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  1. Dedmen

    Arma 3 rewrite engine dx 12 or Vulkan?

    won't happen.
  2. if your mission is in a mod pbo, probably. but from a mission pbo in mpmissions that creates problems, BI semi-broke "external" includes with 3DEN update.
  3. edited version not sure, but you can just write/make it from scratch, its not that much effort I think. yes. The button in main menu just calls "playMission" with a path to the mission, you can just replace that script on the button to start yours. Search in AIO config for "Arsenal: Bootcamp" it just has this entry onbuttonclick = "playMission['','\A3\Missions_F_Bootcamp\Scenarios\Arsenal.VR']"; just replace it. ACE also adds their own arsenal mission, but they add a extra button https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/tree/master/addons/arsenal
  4. Dedmen

    Cant download

    google recently changed the minimum required API version. The game is probably just too old. which is why it works on the older phone.
  5. no they don't crash. They get killed by battleye. since a recent battleye update it now kills every program that has any dll loaded that battleye considers "potentially malicious" so.. either disable battleye, or find out what dll its complaining about, or reinstall windows to make that dll probably be gone.
  6. Dedmen

    AMD Epyc 7371 vs Xeon-E 2288G

    yes, a tiny bit. but 90% of the load will be on a single core so its not worth it. you want high frequency and memory speed, core count doesn't matter that much.
  7. Dedmen

    Installing mods

    directly into the game server directory, next to Addons/Enoch/Curator/Expansion folders. and on the command line you use the -mod parameter https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters#Modifications
  8. config.cpp/description.ext are different configs, they cannot see eachother.
  9. Dedmen

    CBA issue key

    did you install the cba key on the server? Also you posted this in the wrong forum section, I'll move this for you.
  10. Dedmen

    global ban in arma 3

    You'll have to contact BattlEye support here: https://www.battleye.com/support/
  11. Dedmen

    Unconscious Markers

    they are very different things, addEventHandler adds a... eventhandler. remoteEvent triggers a event, thats the opposite end of the pipeline. I assume you want to add a handler for the CBA event, CBA_fnc_addEventHandler. https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/wiki/Custom-Events-System#registering-a-handler-for-custom-events
  12. Dedmen

    Flowing water

    Global Mobilization has it. Its just a animated texture that looks like its flowing. No... but technically.. now that we have addForce command, that could be scripted.
  13. Dedmen

    Detect sea

    -> !(_nrobjs isEqualTo []) -> if (_town isEqualType [] && _dist < 1) That code seems a bit old 😄