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  1. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    I would like to back to the code of teleport flag. Currently it looks like this: On non-deditacted despite this script has still some issues but it works more or less like expected. However on dedicated it totally doesn't work. Player, who is sideLeader can place/remove pole and teleport himself but other clients stay intact and this script isn't t even launched when pole is placed. I suppose eg this part if((side player) == (side sideLeader)) then { player setVariable ["idActionTeleport", player addAction actionTeleport]; }; should be called in specific way eg with remoteExec, but I really don't know how to do it properly. Can somebody assist me once again? Best regards.
  2. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    @pierremgi I didn't knew this site. Nice juxtaposition. Some things are overcomplicated for such ocasional scripting guy like me. I will check it. ----- It works properly. Thank you.
  3. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    I don't know why Dropbox prevents displaing content. Anyway it is downloadable. Earlier I've tried to remove all actions but it changes nothing. I've add to first line of onPlayerRespawn.sqf "removeAllActions player;" (script is called on secong line) but it also changes nothing. How it is even possible to see menu from my corpse because of watching at it? Is it intentional or is it bug?
  4. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    @killzone_kid Thank you. Your suggestion about array works just like i needed. Now I see something very weird. When I run mission as MP in Eden, I can place and remove object as expected, but after respawn (from menu) when I point on my body, menu action is multiplied? When I move head to other direction this multiplication dissapears. Why? This is package with the whole script. It is rather simple one: it just adds to the leader possibility to add/remove teleport mast (green flag) and to all players possibility to teleport from red flag to this mast. teleportToFlag
  5. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    I dont have any errors. sideLeader is in ........... some piece of code .............. which I've omitted to simplify this example. My apologies if this misleaded you. I will check this passing using array. It may solve all my problems.
  6. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    init.sqf is done only once on the beginning of the mission. Then if it is null, player who is sideLeader if(teleportTarget isEqualTo objNull) then { if(player == sideLeader) then { idActionAddTeleport = player addAction actionAddTeleport; }; } has possibility to create an object which is assigned to teleportTarget fnc_addTeleport= { private _placePosition = ((getPosATL player) findEmptyPosition [1, 5, "Flag_Green_F"]); if(count _placePosition == 3) then { teleportTarget = "Flag_Green_F" createVehicle _placePosition; //here is creation if(player == sideLeader) then { player removeAction idActionAddTeleport; idActionRemoveTeleport = player addAction actionRemoveTeleport; }; idActionTeleport = player addAction actionTeleport; }; }; Now teleportTarget is not a null. And I would like to do somehow varA assigned to teleportTarget also should contain element "Flag_Green_F". I would like to do something like this: C++ code int main() { int a = 3; someFunc(a); //now "a" is 4 not 3 because "a" was send to someFunc as a reference return 0; } void someFunc(int& param) { param++; } Sorry for other language code but it explain exactly what i would like to achieve.
  7. kromka

    Access from init.sqf

    Hi. After long time I need help once again. I create in init.sqf some variable: varA = objNull; In onPlayerRespawn.sqf I use it and pass to script: [varA] exeVM "myScript.sqf" In myScript.sqf I do something like this (if teleportTarget is already created: hint format["%1", _this select 0]; teleportTarget = _this select 0; fnc_addTeleport= { private _placePosition = ((getPosATL player) findEmptyPosition [1, 5, "Flag_Green_F"]); if(count _placePosition == 3) then { teleportTarget = "Flag_Green_F" createVehicle _placePosition; if(player == sideLeader) then { player removeAction idActionAddTeleport; idActionRemoveTeleport = player addAction actionRemoveTeleport; }; idActionTeleport = player addAction actionTeleport; }; }; ........... some piece of code .............. if(teleportTarget isEqualTo objNull) then { if(player == sideLeader) then { idActionAddTeleport = player addAction actionAddTeleport; }; } else { if(player == sideLeader) then { player removeAction idActionRemoveTeleport; idActionRemoveTeleport = player addAction actionRemoveTeleport; }; idActionTeleport = player addAction actionTeleport; }; Problem is whenever I call myScript.sqf teleportTarget is always null. I expect it shouldn't be null. I read that local vars are nullfied after script, but teleportTarget is global one. On the other side I can't do something like (_this select 0) = something. I recieve then some error. I would like to recieve something called in C++ "passing by reference" (variable state is remembered after exit of function). How to solve this?
  8. How DLC tab should work? Is it some automatic detection of monetized DLC?
  9. kromka

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 2

    Hello Whiztler. After some time we tried in two person missions Day_07 U12 Approaching was smooth despite we made wrong some route calculations. Enemy presence in farther foregrounds was in my opinion too low. We met no one during approaching. I don't know if it was intended. But base is definitelly to heavy guarded for two persons. Especially with ifrits. My mate, who was an AT specialist, couldn't locked any of them because obviously they had engines turned off and we had some very modern AT launcher at our disposal. Then our AT launcher in fact was useless which was extremely big weakness. Anyway we started attack from the south. I was supporting sniper located about 500 meters from base. My position was difficult. After some short time my teammate was killed by ifrit which has totally no reasons to fire in his direction. It was our second approach to this mission. It had more heroic character. In first trial we decided to retreat because overwhelming forces in U12 and our team then had four persons. Then from my current experience this mission is unplayable for small team (because it leads to confrontation with guards) or I don't see some obvious solution. Of course except sniping way but then we risk target will be killed or moved. Day_09 Dragon Fly We didn't passed this mission. My teammate was killed during routing between depot and airfiled. Anyway I hade some remarks. This mission has good potential but because tasks are signed during playing too late it makes it confusing. To the very end we didn't knew what will we do in the depot and because of this how to approach it. I mean, we were ready to action and had a plan more earlier we entered into "reveal zone", but we couldn't proceed because we didn't know what will be main direction of action. Eg. one proposition was to enter through the port and swipe the city in CQC but it would be totally unnecesary because main task was observation (as i understood from radio comm). Another plan was swipe edge patrols on our side and close to the town under cover of long range weapon and observe - this plan was more suitable for whole opeartion but we didn't know about it when we planned it. I think first target should be revealed much earlier or there should be pointed in briefing it will be initially close observation with option of destroy/something else of depot. Best Regards.
  10. @major_shepard I have another small request. Is it possible in "launcher options" tab add separate TextField with CheckBox to launch editor with a specific mission? Currently I have to add to "Additional Parameters" whole path, but often I don't want to launch editor with this mission and then I need to remove whole path and then paste it again and so on. It would be much more convenient if there would be separate TextField with CheckBox and this TextField box would be taken into consideration depending of CheckBox state (such solution is present in Bohemia standard launcher). BTW. Do you plan some release with fix of Huge Pages problem (this setting is not remebered properly) in near future? Best Regards.
  11. I'm sorry for delay - vacations. First of all, each point is just a request. I don't demand anything and I really appreciate your work. I just want to preserve clear and short style of description. Under this link you have depictured problem 5 and 2 (respectively). https://imgur.com/a/j41r75A Civilian units (also markers - on the screen markers are just not present) are visible no matter which view mode is selected. CANCEL/OK button is just a detail but in my opinion it would be better if they would lead to previous page or main MCC window. Also I discovered that I cant "disable" option "Disable respawn" if I will enable it. But maybe this is intentional. Also I discovered in Arsenal many rarely used stuff like (MCC) can, (MCC) metal scraps, (MCC) screwdrivers. Is it possible to remove such items at all from Arsenal? In the mission generator, when I will choose "destroy AA" mission type, those AA vehicles provide continuous fire. This seems to be little bit artificial because it suggest presence of some aerial units. Best regards.
  12. 1. OK. I missed this info. Is it some kind of limitation with the compas? This is quiet weird it can be turned off. 2. I don't know is it a bug or is it intentional. As I've written earilier I would expect OK and CANCEL button in detailed settings in "misison settings" after press will return to main MCC, but it close whole MCC. 3. I see. All misisons I've created placed this marker in direct vicinity of the target. 4. What do you mean when you write "usually". I am just curious, because somebody can ask me why AO was in different place that real AO. And of course I can answer "because" but I would prefere to avoid such answer. 5. Because man who creates a mission can accidentaly see those markers and can make some conclusions based on them. It just can spoil the mission. But maybe those markers are irrelevant. 6. I can live with this. If this is hard limitation, then there is no point to discuss. 7. Me. Best regards.
  13. @shay_gman Recently I've made a frame mission with a Zeus and MCC operator. Simply speaking my group started test it extensively because MCC give us hope for easy missions. Yesterdays mission gave us some strong experience with your mod and personally I give it green light (now you should hear fanfares from the heavens - no? common... :) ) Anyway I have some remarks. Key statement is that our group is relism fans (you know, all those commands, tactic, sitting hours in the bushes). 1. Missions Settings->UI settings seems to not work properly. Whatever I will set there, after next opening everything is checked. All the time. Especially something wrong is with the GUI compass which appears (unintentionally) and it is impossible to hide (restart of the mission helps). 2. Some CANCEL/OK buttons close MCC completely (eg. detailed settings in "misison settings"). It would be expected all CANCEL/OK would return to the main screen of MCC. 3. In the mission generator there is a possibility that marker should point the target precisely or approximatelly. But for more experienced groups it would be awesome if there was no marker but area of operation indicator. 4. Some red circle is also visible in the map even if it not correspond with a mission area. 5. MCC operator, when he creates a mission, despite if he will press "players" on the main screen of MCC, he see some additional markers on the map. This is not good. 6. When I press player's name in the main screen window I always center on he. It is quiet annoying because often I set the map position eg. for teleportation before selection of the player. It would be splendid if eg one click would select the player and two clicks center on he. 7. All parachute jumps starts with a demo. It is completely not necessary. Best regards.
  14. kromka


    @JohnKalo You have to realize why level 320 attacks you. There is one reason - resources. I suppose you may have 500 VP. If somebody have 320 level, for him fuel is useless if he attack somebody with such amount of VP. Simply speaking - you don't understand what is best for life :)
  15. @major_shepard I think there is a problem with "Huge pages" setting. It is lost when profiles are changed. I didn't noticed any pattern but this case is often reproducible: just check in each profile "huge pages" and change profile. Sooner or later this setting should be reseted.