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  1. Yah it's sad. Sometime people in Arma are acting like Arma 3 buying price also goes for the modders, which is utterly wrong. Yes we bought it for the sake of modding community in place. But our money didn't go for modders. I wish we players should keep in mind that modding need time (meaning your real life/family time). And all adults know time=money. For me personally just thankful for the existance of these guys right here. That's why i always thankful for the modders, not for doing things, but just for being there, just because of the sole truthful fact that "i can't do any s myself". That's why i avoid giving frustrates anyone here who do add-ons Just expressing though:/
  2. I referred to the Trijicon reflex on Israeli tavor
  3. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    And Vidda too will be in RHS terrain too right? Thank to blud! His maps are the best and most realistic Arma terrain I've ever seen. In this particular map, the fields has water in it which most map makers forgot to include. And what i loving the most is these mug puddles all around the place, added more realism there. The village composition are top-notch, definitely like you would see in S.E.Asian villages. I bet he definitely studied before making map. I imagined his jungle map as horizon mainland:) which is biggest in the group (bigger than Tanoa in my universe).
  4. Ahahaha you should bring that idea up to Boeing 😆 Nice concept anyway.
  5. Bukain

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Waiting for the ability to slap the fuel tanks in second pylon like pookie one. You two working on this together? Then can you guys please update the fuel tank placement first before doing something big? Tornado is flawless now, so will you do the fuel tank this time?
  6. Yes, the new animations are really great indeed. Thanks 0Y0
  7. I heard somewhere that the dev of this is among BW mod contributors. Then why don't we see the gears in BW mod? That would be very great! Imho BW's bundeswehr squad kinda futuristic. Yes Idz are in survive now, but i don't know why i want German soldiers with just m92 and the body armor of this mod. I want more streamline one personally. Though without bw mod we will not have current German standard issued rifle and many other great inline service weapons. I just want a change in it's gears:) (also squad composition. As of my knowledge Bundeswehr light infantry squad consists of 2 5men teams, SL/TL, a grenadier, a MGunner, 2 riflemen. Yes, a rifleman can be ATman by grabbing the PzF3, and sometime basic trained medic. To mechanized infantry group is right on point though,Puma with 6men) Anyway I'm off thread now(i should've write the above in BW thread xD) Just wanna say thanks you for this mod. And I'm curious why we ain't see these gears in BW.
  8. I just came upon the best German gear mod, though abit late. Btw it seem like the mod is stop developing, and has any sign of future update or such. So sad: ( Dedmen , so it means to dev who made this particular German gear mod is still in Arma 3 right? At least there's a hope then:)
  9. Did someone ever succeed in implanting flowing water in game Arma? Arma 3 specifically. Have any of you guys ever have to played with waterfall, muddy river and such with real psychical mechanic (meaning your dude move where the water flows)?
  10. Bukain

    AAF GA carriers

    Drebin, thanks for whole lotta infos, reminders and experiences as someone who had got to actually played old Armas. Seem like Arma has been like this from the start. Meaning it wouldn't like survive to this point without the modding community. I don't know much about the past as i never played Arma until now. I think i was enjoy playing need for speed underground, red alert 2, age of empires, ES Morrowind, and such. Never been a fps shooter guy myself until Arma 3. Oh once played BF 1943 and Vietnam though. After those two, seriously all these years between i can't remember i touched a shooter game. In game Arma case the Eden editor (sandbox feature) makes some difference, making the game Arma interesting for people like us who doesn't like intense multiplayer shooting games but have some geeks in military stuffs(in the blood too;)). Also the campaign is nothing like that of other shooter games I've tried (failed in interest), BF, CoD included. It feel like there's abit of farcry in Arma 😄 freeroam open world which is my favorite genre. Once played and in loved with Battlefield 1943(1942? 44?), and Vietnam though, having really good time. But after the Vietnam i stop playing it. I think it was BF2 that come out. The community become filled with annoying peoples, but the main reason being my cousins went to stop playing it too. I have no friends aside that Always been a RPG freeroam adventure (i.e assassin c, fallout, ES) kinda person. Never imagine of me becoming this much addicted to some military game. Very grateful i have it
  11. Bukain

    AAF GA carriers

    Zukov, yes you're right, i don't like it personally. I wish they make direct implement of weapons and equipments. But what can we say, BI just made the game for 2035. I wonder how did they make the weapons, vests, vehicles, etc... so realistic/real-life-like back in the days with Arma 2, ofp and such things, i mean. Is it true that most if not all the things in CUP are ported from the older Arma right? Same for rhs right? Did they (modders) changed any externalities of contents? I'm too late to the Arma community to be able to play the pre-Arma 3 Armas in their respective hey days. Was BI also done changing of the name/model designation of weapons, vehicles and stuffs back then too? Just curious. You guys must be so much fun back then having to see a game company developing realistic modern warfare simulation game 😄 i think one is cold war era and another is, also cold war? Why didn't they made 2010s i imagine. That would be more fun at least for a first timer like me. Now my first experience with Arma is 2035:( for a military geek myself, it hurts lol
  12. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think CBU s aren't supposed to seek and track laser. But gbu-12?, it should be.
  13. Bukain

    NLD Units

    After testing: There's no way to damage "HULL", "GUN", AND "TRRT". When I say "no way", there's literally no way indeed. Though the thing will explode you'll need most damaging explosives in the game(example firwill 500-2000lb paveway) directly right onto it's head/under it's belly to even able to wish for the explosion. Even upon exploded, the exterior seem intact. I tried firing it with rhs T-90 latest munitions, apsdf, heat, etc..., ENG, FUEL and WHL down, but the rest intact. Whata shame it is indeed a very detail vehicle mod. Whoever made it is very good at it. At least it gave me many hours of good laughers while testing it out haha The thing just literally ignored 60 PG-7V from rhs RPG v2 . I spawn 4 soldiers, each with Bergen Backpack loaded with 15 each, ×4 =60. Yah seriously, I'm having that much time lol Anyway why hello Kitty and minion?
  14. Bukain

    NLD Units

    Great. I only remember some pop ups way back, like many months ago. As an ordinary player i don't know which is game breaking or not apart from hearing people say some popups are harmless, so thanks for that info right there, as i know now that i can ignore whatever popup it may produce from now on. We'll give feedback if necessary as we progress with playing your mod. Thanks for still maintaining it!
  15. Bukain

    NLD Units

    Will the Bushmaster give me the problem? If i remember right, there were many bugs and errors/pop ups alike when i played it last time back then. Did you guys revamp it to more in line with current version of game Arma? Did yo guys fixed it's old age or made some improvements on it to be able to include in mod NLD units? I thought the mod Bushmaster indeed is very very outdated for the current version of game Arma. Thank you very much