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  1. A.Cipher

    Ballistic missiles

    WOW impressive work , could you make fly to a target ?
  2. A.Cipher

    Soviet AF Pack

    Is it only for me or all screenshots posted on postimg are not accessible ??
  3. a system similar to this is included in ACE mod
  4. Hello there , I have a question about some attributes of the CfgAmmo conf class , these attributes are soundHit[] ,soundFly[] and soundEngine[]. here some example of use of these soundHit[] = {"a3\sounds_f\weapons\Explosion\gr_explosion_1.wss", 15.8489, 1, 1000}; soundFly[] = {"a3\sounds_f\weapons\Cannons\cannon_30mm.wss",1,1}; soundEngine[] = {"a3\sounds_f\weapons\Cannons\cannon_1.wss",1,1}; I want to know about these "number" paramater signification for each one of them. I googled them but with no luck :'( THX :)
  5. A.Cipher

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    While waiting for the mod update ( big thumps up for the developers by the way). Anyone know anyways to fix the current problem on the AC130 , where the sound of its cannon cannot be heard when u are on the ground and the AC130 is firing from the sky. NB : I'm aware that this problem is probably fixed in the upcoming update.