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  1. Amazing mods thank you for your dedication. Can some one make a tuto on how to adjust firing to hit targets ?
  2. GPS tutorial released by USAF team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB-DRWoLS1E
  3. AC 130 is work in progress as they stated in the other thread
  4. i found a bug on the damage model of the F22A Also the damage model of the A10 is floating
  5. Congrat on the release, really very nice mod. For the steam link, could you add the Main Pack ad required addon for both Fighters Pack and Utility pack ?
  6. A.Cipher

    Ballistic missiles

    WOW impressive work , could you make fly to a target ?
  7. A.Cipher

    Soviet AF Pack

    Is it only for me or all screenshots posted on postimg are not accessible ??
  8. a system similar to this is included in ACE mod
  9. Hello there , I have a question about some attributes of the CfgAmmo conf class , these attributes are soundHit[] ,soundFly[] and soundEngine[]. here some example of use of these soundHit[] = {"a3\sounds_f\weapons\Explosion\gr_explosion_1.wss", 15.8489, 1, 1000}; soundFly[] = {"a3\sounds_f\weapons\Cannons\cannon_30mm.wss",1,1}; soundEngine[] = {"a3\sounds_f\weapons\Cannons\cannon_1.wss",1,1}; I want to know about these "number" paramater signification for each one of them. I googled them but with no luck :'( THX :)
  10. A.Cipher

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    While waiting for the mod update ( big thumps up for the developers by the way). Anyone know anyways to fix the current problem on the AC130 , where the sound of its cannon cannot be heard when u are on the ground and the AC130 is firing from the sky. NB : I'm aware that this problem is probably fixed in the upcoming update.