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  1. Meme779

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Is this issue fixed? AI veh can't move in group without member getting stuck somewhere unless using "safe" and "column"
  2. Meme779

    Extended Effects

    I have extfx_WW4Ext installed, but only part of vehicle models are replaced. Does anyone have this problem?
  3. Weapon systems like FAMAS-FELIN or OICW that can allow a character to shoot around corner without exposing its body. HUD that can communicate with aforementioned weapon systems Air-burst grenade weapon system. Disposable launcher with proper animation <----- ( 17 years since OFP/CWA...still not featured ) Reworked inventory system that can allow a character to carry multiple disposable launcher based on weight limit. Being able to walk inside a cargo of larger aircraft such as Blackfish <--- ( Joint Operations did it in 2004)
  4. Meme779

    [Poll] Is the Rhino MSG really useful?

    Its laser guided shell with UAV can provide in-direct fire. Maybe it can be air lifted by V-44?? Might be faster on road? Its top speed is 92km/h while T-100 can only reach 62km/h.
  5. Meme779

    Please, fix this!!!

    Vehicle armor also need to be fixed... What kind of tank can survive two AT rounds on its top and belly armor?
  6. I noticed that all wheeled vehicles, including NATO tank destroyer, have a insane detection cone. It is impossible to sneak up behind them to plant an explosive You are automatically detected if you entered certain radius of a vehicle. Going prone would help, but not guaranteed as you can still be detected if you are anywhere but behind a vehicle. This would never happen with tracked vehicles, including the Nyx mini tank. You can bang you head all day on a Nyx's hull and it still wouldn't give a ****. Is this a bug or something?
  7. Meme779

    Arma 3 freeze every 5 or 10 minutes

    I switch to ARMA3 to SSD. This drastically reduce the time between freeze. I can now run 1 or 2 campaign mission without freezing. I didn't set the allocator on my launch option, but I assume "system" is default? Is occasional freeze a normal thing in ARMA3?
  8. Meme779

    Arma 3 freeze every 5 or 10 minutes

    I notice there is a huge jump from gbFrm to memLo ( 0.42660 to 8516) Could that be the source of problem?
  9. Just like title said, I have having a freeze issue with game. I have tried update drivers, remove mods, virus scan, defrag, memcheck, and check integrity of the game none of them work. Nvidia 1060 6gb 16gb ryzen 7 1700 I used "diag_captureSlowFrame" to capture what happens during freezing. I have no idea how to read it. Can someone help? Thanks