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  1. Getting a glitch where whenever ATOC is enabled I get a weird glitch as illustrated in the pic below. Disabling ATOC seems to be the only solution, but isn't preferred. AMD 580, is there anything to change in the AMD settings to alleviate this issue? Thanks. Zoom in and you will the grid like squares. Very obvious on the grass. Thanks.
  2. Anyway to define what vehicles the logistics system will use? Currently have CSAT logi trucks used for Takistan Militia.
  3. What happens to reinforcement groups after they've completed their task? Will they return to their previous waypoint (ie, a CBA defend point) or do they just stand idle?
  4. acoustic


    Just to add to this: They fully work in ED3N, but not when actually playing. It's as if the module is turning them off no matter what.
  5. acoustic


    I am also getting the light bug. None of the lights on Gila work with ravage enabled.
  6. acoustic


    @Dragon_Valliere Are you pulling the class names from the virtual arsenal?
  7. acoustic


    Gotcha. No visual effects for 5 minutes so I wasn't sure how long it took or if it was working. Thanks!
  8. acoustic


    @haleks Awesome! Thanks for the info. Another question (sorry, really diving into a lot of features I have never touched before): I placed a radioactive zone down, and I am not quite sure its working. Debug says its there, but I stood in it for a solid 5 minutes with no effects and nothing in my inventory gui indicating sickness. Does radiation not show up in the editor maybe? Also regarding the debug. I noticed that it shows the areas where hostiles could be. Is it only limited to those areas or could we possible see more? It covers most of the areas on Gila, but there are some it's certainly missing. I am not sure how accurate the debug is, trying to gauge it. Thanks!
  9. acoustic


    So, with the new gear pool module, do we have to fill in every array or by leaving it blank do we revert to default? And does filling in the array replace everything with just that list (ie, no default items)?
  10. acoustic

    Rusty Retexture

    Love it! Amazing work cosmic. You'd be my hero if you released those infinite weapon re-textures... 😁
  11. acoustic


    Hmm, interesting. Glad to hear population factor affects them. Last question: Are they scaled by the number of players? Ie, if I have 5 players could I see maybe 2-3 renegades spawn at similar times? EDIT: Regarding the advanced animal behavior, any chance we could see that for other animals (like ones spawned by Vandeansons animal script)? Right now they don't react at all to gun fire.
  12. acoustic


    Are they fairly common compared to the normal hostile faction spawn?
  13. acoustic


    So I have never used renegades before, but it sounds like exactly what I want. It's just a hostile civilian (ie, hostile to everyone) that randomly spawns? Do they spawn in groups?
  14. acoustic


    You should try Ravage on Gila.... 😘 @haleks you dog. I finally get to go back to my roots of mission making this morning after releasing my terrain, and you release an update 5 min before I start. Love the continual support!
  15. acoustic


    Code had an error in it, fixed! Should work now, if the buildings contain those damaged textures.