlike hint which just hides the previous message.
  13. your ; is missplaced there. you'd just call the func with an array of all your parameters so [_marker, 50] call my_fnc_function; for a _radiussize of 50. Sure. Same thing [_marker, 50] spawn my_fnc_function; What do you mean with that?
  14. Dedmen

    Macaco's Mod

    TFAR only tells the AI that there is "something" there. This script creates a patrol waypoint instructing the AI to investigate what they have heard. Also it has different distance falloff behaviour. Btw the scripts are quite outdated and should probably be refactored, using params (which we have had for 4 years now) and private keyword and proper indentation. But I assume its not intended as a open-source release where the user might read the scripts they are using.
  15. Yes. Only public posts need approval.