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  1. @major_shepard Thank you for adding VN. By the way, I know it is detail, but maybe renaming "vn" to "S.O.G." would be more descriptive? I also have feature request: in Addon Priorities section of Addon Options is a button "move to top". It would be usefull if there would be "to the bottom".
  2. How to launch "S.O.G. Prairie Fire" using a3s? I see Contact is supported. But I don't see SOG. Should it be added by authors or should I do something to detect SOG?
  3. kromka

    Cultural Property

    @Wiki Open a map and place any marker (eg. dot) on their position. BTW: I didn't noticed it has any impact on the rest of the mission. Nobody comes to secure them, they don't react in any way. But objective should be completed.
  4. This post contains spoilers! I tried Old Man couple of times. Every time I tried to achieved Devil's Due end I failed. Additionally BI is not helpful, because every update of A3 force me to restart this mission. I consider Old Man as a good mission but I am just tired figuring out what to do to finish it with this end. Sequence below will take you up to 10 minutes.
  5. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Problem is I don't charge at all. Or rather I tried way with charging and way without. Maybe problem is I don't know how to use this Vikhr missles? You said that I should use thermal which i didn't used. But this chopper cant lock anything. I mean even if target is locked Vikhr fly as they want. -------- I played rest of the SP misisons. No more problems have been found. Then now I will stop complain.
  6. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    You are right. Changing flight model for this chopper works. This suppor seems to be partially implemented, because chinook and apache works properly. Chinook: Squad (or part of it) that should be evacuated in second objective won't get aboard. Most of soldiers do it but there are 5 person left despite there is still place in chopper. Heavy Metal (Russian version): I destroyed everything except tents and flag pole in the enemy base. Mission wan't to end. Most likely there is hidden enemy or something similar.
  7. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Ground Attack II: When I start the engine, first I loose tail rotor. Just, with no reason. After main engine gains full power and I try to start I loose main rotor and AH-64 is broken. I reproduce it also in eden editor then this seems to be problem of CWR (CUP?) in general not a mission itself. I noticed power floating rapidly from about 30% to even 250%. Rat Hole: Completely unplayable. My wingman dies in first 5 seconds of approaching the base. No guided missles makes destroying vulcans almost impossible. Of course I can hovering 1 meter above the ground but then tanks will come and destroy me anyway. Maybe Vikhir missles are guided but in this case I have no idea how to use them. They just flying next to me instead of doying something even when i have target in front of me. I tries many times but I have no idea how to deal with those vulcans other than load-luckyShot-save. Heliport Raid: The same problem with AH-64 like in Ground Attack II.
  8. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Convoy Attack: This time convoy came to the action area in couple of waves: 1st was slowly rolled light armoured vehicle, 2nd (about 2 minutes after it) one slowly driving truck, 3rd (another two-three minutes after) three(?) very fast driving trucks and at the very end (after another couple of minutes) UAZ with MG. Goal was completed after destroying 3rd wave. Probably this is another problem with consisted convoy.
  9. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Here you have fragment, when shilka recieves hit from LAW. https://youtu.be/-xtTSGpQNk0?t=179 Then Bravo had some AT weapon as I suspected. Maybe solution is artificially limit convoy speed? Then gaps will be smaller? Also W0lle idea to modify members of convoy to light ones or even take one vehicle out is good. Ah, remember about stamina. Couple of missions (like this one) when you have to act quickly may have be little bit tricky because you will have no time to hide. I think (and W0lle also mentioned it somwhere earlier) many missions just have to be rebalanced and because of engine there is no point to precise copy each of them. It will be painful for creator and benefit will be not so noticable. Vulcan: After arrival to Saint Louis goal is completed but mission doesn't end. I am not sure if it is intentional but I met two specnaz in Sain Louis. Furthermore in original mission there was no need reach Saint Louis (if it is important).
  10. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    You are right. This is the possible workaround. I tried it. Mission ends after Charlie clears the village. Then in fact destroying the conwoy is not necessary to complete the mission. AFAIR it was mandatory, but I may be wrong. It was years ago when I pass this mission even in CWR2.
  11. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I can place satchels more or less precise. In original mission (OFP one) covering whole convoy was quiet easy. Even something was left, Bravo did the job. In this case with one load of satchels, from convoy consisted with BMP, T72, Shilka and truck, I destroyed T72, Shilka and truck. This was my best run. But even with this result Bravo was wiped out with remaining BMP. This cause objective "destroy" convoy can't be completed because I don't have enough stuff to do it. Maybe I do something wrong in this version but I tried couple of times and result was always similar.
  12. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    09: Commander Is this title proper? Additionally as an author there is "by CWR III Modification". In the mission, far after elimination both officers I see some dialog that some chopper with Russian officers left the island. Just like I still have something to kill. I am not sure is it a feature or is it a bug. Anyway it has no impact on mission. Commander: Marker in (076, 080) is "var_attack1 the enemy".
  13. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    This mission has two possible ends. One is heli pick up you when you have at least one member in your squad and second HQ refuses extraction when you are alone. @Wolle https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756113314&searchtext=cold+war This is the best port of campaign and missions I've played since CWR2. It is really good work (despite it has flaws). In this port many sneaky missions are ruined by AI awareness. I don't remember name, but in this port, in campaign, there is a mission where on Kolgujev you back to the island and you have to destroy three Shilkas have been found in previous mission. This is the best example. There is one in active russian base: destroying is possible only with RPG from long range. Otherwise you are dead. I really tried. I usually play with 0.7 precision and 0.55 skill and AI were really demanding. Those radio cuttings are minor issues. I just mentioned about them FYI. I have also one request: please add in MP misisons "CWR3" on the beginning of the title, eg: [COOP04] CWR3 Some title It will help find your stuff. "Revenge" I think there is too many enemies in second village. In the first village I always loose 1-2 BMP in second rest because BMPs charge at enemy position and are destroyed quickly. Also it seems on CUP maps enemy see through the grass. It means I recieve fire even if I can't see anybody (because of grass) but enemy already see me (my silhouette is over the edge of terrain).This region has high grass and because of this close combat is even don't difficult but just annoying. In my case always end of mission was left-alone-then-save-load. "Bomberman" Bravo squad is rather useless. I noticed max they do is attacking of Shilka with grenade launcher. I remember in this mission Bravo had some AT weapon. I am not sure it is proper way but I finished mission only by cleaning the town. Convoy wasn't destroyed (also task wasn't completed). "Battlefields II" I met situation Russian soldiers lied on the ground and didn't shoot. They were located directly next to barbwires and sandbags. They ignored everyone (me and US AI) even in close range. Similar situation I met in "Battlefields I" but scale was smaller (only 1 or 2 soldiers) and I tought it is some exception. It may be some engine problem.
  14. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    CWR3 is the best news from Arma3 in this year! Lets start complaining 🙂 General remark to all missions: you are probably aware of this fact but keep in mind that AI currently is much more aware than earlier. It may impact on whole mission, especially stealth one. Eg. even in CWR2 in "Steal the car" I ususally hide into first buildings without attraction of any attention. Now I couldn't do this other way than by crawling. "Clean Sweep I": When I kill all enemies and rest of my squad is dead, HQ refuses to send chopper. It is OK, but then the last sentence is "I done the job, send this chopper, blah blah blah". End of this sentence is cutted by mission summary. It would be good to add couple of seconds before summary board will appear. "War Cry" The same issue with last sentence from HQ like in the "Clean Sweep I". Also there is a task to hold Mirov. But this task is completed automatically almost immediately. I am not sure if enemy reinforcements were repelled "by the way" during attack (I attacked Mirov from the hill after cleaning some courtyard in sumptuous estate) or it is a bug. Anyway task appears but after seconds it is completed. Commander has no binocular. It would be convenient. Also this mission is little bit too easy. I remember I had problems in original one because often I recieve fire from many directions. This battle is rather calm and I have an impression enemy is overwhelming by my forces. Of course it is only my impression dimmed by time. "Under the hill" In original mission I remember stationary MGs were placed nearer to the edge of the hill. Because of this they were more usefull because I had also beach under fire. In the past backpacks weren't present at all but now it would be convenient to carry missles. Initial barrage is little bit too small. Originally it was very annoying and some reduction is good idea but it is too big reduction. I am not sure it is a bug or a feature but enemy squads tend to go to the middle of the attack area (where pines grow) and stop. Only couple of soldiers (three) tried attack my starting position. Also I killed everyone, destroyed everything and mission doesn't end. Probably some lonely soldier left somwhere. Then proposition: don't count consider enemy presence ==0, but set some small gap =<2 or something like this. I also played "Clean Sweep" II and III, "Steal the Car" and "Skirmish" but I found nothing there. Hehe, that was fun.
  15. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    I would like to back to the code of teleport flag. Currently it looks like this: On non-deditacted despite this script has still some issues but it works more or less like expected. However on dedicated it totally doesn't work. Player, who is sideLeader can place/remove pole and teleport himself but other clients stay intact and this script isn't t even launched when pole is placed. I suppose eg this part if((side player) == (side sideLeader)) then { player setVariable ["idActionTeleport", player addAction actionTeleport]; }; should be called in specific way eg with remoteExec, but I really don't know how to do it properly. Can somebody assist me once again? Best regards.