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  1. An_A3_Dev

    Adding/removing actions

    Ahh ok thank you so much
  2. Would it be possible to make this restrain AI and Players?
  3. An_A3_Dev

    Adding/removing actions

    I don't know what im doing wrong but what would I put in the condition. I keep trying to find an example on the wiki but I can't find anything. Would you happen to have an example or be able to direct me to an example?
  4. If I use hideOnUse in this addAction player addAction [ "title", // title { something; // script }, nil, // arguments 1.5, // priority true, // showWindow true, // hideOnUse "", // shortcut "true", // condition 50, // radius false, // unconscious "", // selection "" // memoryPoint ]; how do I unhide the addAction? Im using this to holster your weapon but I want the action to only show up when you have a weapon in your hand and for it to be removed when you have no weapon.
  5. An_A3_Dev

    Stuck in legs

    I made some backpacks and all of them are stuck in the players legs. Does anyone know a fix for this? I have tired putting autocenter=0 in the property box but it didn't work. All the textures work just fine, the bags are just stuck in your legs.
  6. Im making a HUD to display the information for my custom mission. I want to pull the players kills, deaths, xp, and level values from my database and display it on my HUD, but I cant find any info anywhere on how to do this. Does anyone know how to do this?
  7. So I think I have everything in Object Builder set up and working right, but when I go in game my characters uniform is in the ground and does not move with his body.
  8. Please remove this post.
  9. An_A3_Dev

    Desert Terrain

    Updating fixed everything. Thanks
  10. An_A3_Dev

    Desert Terrain

    Ok I have fixed the white terrain problem. I had a file typed wrong but when I use pboProject I get this: scanning for pbos to make.... preprocessing testmap.pbo <scanning files to pack> ... <Creating a land_class config> </land_class> .............................................. </endscan> creating texheaders.bin using binarise.exe to binarise wrp <copying/crunching to temp> ................................................. </end copy/crunch> <searching for cfgWorlds.NameOfWrp> rebuilding testmap\config.bin.cfgPatches.units[]=...(altered) Checking cfgSurfaces and clutter...cfgSurfaces,cfgSurfaceChars,or clutter is not defined I have unticked the warning box like this says to (its not the same error that the guide says you will get so I dont know what this is) and I have used the config that the PMC guide says to but changed tut_tutorial_terrain to testmap
  11. An_A3_Dev

    Desert Terrain

    1. Arma 3 Tools 2. bulldozer 3. yes 4. yes 5. yes 6. yes 7. yes 8. yes 9. all ranges 10. yes 11. yes
  12. An_A3_Dev

    Desert Terrain

    So what does a name have to do with anything. My name means nothing, its just a name. I have followed that PMC guide and even had a guy name Cole Slaughter watch me do it and it still didn't work. He tried to help me fix it or try to fix it but nothing worked. Thats why I was asking if there was any flat open source terrains. I have done everything in order and the same problem happens over and over again. The terrain is all white and none of the terrain edits save.
  13. An_A3_Dev

    Desert Terrain

    Yes on both discord and on here and people were not nice. I didn't understand what I was doing and they kept acting like I was stupid and wouldn't help. All I was doing is asking questions to try and understand what im doing wrong. My one friend cole helped me a little and I fully understand how to import things to terrain builder and I know how to use terrain builder. I already did it with kelleysisland and still use the map to this day. I have never made my own terrain cause I never could get it working and no one would help me to get it working. So I would always run in to problems around here (Select processing tab) on the PMC tutorial. Like it wont let me make the layers or the ground would be all white and have no texture.
  14. An_A3_Dev

    Desert Terrain

    Even if some one could make one for me that would be really nice. I just want to mess around with importing things to terrain builder.