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  1. Very WIP version here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1583193287 Still needs: 1) improved textures 2) properly configured hitpoints so that the engine, sensors, controls, etc can be damaged while the plane hasn't been completely destroyed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I noticed, years after Arma 3 has been out, there are still very few mods for an F-35B, and none are standalone. Alternatives: So I decided to try to make my own port, and in the process to modify the model to be a bit more F-35-like and a bit less X-35-like, and also to make some changes to stats that are simply judgement calls So at the moment, I've got a standalone VTOL F-35 with a working targeting camera, sensors suite+stealth properties, dynamic loadout system, and animations working. Hitpoints to allow subsystems to be damaged are partially implemented. I will try to make the textures look better soon (it is way too bright under mid day direct sunlight). Misc. Pics: I'm trying to give it a more versatile weapon's loadout, so that it won't just be limited to a pair of bombs (or SDB racks) and a pair of AMRAAMs. To this end, I've made a 4x Scalpel rack for internal carriage, a 2x AMRAAM rack for internal carriage, and a new type of anti-radiation missile for internal carriage. It also has 2 weapon pylons on the doors that rotate outward when fired (similar to the Blackfoot's pylons), so that it can plausibly employ direct DAR and DAGR rockets. The new missile I'm dubbing the AGM-99 ALARM (Advanced Light Anti-Radiation Missile. It's significantly weaker than the HARM (in terms of damage from a direct hit, as well as indirect blast damage and radius), it takes 3 hits to destroy a Zsu-39 Tigris, but it will take out the static SAM radars and the Nyx Radar variant in 1 hit. I had thought about giving it a 25mm internal gun (files for such are in game, but not well balanced- however for a space and weight limited V/STOL model, a smaller 20mm cannon makes more sense. Also since it can fire 70mm rockets for use in CAS, a heavier hitting cannon isn't needed so much for taking out armored targets. Its getting the same 20mm cannon as the blackfoot (which should be a 3 barrel version of the good old M61 Vulcan, "the world's lightest 20 mm Gatling cannon") with 300 rounds. I've also added a new missile type, a smaller version of the HARM, the AGM-99 ALARM (Advanced Light Anti-Radiation Missile. I'm going to try and tweak its blast so that 1 is not sufficient to take out a Tigris/Cheetah, but it will kill static radars and Nxy recons (Currently its direct and indirect hit damage is 1/3 of the HARM's, and its indirect hit range is just above 1/3... haven't tested if this will knock out a Cheetah/Tigris, or if a 2nd missile is needed yet). Each of the two outer pylons supports: 1x Bim-9x/1xASRAAM/1xAMRAAM D/1xALARM/1x12 DAR Pod/1x12DAGR pod Each of the two inner pylons supports: 1-2x AMRAAM D/1-2x ALARM*/4x SDB/4x Scapel/1x GBU-12/1x CBU-85 *I'm considering removing the 2x ALARM racks, and the 1x ALARM option from the outer pylons, so that it can only carry 2x ALARM, as opposed to up to 6 currently. I'm considering making a 3-4x ASRAAM rack for the inner bays, to be something like a MSDM/CUDA type missile: Example loadouts could be: A2A: 2x BIM-9, 4x AMRAAM CAS: 24x DAR, 4x scalpel, 4x SDB Mixed: 2x BIM-9, 4x scalpel, 4x SDB Mixed: 24x DAGR, 4x AMRAAM SEAD: 24x DAGRs and 4x ALARM Top speed is the same as the Black Wasp for now (I think I'll scale it back a little). Radar stealth and range is the same as the black wasp. Its IR stealth is a 20% reduction in detection range (a 0.8 multiplier). Its IR sensor is the same as that found on the A-164 wipeout, except not limited to view distance settings (I don't know why they do that for vanilla assets ). Fictional lore for the F-35F in armaverse:
  2. So I noticed, years after Arma 3 has been out, there are still very few mods for an F-35B, and none are standalone. I think my F-35B port is not bad at the moment, much better than when I first uploaded it and shared in the addons discussion forum, so I figured I'd make a thread in the "complete" forum, although I still plan on tweaking it. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1583193287 So I started with a port of the Arma 2 F-35 (ie an X-35 model), and updated it. Its got working radar/sensors, stealth properties, dynamic loadouts, partially configured hitpoints, and a pilot camera. I've made the model more F-35 like, and less X-35 like (such as the lift fan cover, a bump on the nose for the EOTS, a sawtooth edge on the tailpipe, a changed canopy, etc). Early version showing the sawtooth edge: I've also given it much more capabilities than Arma 2's loadout. Maximum A2A loadout is now 6 missiles As the AGM-88C (C!!! wtf, the E model was already around in 2018) is too big, I made a smaller and weaker ARM, the ALARM (Advanced Light Anti Radiation Missile). 2 hits are needed to disable/destroy a Tigris (in testing, the crew is able to bail before the tigris goes up in flames after the 2nd hit, and survive). Each of the two outer pylons supports: 1x Bim-9x/1xASRAAM/1xAMRAAM D/1xALARM/1x12 DAR Pod/1x12DAGR pod Each of the two inner pylons supports: 1-2x AMRAAM D/1x ALARM/4x SDB/4x Scapel/1x GBU-12/1x CBU-85 It has an internal 20mm gatling gun with 300 rounds I had thought about giving it a 25mm internal gun (files for such are in game, but not well balanced)- however for a space and weight limited V/STOL model, a smaller 20mm cannon makes more sense. Also since it can fire rockets for use in CAS, a heavier hitting cannon isn't needed so much for taking out armored targets. Therefore it gets the same 20mm cannon as the blackfoot - which should be a 3 barrel version of the good old M61 Vulcan, "the world's lightest 20 mm Gatling cannon". Top speed is the same as the Black Wasp for now (I think I'll scale it back a little*). Radar stealth and range is the same as the black wasp. Its IR stealth is a 20% reduction in detection range (a 0.8 multiplier). Its IR sensor is the same as that found on the A-164 wipeout, except not limited to view distance settings (I don't know why they do that for vanilla assets *). * The F-35 and the F-18 have similar top speeds, but both are significantly slower than the F-22. If the F-181 is supposed to be a F-18/F-22 hybrid, then it should be faster than the F-35 I also found the pilot view in the F-35 from Arma 2 to be too obstructive, so I changed it to improve the field of view. (its an old pic, but the geometry is more or less the same, the default gun has changed, the CM magazine size, and the sensors as well) Fictional lore for the F-35F in armaverse: These pics are a little out of date (textures have been darkened, but they show the basics: I welcome feedback.
  3. Updated: changed the cockpit so that the textures aren't distorted. Made the 2nd RPM gauge indicate engine vector, so you don't need to go in 3rd person view to see that Added a less stealthy STOVL variant with external weapon pylons. Made the underside lighter, so its dark on top, lighter on the bottom.
  4. I could swear at one point the GM6 Lynx (particularly with APDS ammo) and HMGs could disable the turret of a Gorgon or a BTR Kamysh. Even a M320 LLR could disable it (I think the SPMGs would work too)... yet in my recent testing post Tanks DLC, HMGs (standard and NSV-T) and the GM6 with APDS couldn't disable it. I even made some mod HMGs firing APDS rounds and the normally unused 127x99 SLAP rounds. They were effective at disabling Marshal turrets, Mora turrets, Rhino guns, the HMG/GMG turrets of MRAPs/Panthers/Marids, but the gorgon and Kamysh seem completely immune to being disabled by HMGs, APDS rounds, and even the 20mm AP rounds of the Nyx's autocannon * for the record, I was trying to find out what kind of armored units could be taken on by various airmobile or amphibious units. Even giving CSAT units 127x108mm APDS machine guns, they can't take on a gorgon... :/
  5. I agree, the selection for the gun seems pretty dumb... Heat and APFDS... APFDS is a dumb choice, Heat isn't great, HE-frag is needed. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgWeapons_Vehicle_Weapons I wonder if its better to just replace the cannon_105mm_VTOL_01 with cannon_105mm but then I think the aiming is different
  6. Ex3B

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    If they are perpendicular to the ground... if they are parallel, they can be reasonably stealthy like flying wings... otherwise what would have been the point of the RAH-66 already stated in what you were replying to "overall the tilt mechanism may be heavier" There's nothing inherent in the tiltwing design that stops them from having larger rotors. Rotor diameter is limited by clearance from the ground, which is mitigated by tilting the rotors (in a tiltwing design, then the whole wing)... which then leads to a limit of how far the engine is from the fuselage. None of these are specific or not solvable with tilt-wings. Anyway, the downwash is still not as bad as a harrier or F-35B, but yea, its not trivial.
  7. Ex3B


    I'm excited about this, but I wonder if the ship needs to use a dock to load and unload vehicles, or of the ramp can extend to allow loading and unloading from the shore (I'm guessing not). Can it load tanks? I notice there are support columns in the cargo bay, and maybe tanks are too wide? It could be a pretty cool scenario where infantry (deployed by helo/vtol, from the same ship) needs to secure a harbor to allow the armor to roll off of this thing. I hope that Altis flag is a separate texture, and the texture can be swapped to allow any side to use this ship - its too cool to leave to just 1 side... every side could use a boat like this... but a revival of the old Fast-Sea-Frame mod (with ViV, allowing marshalls to be carried instead of boats) could be a fun complement (would still need something for CSAT then)
  8. Ex3B

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    It looks cool, but I have a hard time imagining that it could be very stealthy. Rotors forward, those blades nearly perpendicular to the ground are going to give it a large RCS from the front. Maybe it would be more stealthy when hovering, except those nacelles when extended and open probably also have a large RCS. I think tiltrotors won't be very stealthy (not that they can't have their RCS reduced some, and gain some benefit) I still like the old-tiltwing concept. Its aerodynamically more efficient in a hover (the wing interferes with the downwash less), although I guess overall the tilt mechanism may be heavier. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTV_XC-142 Back in the 60s we had something that would work like the osprey today, the services just weren't interested in it: And of course, there were other tilt-wings, this one also comes from the 60s:
  9. The clearest example with vanilla assets can be made by using certain walls that aren't meant to be walked on as bridges/placing them horizontally (I did this in Georgetown to try and make a walkway between 2 skyscrapers... couldn't use horizontal walls, had to use pavement pieces), or the fishing trawler.
  10. I would like to use the USS liberty as a CSAT ship... I can change the flag to a CSAT one, have no ship name (or MICDONALS for laughs), use CSAT helos.... I can put CSAT soldiers in empty spartans/centurions/praetorians.... but if I want fire support from the ship cannon and cruise missiles, how would I script that so that I can use my drone terminal to give me fire support?
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    Help with uniform config.

    I realize this is an old thread, but I have a very similar question... I' trying to make an armored suit for NATO that would be similar in performance to the Viper suit+Helmet. Here is my config: I can't get the helmet, the soldier, or the uniform to show up... can any one spot what is wrong with my config? *edit, my genius-arsch had the file extension wrong (.cfg instead of .cpp) Still, I get the following errors: noentry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope' error: creating weapon UniformItem with scope=private noentry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/UniformItem.displayName' The helmet shows up, the soldier shows up with the uniform, but I can't assign the uniform to others, adn it doesn't show up in inventory
  12. To do that, you need to install arma 3 tools, write a config file to over write the standard guns caliber and hit values (or increase its velocity), then use addon builder to make that into a .pbo, then load that .pbo file as a mod.
  13. Well to change that stuff, you need to install arma 3 tools. There are tutorials out there, but I haven't found any really good, focused ones for the type of stuff I want (like vehicle editing, most of the ones I saw start with retexturing stuff). I only recently learned how to started editing stuff. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#armor_.28integer.29 As for firepower, that requires modifying the weapon or the magazine that the weapon uses. However, there is a simpler solution for modifying the firepower... just use the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addMagazineTurret or https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addWeaponTurret command in the init field of the Kuma that you placed. Give it the weapon cannon_125mm_advanced ... which should be an upgrade over its cannon_120mm_long. example: This would replace the 120mm gun on the Kuma with the 125mm gun of the Angara, and add magazines for the 125mm gun (including AT missiles, that by default aren't used) If you stick with the 120mm cannon, you can add AT missiles, and it should be a bit simples: this addMagazineTurret ["4Rnd_120mm_cannon_missiles",[0]]; this addMagazineTurret ["4Rnd_120mm_LG_cannon_missiles",[0]]; This should give the Kuma access to 2 types of AT missiles, one of which is the type that the Rhino uses, which can be fired via data link without line of sight. Alternately, you could even use the addWeaponTurret command to give the Kuma the 30mm gatling cannon found on the A-164, which would also be quite potent. You can do a lot to change "firepower" with simple scripts like this to add/swap weapons - but editing armor values, speed, and the values of the weapons themselves is more complicated.
  14. So I just realize I was always testing with the P: drive mounted, and my files contained paths to the textures in the P drive. When I started up the game without doing any modding first, and just used my mod, the textures didn't load... fixing the texture paths now... I guess anyone else using the mod didn't say anything because I labelled it as WIP...
  15. Updated... fixed the ejection seat, added engine exhaust effects... There's now an entry under tanoan forces too I just wish I knew why it gets a reddish hue when viewed from afar (ie, why its tinted red at lower LODs)... Also throwing up a WIP little package for CSAT to help them in their aerial attacks: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1610790074
  16. This is the same problem I have with my F-35 port... going to try the solutions in this thread soon
  17. I haven't put much thought into it yet... Im not sure what I will do for pylon models... I guess that I should use a proxy system... but... meh... First I want the Stealth VTOL variant to be of a reasonable quality before messing with that.
  18. I don't think that you can... I think it has something to do with the model and its fire geometry... Which can't be edited... You can increase its total hitpoints through the cofig file though
  19. Updated again, the error messages are gone! I think I made it a bit too dark now, still have some Hud things to improve (I don't really like those dials... I'd like to have a PiP of the targeting camera there). I tweaked the textures again... maybe its too dark now? I've renamed it to F-35F (Stealth VTOL), once I have everything finalized, I'd like to make a version with external pylons, and have it be non-stealth and STOVL only... so F-35F (STOVL) and F-35F (Stealth VTOL) are my eventual goals Also, I think I'll make a Tanoan variant soon.
  20. I recently made a small 2x internal AMRAAM rack, and then a 2x rack of a new missile based on that. Its an interal rack, basiaclly just with offset proxies for internal missiles for a F-35 weapon bay. It works fine, except I get these message: " No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines/PylonRack_Missile_AMRAAM_D_Clone_INT_x2.picture " Why am I getting this message? Here is my config: Do I need to add some line of code there to define a picture? for what purpose? I don't see any such entry in the configs from the Jets DLC, so what gives?
  21. ok, so i changed the inheritance on the missile racks to the amraam x racks instead of the magazine, and those error messages went away. as for the .p3ds... I got rid of the proxies in the model from arma 2 samples... that went away... then I realized all the other textures it was asking for were specifie in the rvmats.... i tried to edit them to refer to current a3 files... but they come out looking weird like: As you can see i tried to edit the parts that looked like real text, "a3\data_f\env_land_co.paa" but that caused a crash to desktop error... I guess I need a texteditor friendly source for those files ah found them in the a2 samples, I shouldnt have extracted them like I did for the textures
  22. Thanks, that still does not seem to have solved it.... however it now shows up as the 2nd error message that pops up instead of the first. The first message I get is: Cannot open object ca\air\flag_plane_big.p3d So for the amraam related message. I have a folder named AMRAAM_INTx2, in it is a config file: and a "pylon" folder which contains: PylonRack_Missile_AMRAAM_D_x2_F.p3d and CfgNonAIVehicles Note that I make clones of the vanilla weapons, so that my mod doesn't affect vanilla weapons As for the other error message, my main mod folder structure goes like: CA\ ....Air\Data (No configs or .p3ds in here, just some rvmat files and an anims folder ....Air2\ .............Data (contains a jpg, and a folder with 2 .paas) ..............F35B: .......................config_e ....................config: ...... model file, .p3d files, a data folder with rvmats... etc I don't see why it would be asking for some .p3d model...
  23. Updated + some screenies. The model was tweaked a little more. Landing gear were changed a bit, weapons loadouts were adjusted... every error message I get rid of causes new ones to show up... now its asking for textures and .p3ds that I swear have nothing to do with the mod... I don't know what I've got in there that is making the game ask for those. The weapons bay with amraams: I've nerfed its internal ARM load a little, it can only carry 2x ALARMs in place of the previous 6. It can now only go on the pylons that hold 2x amraam/bombs. 2x is not enough to disable a Tigris (but it will heavily damage one) I've tested it with the LHD, the wheels were a bit wonky and needed tweaking... its mostly compatible with the elevators... but sometimes it doesn't lift quite right Intermediate images with the watch so you know I'm not lowering it and reversing images: Sometimes the elevator starts to raise and the F-35 doesn't... if you notice this and are quick... a single shot to the f-35 with a pistol will fix this... if it goes unfixed, the elevator destroys the f-35... :/ well, its arma I still can't figure out how to get the LHD to show in the list of placeable object in the editor, but this at least improves the old Atlas LHD: Plus: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544388552 At least this version doesn't break ASRAAMs and enable simulation of the object around it... nor does it spawn weapons by default, so you can add the new jets DLC ones yourself
  24. I would like to make a small pack to improve the options available to players for conducting aerial assaults, or fighting starting from an offshore position. Right now, the NATO side can do this pretty well with the use off offshore carriers + Black Wasps for Air superiority, and the use of Marshalls/Rhinos + Blackfish for medium armored support to ground forces. CSAT does very poorly however. Its best air superiority option from an offshore position is probably the Xian, carrying only 4x short range Sahr-3s, and a radar with only a 5km range (which is basically useless against the black wasp, as even the non-stealth variant will be detected at only 4km, which is when the IR sensor would detect it too) For armored support to ground forces, the best CSAT can do is MRAPs (do those even qualify as light armor?), or very slowly swimming a Marid out (the worst APC, still just light armor). Thus I want to remedy this situation somewhat. NATO and CSAT will both get VTOL fighters (so the offshore base could also be an island without an airfield, or a user created offshore base/platform instead of a carrier, or a flotilla of destroyers, etc) For NATO, it will be the F-35F which I will also keep as a standalone variant: For CSAT, it will be an "Air Dominance Variant" of the Xian, with a very powerful radar (equal to the static ground radars). Each pylon will also be able to mount 2x R-77s or 3x R-73s, in addition to what they can now. Countermeasure capacity, and cannon ammo capacity will be doubled. Top speed and agility will be slightly increased. Transport capacity will be gone. I may get around to giving the AAF a port of the Harrier... maybe To remedy their poor ability to give support from ground vehicles, an "Assault" variant of the Marid has been added. This will be slingloadable (I've already made a variant with slingload memory points, but I still had to use the setMass command to lower its mass enough to allow a Taru to lift it) so that CSAT can give their troops something more durable than an MRAP. Its torque and engine power have been decreased, in anticipation of its lower mass. As the Marid lacks the firepower to go up against other APCs/IFVs/armored vehicles (such as the marshal with its 40mm autocannon, or the rhino), its firepower has been improved. The assault variant's HMG fires 12.7x108mm APDS rounds, instead of 12.7x99m Ball rounds. I'm also considering giving similar firepower upgrades to all the MRAPs (using the currently unused 12.7x99mm SLAP rounds in the HMGs of the AAF and NATO MRAPs). Similarly, I'm considering upgunning the UGVs with SLAP/APDS rounds, and increasing their hitpoints to make them less vulnerable to SAF (since a standard HMG will shred them really fast right now). CSAT does have one advantage for airborne assaults though... logistics. The Taru can slingload all zamak logistics variants except fuel (civy fuel trucks can be used in that case though). NATO must slingload repair offroads/vans/ambulances/ammo boxes, or ViV load civy fuel and repair zamaks. I'm thus considering making NATO Ammo & repair variants of the civy Boxer truck and/or NATO variants of the Zamaks for use with the Blackfish (lets say they are contributions from eastern European NATO members). Lastly, I'm considering porting ZSU-23-2s (static and Ural mounted), and adding slingload points to them... for CSAT, syndicate, or AAF - not sure yet. At the moment, I've only got the F-35F, the R-77 and R73 missile racks, and a slingloadable Marid firing APDS rounds. Anyone interested, or have suggestions for what could be changed/added to improve amphibious/airborne assault options (without requiring entirely new models, and knowing that the 3d models of BI arma 3 assets can't be modified)?
  25. So the F-35 has been updated... The Xian's armament choices are better, its sensors got a large boost, and it packs 300 countermeasures now: The Marid is "working", but still looks a bit funky when being slung under a heli: It packs a NSV-T HMG firing APDS rounds... for its 40mm GL, I've added a new magazine type... sabot-grendades... smaller grenades with a higher muzzle velocity to make it function more like an autocannon firing HE shells. Anyone interested in these?