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  1. kromka

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    1 and 2 Then instead of solid fill of zones there should be coloured shape lines (however I don't remember if it is possible)? 3, Its pitty. It would make the mission much more interesting. Anyway I believe you are righ about complexity. 4. This version may be also OK. 5. Well that kind of fancy stuff is always simplification, then I see two ways. a) there is a depot (on the side of airfield) with all those necessary trucks b) trucks are handled by AI and comes to the player (radio call) in the area of the airfield. One thing I am not sure: is this effect worth of effort? Especially you indicate this is rather training mission. 6. Ok. I have to try it once again. I had impression it is active only during stop. In the tutorial movie (about 12:18) you also say about it: stop and refill will start.
  2. Got it. Just FYI, I don't have any performance problems. My spec is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz, 32 GB RAM, SSD, Radeon RX 580 Also I didn't noticed any performance drops on dedicated. As a summary I can say only that progress between curent version and first I played is very impressive. Mission is better playable, more interesting, more demanding, (despite some small problems) more stable.
  3. Yes I watched video. I proposed limitation of shooting to AI becuase I have experience often single AI hit me and there may be temptation to kill him just after revive. But this is of course matter of player itself. Ah, you are right. I forgot about lack of crate in the office. Thank you for tips with description.ext. I have observation about bug 1) I've noticed as you've written there is a problem once per some time with the time of reviving. On the very beginning I tought it indeed prevents reviving, but recently I noticed this is just a matter of time: if I will wait about 45 sec process ends successfuly. I don't understand this delay but indeed it happens. In case of the rest it may be unproper place of side switching command. I am not sure what happen precisely when player go to the state of revive an go outside this state. Especially if eg initPlayer.sqf is launched. I had a problem when I added teleport option to the flag in my mission. After the players revive, teleport option sometimes gone for such player then I assume some kind of cancelation of states was done after or just before revive. Hovewer I didn't solved this problem. Maybe this fact is somehow connected with yours - you just missed some critical place where side change should be added. I am not too good with A3 scripts. Or maybe this is a data propagation problem?
  4. kromka

    ACES of the Sky v1.6

    Couple of propositions: 1. All those spawn zones should be more transparent. When I use the map (and I use it quiet often) sometimes I can't quickly locate croshair indicated position of my plane because everything is dark. Also GPS is not so usefull because of shadows. 2. Spawn zones could be coloured (red for OPFOR, blue for BLUFOR, green for others). It would be more intuitive. 3. For choppers there may be missions like: evacuate somebody, deliver somebody, deliver cargo, transport cargo from A to B. I mean it would be good to use possibility of choppers to land and their hooks. For all assets there may be missions like: bomb the facility, other CAS. Those missions should be simple - nothing fancy. 4. Instead of spawning on the airfield there could be possibility of fast spawn. I mean if I don't want to pick another machine I just respawn above airfield in the movement with the same set of armoury. 5. For all those who don't like repair/refule/ammo zones, maybe you may do some depot for more manual maintenance? 6. Rearm zone on runway shouln'td be activated when player stops but if he is just inside. It would be just more convenient.
  5. Hello @Gunter Severloh Here is Czarny (unfortunatelly this nick is taken here). Anyway... Good piece of update. Very good idea with new shape of AI spawn points and especially with revive protection. It was sometimes really annoying when AI killed you instantly after revive. I have proposition: decreasing 20 seconds to 10 (maybe I would consider limitation during this time player can't kill any AI). I forgot also about one thing. Currently player always starts form the same spawn point. He can pick another place only after dead. Maybe good idea would be introduce picking location before first spawn? Eg if I would like to start from the office or from spawn 5 (it can be also placed in mission parameters option as a "Starting position"). Maybe starting position should be random?
  6. @diwako How to stop jamming without destroying an object? I would like to add your jamming feature as a switch: jam on/off.
  7. @major_shepard Thank you for adding VN. By the way, I know it is detail, but maybe renaming "vn" to "S.O.G." would be more descriptive? I also have feature request: in Addon Priorities section of Addon Options is a button "move to top". It would be usefull if there would be "to the bottom".
  8. How to launch "S.O.G. Prairie Fire" using a3s? I see Contact is supported. But I don't see SOG. Should it be added by authors or should I do something to detect SOG?
  9. kromka

    Cultural Property

    @Wiki Open a map and place any marker (eg. dot) on their position. BTW: I didn't noticed it has any impact on the rest of the mission. Nobody comes to secure them, they don't react in any way. But objective should be completed.
  10. This post contains spoilers! I tried Old Man couple of times. Every time I tried to achieved Devil's Due end I failed. Additionally BI is not helpful, because every update of A3 force me to restart this mission. I consider Old Man as a good mission but I am just tired figuring out what to do to finish it with this end. Sequence below will take you up to 10 minutes.
  11. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Problem is I don't charge at all. Or rather I tried way with charging and way without. Maybe problem is I don't know how to use this Vikhr missles? You said that I should use thermal which i didn't used. But this chopper cant lock anything. I mean even if target is locked Vikhr fly as they want. -------- I played rest of the SP misisons. No more problems have been found. Then now I will stop complain.
  12. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    You are right. Changing flight model for this chopper works. This suppor seems to be partially implemented, because chinook and apache works properly. Chinook: Squad (or part of it) that should be evacuated in second objective won't get aboard. Most of soldiers do it but there are 5 person left despite there is still place in chopper. Heavy Metal (Russian version): I destroyed everything except tents and flag pole in the enemy base. Mission wan't to end. Most likely there is hidden enemy or something similar.
  13. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Ground Attack II: When I start the engine, first I loose tail rotor. Just, with no reason. After main engine gains full power and I try to start I loose main rotor and AH-64 is broken. I reproduce it also in eden editor then this seems to be problem of CWR (CUP?) in general not a mission itself. I noticed power floating rapidly from about 30% to even 250%. Rat Hole: Completely unplayable. My wingman dies in first 5 seconds of approaching the base. No guided missles makes destroying vulcans almost impossible. Of course I can hovering 1 meter above the ground but then tanks will come and destroy me anyway. Maybe Vikhir missles are guided but in this case I have no idea how to use them. They just flying next to me instead of doying something even when i have target in front of me. I tries many times but I have no idea how to deal with those vulcans other than load-luckyShot-save. Heliport Raid: The same problem with AH-64 like in Ground Attack II.
  14. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Convoy Attack: This time convoy came to the action area in couple of waves: 1st was slowly rolled light armoured vehicle, 2nd (about 2 minutes after it) one slowly driving truck, 3rd (another two-three minutes after) three(?) very fast driving trucks and at the very end (after another couple of minutes) UAZ with MG. Goal was completed after destroying 3rd wave. Probably this is another problem with consisted convoy.
  15. kromka

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Here you have fragment, when shilka recieves hit from LAW. https://youtu.be/-xtTSGpQNk0?t=179 Then Bravo had some AT weapon as I suspected. Maybe solution is artificially limit convoy speed? Then gaps will be smaller? Also W0lle idea to modify members of convoy to light ones or even take one vehicle out is good. Ah, remember about stamina. Couple of missions (like this one) when you have to act quickly may have be little bit tricky because you will have no time to hide. I think (and W0lle also mentioned it somwhere earlier) many missions just have to be rebalanced and because of engine there is no point to precise copy each of them. It will be painful for creator and benefit will be not so noticable. Vulcan: After arrival to Saint Louis goal is completed but mission doesn't end. I am not sure if it is intentional but I met two specnaz in Sain Louis. Furthermore in original mission there was no need reach Saint Louis (if it is important).